In Dark Prince's Love Chapter 9

9 The Marriage

Sam made it sure that Sanjana family doesn't deny to his proposal. The family was not happy, but they couldn't go again Samrat Shergill. They all wanted Sanjana to go back to Vikram, and for that reason they were forcing her to think of getting married to Gaurav.

Today was sangeet function, everyone was dancing and singing and enjoying. Sanjana and Sam were also present at the wedding, but they were more like distant guest. Sanjana and sam didn't mind it at all, they were happy that way.

After hearing everything, Tia and Roy had also caught flight from Boston, to be with Sanjana.

They were all having lunch and clicking selfies when Vikram came towards them. Seeing Vikram coming, sam protectively pulled Sanjana in his arms.

"You need to be careful with what you are dealing with, she is not worth it, you can't trust her." Vikram said to sam.

"I don't need advice from you I and my fiance don't want anything to do with you."holding her hand that had engagement ring, he placed it on his heart. Sanjana look at his face carefully and how genuinely he wanted to protect her.

Vikram left immediately. The encounter with Vikram happened again, when Sam was gone to handle a phone call, Roy and Tia were with Sanjana, as advised by sam, to not to leave Sanjana alone.

"You can't be satisfied with one men, don't you? does your fiance even know that you are with another man? or is it a package you get to boys and their money?" he sounded so disgusting when he said this.

Roy getting up all Angry," if you don't want your face to be punched, you better leave right now or you will regret saying another word." Tia and Sanjana got all worked up, they knew that if he lost his cool, he would transform into a werewolf in the middle of the marriage, which would be more difficult to handle.

"This is a marriage and you stop coming near me my fiance said it clearly stay away from us." Sanjana said.

Sam had also returned after finishing his phone call, putting his arm around Sanjana waist," is he troubling you my love?" he asked.

"Not at all, he was just leaving." sanjana made a face towards Vikram, who left from there with anger over his face.

"Sanjana I am getting more worried about you, he is here all the time and even is allowed to stay in your house, I on the other hand, am not welcomed at your house, I am worried about your safety at night, you need to come and stay with us at the hotel, at least that will give peace to my mind." Sam shared his concerned for Sanjana.

"I can't do that same the whole family will have doubt about our intentions." Sanjana declining the offer said.

The sangeet function was over and now what's the time for Mehndi. Sanjana sat there, as all the ladies took turns and applied Mehndi to each other. They acted as if Sanjana was not even present. Sanjana was in tears, when Sam came to her and took her hand in his hand and started to apply mehndi on her hand ,"what are you doing sam? Do you even know how to apply mehndi?"

"You can see being an Immortal I learned everything from different cultures, so do you want to try?" Sam asked.

"Just a little I don't like Mehndi smell." Sanjana said.

Everyone was getting furious they were avoiding Sanjana, sam, tia And Roy but they were enjoying more than anyone else in the wedding, sam was making mehndi design on Sanjana Hands. This made Neha very jealous of Sanjana. She could see that Sanjana had ended up good, she saw that Sam was a well settled guy who was Richer than Rahul, intelligent than Rahul, More loving and romantic than Rahul, and definitely more handsome than Rahul. sam was beating the whole in every aspect for which she had chosen Rahul. And she knew that there was no chance, that she could find a better life partner than Sam.

After the mehndi function, there was haldi function next day, in which Sanjana was not invited, only the married couples are allowed at the haldi function.

Sanjana was retiring to her bedroom after the tiresome day, when somebody pulled her to the terrace, placing a hand over her mouth, preventing her from screaming, she was pushed to the floor. she turned to see and was shocked that it was vikram.

"What are you doing in my house?" sanjana asked.

" showing you, your right place." Vikram replied.

He try to come closer to Sanjana. Sanjana got up from the floor and try to escape him but in vain.

"Leave me, or else I will scream." Sanjana said.

"Scream as much as you want, no one is going to come to save you today, they are all busy in their functions, they won't even hear your voice." Vikram said trying to force himself on Sanjana.

Vikram was drunk and had lost his senses. He had tried to force himself on Sanjana even before, when they were married but she never complaint as she thought that it would be bad for Vikram's reputation. And so Vikram had made it his habit to torture Sanjana like this.

Sanjana pushing him to a distance slapped him. Vikram took some time to recover from that, but before Sanjana could escape, he again grabbed her and pushed her on the floor this time he gave her a slap and her head hit with the ground before she recover from the blow, Vikram had already started beating her with kicks in her stomach and over her face.

Sanjana knew that now only miracles can save her from Vikram intentions.

Vikram took out his shirt and tried to kiss Sanjana, Sanjana was moving her face away from him ,so he grabbed her cheeks forcefully, and kissed her on her lips, "God I missed those lips so much."

Before he could do anything, Sanjana felt Vikram's body lifting away from her. And someone's warm arms embracing her, she was crying and was in a lot of pain her sobs died, Still asking for help, as she collapsed in the warm arms, before losing her consciousness.

The next day when she woke up she still could feel the pain she found herself lying in soft white bed, covered in white blanket and the curtains flowing in air, her body was still sore from last night. She remembered the incidents and panicked.

Sam came to her side and gave her a hug "its ok Sanjana now you are with me no one is going to hurt you."

"Vikram, Vikram, he tried to." Sanjana started to cry again.

"You don't worry nothing happened like what you are thinking, I came before he could do anything to you." Sam said.

Sanjana remembered the warm arms embracing her, last night.

"You just relax for now, if you need anything just tell us, I will bring it for you, you are very weak." Sam said to her.

He again covered her in blanket and made her sleep, after giving a combiflame.

Roy, tia and Sam came to the living room," how can you let this go sam? have you seen her face? he had beaten our sanjana like animals." Roy said angrily to Sam.

Tia said," no Roy, don't push him towards that side, Vikram belongs to Sanjana's family and if sam does anything to him, we won't be able to manipulate the families thought, they belong to Sanjana as well."

"So are we going to let him go after what he did with Sanjana? I can't let him go like this sam." Roy said.

Before they could discuss, sam in anger left from the living room, Tia ran behind him but he was Unstoppable.

"Are you now happy now? this thing is going to get Messy because of you." she looked pointedly towards Roy.

Roy was still not worried as he knew them would handle Vikram and Sanjana's family very well.

Tia Rushed to Sanjana's room," Sanjana, sam has went to avenge you from Vikram, I am worried that he will do something to Vikram, please stop him." she pleaded.

"Call him" sanjana said," I will talk to him."

"He is not picking up my phone I tried to call him 4 times already." Tia said. Sanjana taking out her phone call Sam but she was also directed to his voicemail.

While Sanjana was trying to call sam she is suddenly goes unconscious. Roy immediately carries her to the bed and call the ambulance.Tia is very worried about Sanjana and sits beside her

Roy's phone also went to the Voicemail after third ring Sam picked up the phone," what is it?" He asked angrily.

"It's sanjana, she collapsed. I think she has subdural hemorrhage, we are taking her to the hospital you better reach there directly." Roy said.

Sam's toned softed immediately "I will be there just send me the address."

Sam reached the hospital, to find Sanjana lying unconscious in the bed, she looked miserable. Sam's anger grew for Vikram.

He went close to Sanjana and pampered her forehead there were Tears in his eyes," you will be fine, I promise."he said.

"There is another problems, Sam Sanjana's family had called me and informed me that if we don't give her back to them they are going to complain to police saying that you kidnapped Sanjana and had tried to force yourself on her, Vikram has made a story, that he found you and Sanjana on the terrace making out and when he tried to stop you two, you punched him and left from there with Sanjana." Tia said.

"Don't worry about me, I am not going to give Sanjana up, no matter whatever happens, just arrange for my bail in case if they file a case against me." Sunset holding Sanjana's hand in his hands.

A few hours later, police comes to arrest sam, Sanjana being unconscious was not able to record a statement.

Same instructed tia And Roy, not to leave Sanjana alone with her family. Everyone waited patiently for Sanjana to regain her consciousness to tell the truth about last night.
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