In Mha With Madara’s Powers Book 1 Chapter 96

Volume 1 Chapter 96


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"Sensei, are you sure this will work? You said to lay low for awhile and just let things settle down while we plan our next course of action, but what is this? What do you have planned?"

Tomura questioned with confusion laced in his monotone voice as his eyes laid upon the only source of light within the dark room. Currently, inside the base of the 'League of Villains', he and Kurogiri sat together as they stared at what seemed to be live footage of a certain part of a city.

"Of course we're still laying low, but that doesn't mean we can't try anything that will benefit me to move my plan forwards. Also, I have no doubt that this will work. With the information I attained about Madara, I'm certain he'll show up to a villain attack that's close to his house." The voice of All For One sounded out from the laptop that was next to the TV.

What the man has learned so far was something that interested him and made him realize he could use to his advantage.

Madara loves to battle and would most likely jump straight into one. For example, from what Tomura had told him, All For One came to knew that the Uchiha was the one to instantly confront the hoard of villains that attacked the students during the USJ incident.

He was also able to find out how Madara was the one to really defeat the Hero Killer instead of that pro hero, so he came to think to himself; Why was this exactly? It could be that the Uchiha was just so confident in his power and knew he would be able to easily defeat his opponents, but All For One had a gut feeling that wasn't exactly the case.

So basically, this was what he could come up with at the moment. Have some villain attack an area where Madara could be and see if the Uchiha will instantly come running in to save the day. A test of sorts that All For One thought had a high chance of succeeding.

A villain that was jailed and had no more purpose in life is what he was going to use as his pawn today. Of course he could've just had Tomura and Kurogiri find a suitable member to do this, but he knew none of them would be a match for the Uchiha.

All For One didn't care about their lives, but he'd rather not lose a member when there's no need to. There could be a time where he would need to use them for something much more important than to basically go on a suicide mission.

Although this villain wasn't anything special and wasn't capable of going against Madara, All For One knew that he could still get the job done to let him gather the information he needs. Find out more of the Uchiha's abilities, and see more of his power so he can acquire the perfect counters for them just in case.

Just like how he told Tomura and Kurogiri. They both knew what he was planning.

"Why do all this sensei? What's the point of it all when you can just fight him yourself and then steal his quirk? I know you've told me to be patient before, but this brat is clearly being an annoying pest for being alive for this long. How can you let him roam freely knowing he humiliated the League!" Tomura spoke, with each word increasing the volume of his voice.

He felt an undeniable amount of rage for the Uchiha, and it has always been like this since the USJ incident. His sensei/ father figure has always told him to calm himself or be patient, but how could he!? Days and days passing, and every second Tomura would come up with ways to completely humiliate the young man, but he'd also feel that tinge bit of fear when thinking of confronting him.

Despite that, he'll never admit it. Even then, All For One was able to easily come to know this as Kurogiri would send him reports of Tomura's behavior. It was simple for him. The man child was in denial. And just like any child, he was hesitant on admitting his wrongs and fears. This was obviously the problem.

In All For One's eyes, the first step to changing is confessing and being aware of all the problems that plague you. That affect you from reaching your full potential, reaching the full extend of your abilities. He knew Tomura could be more, but this inner conflict and situation with Madara was greatly hindering him.

Despite that, the arch-nemesis of All Might considered this to be a good thing. He would use Madara Uchiha to shape Tomura Shigaraki into the perfect successor...

"You're right, I have told you before to be patient, and I'm telling it to you once again. Be patient and wait. There is no need to rush into things when we are sitting comfortably right where we need to be." All For One said, but the light blue haired man wasn't convinced.

"Sensei, I have never disobeyed you nor have I disagreed or questioned your judgment, but aren't you giving way too much credit to a first year?" Surprisingly, Tomura didn't respond in his usual uncontrollable fury, but it was evident that it was still there.

"Tomura, I had thought that you realized the reason already. Use your head and think for once. Of course I could just fight Madara and launch a full attack on him and all our other enemies, but doing that right now is not a guaranteed win for us.

I've thought this over many times before, and it's likely the pro heroes who know of me are aware of my existence and how I'm connected to the League. That fool All Might must have already been planning on taking actions to protect Madara knowing my nature.

Even I have to admit, victory against that man right now isn't secured, and who knows what tricks Madara might pull. I'm caution because that's what my guts are telling me...to be aware of the young man's strength and not be fooled by his age.

For us, he's a mystery and we don't have much information on him that we could use, which means anything could happen if we were to confront him. Anything unexpected that we would've never thought.

Now again, I could just try to kill him right now, but there is currently no need to. We aren't desperate to get rid of him, nor are we afraid. I already told you my plan to use the perfect counters on him, but that doesn't mean I'm not sure of my victory against the boy.

Remember this Tomura, always have a backup plan. Nothing will ever be guaranteed, but if you're a step ahead of your enemies, your plans will most likely succeed."

All For One said, calming the young man he took in. Now he wasn't just some dumb villain that used power and his strength alone to suppress others, but he was also a very smart man. He lived for a long time and experienced things that he would always remember. With that and his powerful quirk, he was able to become one of the most feared villains.

He wasn't going to get mad at Tomura for overlooking such things because in his eyes, he was just but a child in the scheme of things. He'll learn from his mistakes and grow up to be a better man.

"I understand..." Tomura said, saying no further words as Kurogiri himself just sat there in silence.

"Now watch carefully. The villain who will be our sacrifice for the day is a man who was recently imprisoned. About a month ago actually, for going out and causing destruction with his quirk on anything and harming civilians, but surpassingly hasn't killed anyone.

Apparently his wife had cheated on him with a female coworker of hers, which resulted him in going into depression.

It's not surprising really. His whole body is basically made out of rocks. Well not literally, but dark green rocks are all over his body. Under that is the typical normal male human you'll see anywhere, but it's hidden due to this quirk of his. He could form weapons with those rocks but they weren't anything serious or not worthy. He wasn't really powerful since it was rather easy for pro heroes to subdue him. All they needed to do to take him down was penetrate that armor of his to deal real harm to his body.

Only reason he's sort of formidable was because his size, being about as as tall as our Nomu's and almost twice the size in width.

Now with his depression, instead of seeking help, he had realized that nothing was holding him back anymore from 'achieving his true potential' in becoming the best in the world.

To prove this to others, he decided to destroy anything in his path in a populated area."

All For One informed. If the villain's quirk was more powerful, then he would've taken it, but it was weak in his eyes and useless. He had better defense and making weapons out of rocks wasn't anything special to him.

About a minute later, they watched on the screen as a shady black van pulled up near the area, and out came the villain of today's attraction, roaring into the skies, causing the screams of the civilians to ignite.

(With Madara and Rumi when they arrived)

Madara jumped down from the building he was standing on top of with Rumi, and landed gracefully behind the rock monster.

With his observations, he was able to tell that only a few people were injured, and the rest were either running away or already gone. Something weird to Madara was how the villain didn't kill a single person. It was odd because with the quirk the man had, it was obvious that one very powerful punch to the head was enough to kill any normal person.

'Perhaps he's hesitant, but that wouldn't make any sense. What's the point in coming here today in a populated area just to cause this much damage, and not kill anyone? Either he really wants attention, or he's just begging to be imprisoned.

Well, it's no matter. Let's just hope he's able to dance well.' Madara thought to himself.

Right now in his vision, the rock man was currently waving a giant hammer around that seemed to be made out of...well him; destroying anything that came in his path. Cars broken down, buildings damaged as the street looked almost unrecognizable compared to an hour ago.

Deciding not to waste anymore time, Madara lunged forward with a grin and slapped the back of the giant man's head.

"Aghh! Who did that?!" The villain grumbled as his whole body smashed forward, face first into the cement.

If one were closely paying attention, they'd see how the rocks on the back of the man's head get easily crushed, showing dark hair that was under, but quickly covered up once again.

"How unique you are. I had thought that you were literally made out of rocks, but it seems to be protecting you as some sort of armor. Unfortunately, it's fairly weak." The villain heard a deep voice behind him.

He got up from the ground and turned towards the direction and came to the sight of his target. "So you're Madara Uchiha huh? Just some little kid trying to play hero? Haha! Show me your worth then! Rockclave will hurt you bad if you don't fight back!"

With a deranged smile on his face, the rock man created a huge spike that connected to his hand and lunged forward to his opponents shoulder.

Madara only stood there with his wrist out. "Show you my worth? I have no need to prove anything to you..." A blue aura like glove covered his right hand, and with a simple flick, 3 small Yasaka Beads shot forward and pierced right through Rockclave's body.

The sound of explosions sounded out within the street as those beads of Madara's completely destroyed any cars that were behind the villain. Fortunately, there wasn't anyone that was caught in the destruction.

The man had stood there with an expression that Madara guessed was shock. Having rocks covering all his body, Madara couldn't really tell, but he knew the man was in pain due to the grunts and gasps and how he dropped down to his knees. He had pierced both of his arms and through his stomach, so the man wouldn't be getting up soon unless he could resist the pain.

"Agh! Why would you do such a thing, you monster!" The villain yelled out, confusing the Uchiha on his odd behavior, but he ignored it.

"It's regretful that you weren't able to show me something interesting, but I found it unnecessary to prolong a fight with someone so weak." Madara said as he walked in front of the man.

That seemed to had triggered something in Rockclave. Two spikes formed separately on his shoulders and shot right towards Madara.

'Hmm...why? Why is he still not going for the kill?' Madara wondered to himself. To him, it was like these spikes we coming at him in slow motion so he was able to tell each and every detail with perfection with his Sharingan now active.

Something he noticed was that these spikes of Rockclave's weren't actually sharp. If they hit him, at most it would make him sore and leave a nasty bruise, but it wouldn't fatally injure him.

'What's up with this man...?'

It was at this moment when a certain Rabbit Girl intervened.

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