In The Remakes Chapter 13

13 Commotion In The Outer Court Unedited

I'm still pretty sick, it was difficult for me to write this chapter so it may or may not be my usual quality hence why the title says unedited. I will release this anyways and I will edit it tomorrow along with another chapter release. So please bear with the grammar in this chapter :/


"Guang Wu, tell me the truth, what cultivation stage are you really in?"

"Eh? Didn't I already tell you i don't know?" questioned Guang Wu.

The Ancestor of Ice wanted to know what Guang Wu's cultivation was because she just couldn't see through him. It was as if his body was an unbreakable safe that contained treasures that she couldn't even dream of. Even if he was a mortal she should be able to sense it but she her intuition told her that he was more than a mortal.

"I mean, don't you want to know?"

"Not really." Guang Wu got to such a high point in his cultivation that he was thoroughly sick of it. Some may say getting sick of cultivating is a sin, but after billions of years of just sitting in an empty void with almost nothing to do but cultivate, how could he keep track of the names of his stages. If he wanted to, he could use a single punch to destroy all of the planets and galaxies the resided outside of the void.

"Can you show me where i live now?" asked Guang Wu.

"It hasn't been prepared but when it's done i'll send a inner court elder to come fetch you. In the mean time you can roam around inside the inner and outer courts.

When everyone except for Yin, Yang and Guang Wu left, they just entered the outer court.

"Yin, Yang you both can do whatever you like inside the sect. Just don't create to much of a commotion."

After finding out that Yin and Yang were both Supreme God Realm cultivators, the Ancestor of Ice gave them the position of guest elders so they could practically go anywhere they wanted in the sect including the core court.

Seeing that Yin and Yang didn't actually leave but just erased their presence and stayed a bit farther off to the side, he smiled and was a little bit touched.


"When do you think the Arc of Wealth and prosperity will open?" said one outer court disciple.

"I don't know maybe in a few hours or tomorrow. Where do you think the elders went. They just vanished along with the sect master." said another.

"Apparently they had to go and greet someone at the gate entrance." said the outer court disciple.

While all the outer and inner court disciples were talking about the Arc with happy expressions, three individuals who seemed to be two males and one female came walking to the center of the Arc entrance. On the back of their robes there were two words. "Core Disciple"

"Look! it's the core disciples. Such a strong presence!"

"Look at how handsome Feng Min and Feng Chen are! Do you think he'll be willing to go out with me if i asked hehe" asked one sister disciple to another.

"Ah look at elder sister Lu Mei, if only i could get her to become my wife I would be happy to die right now." said one brother disciple perversely.

"Tch look at yourself, do you think any of us would have a chance against her. Only Core Disciples Feng Min and Feng Chen have a chance against her." said another disciple disappointed.

"We agreed to split anything we find into 1/3's right? Asked Lu Mei.

"Hmph the outer and inner court disciples think they have a chance against us in getting the rare plants here? They think to highly of themselves, maybe we should put them in their place." said Feng Min.

"Little Bro relax, it's okay for them to dream it's not like they can get it anyways. Let them feel good about themselves until the arc's gate opens. Said Feng Chen.

"Do you guys have to be so egotistical? This is why I hate working with you two." said Lu Mei.

"What's wrong my wife? Do you want your husband to change? Although it will be hard I will try my very best!" said Feng Min.

Lu Mei gnashed her teeth in disgust as if she just ate a pile of shit. "Who's your wife! I'd rather marry a cripple than you! Just because we're working together it doesn't mean you can get ahead of yourself you pig!"

Feng Min raises his hand and said "What did you say you little bitc-" just as he was about to hit her he felt a powerful force down upon him. In fact it wasn't just him it was all three of the core disciples who felt this pressure. Although the pressure on Lu Mei and Feng Chen wasn't as strong, allowing them to be able to move, it firmly locked Feng Min into his position not even allowing him to put down his hand, leaving it in that position.

Suddenly a man walked past all the inner court and outer court disciples With small strides, his chest puffed up with aura of a king who rules over all of existence making all those who were near him almost if not sully their pants.

This person was exactly Guang Wu. When he stepped into the Ice Sect, he never thought he would sense such a disgusting soul. It was in fact so disgusting that he had to resist the urge to puke. "How could such a disgusting soul be allowed to exist? I have never seen such a soul condensed with the three of the seven deadly sins. I must purge it." said Guang Wu with a sense of duty.

[ For those who don't know what the seven deadly sins are.. they are: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and pride. ]
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