Inescapable Consequence Dark Cloud Chapter 4

4 Day 1 Delay


Shadow City's East Coast Area

Metropolitan Nuclear Power Plant Main Operation Room

Ms. Judgment was walking towards to the main operation room of this nuclear power plant. Before, she thought it might take a while to fully control the power plant. However, it was way to easier than she thought. There was only one question in her mind.

"Where are those security guards and engineers?"

When Ms. Judgment reached the door steps of the main operation room. She saw a female figure, which was sitting in front of the control console. She even got the same kind of clothing as Ms. Judgment had.

"Ms. Justice?"

Ms. Justice stood up and looked at Ms. Judgment.

"Hello my lovely twins' sister. Welcome to the main operation room. How are you lately?"

"Why are you here?"

"I thought you need a hand."

"I don't need your help and you aren't supposing in here."

"Oh, what you mean is... I'm suppose inside my detention cell, right?"

"Who let you out?"

"Sis, let's work together and get what our beloved master wants."

"I said who let you out?"

"Sis, you are always so consistent. Anyway, let's start working together from now on."

"Ms. Justice, you are currently violating the rules of Killer Incorporation."

"Sis, why are you so stubborn? Maybe it is the time to replace you."

"By whom? You?!"

"Why not? Since, it is one of our beloved master's wishes."

"Don't bring him into our family feud. It is you who..."

Ms. Justice drew out her Claymore Skofnung in mid-air and started her attacks onto Ms. Judgment. Meanwhile, Ms. Judgment just blocked it with her Odachi Honjo-masamune.

"Hehe... Sis, I hate you so much since the first day we met our beloved master."

"So, it was your jealousy again."

"Actually, no. It is only because the plan has changed."

"I don't believe that. Our master will always send us the new order when the plan had changed."

"You know why? The reason is... you are obsolete!"

Both of them took a step backwards, and then the second wave of attack was coming from Ms. Justice.

"Tsk... Sis, can you just stand still and let me slash you in half please?"

Ms. Judgment dodged those attacks and said.

"We'll see... Ms. Justice!"

Ms. Judgment had been busted out from the nuclear plant main building and landed outside the parking lot. Hence, Ms. Justice followed her by jumping off from the building and then slowly walked towards to Ms. Judgment.

"Let's dance to our death... Sis.!"

Both of them crossed sword together once again and the surrounding was ended with shatter rocks and dust. They did not stop at this point. The fight between the twins continued until one of them went down.

A voice had echoed around Ms. Judgment's ears, which was a special kind of communication spell from Ms. Angel.

"Ms. Judgment."

"Ms. Angel, I'm busy now."

"The couple are here."

"I know. Ms. Justice is here too."

"Are you kidding me?"


"That means"

"Call you back later!"

Suddenly, Ms. Justice advanced to Ms. Judgment's left side. Skofnung slashed through the air, since Ms. Judgment dodged that attack at the last moment.

"Sis., don't get distracted by others. You almost get killed by yourself. Hehe"

"Tsk Only a lucky shot."

Ms. Judgment took a step backwards and then jumped behind a truck.

"Oh well. Maybe Sis. Haha"

"Ms. Justice, why are you revolt our beloved master?"

"Sis., don't get me wrong. It is you who revolt our beloved master."


"Sis., it is you who keep on interference my current task turn off all of the nuclear reactors."

"Oh wait. That made no sense at all. I got the same order from our beloved master."

Ms. Justice put down her Skofnung. Meanwhile, Ms. Judgment came out from the truck.

"Ms. Justice, who let you out?"

"Sis., my detention cell's door was unlocked after I received a message from our beloved master."

"That's odd. But at least I know you aren't lying to me."

"Of course, Sis., we are twins. Those nuclear reactors had to be shut down by now."

"We better get that done as soon as possible. Since, the schedule has been delayed by our duel."

"Sis., I felt something fishy is going on. Is he alright?"

"Ms. Justice, trust me. Our beloved master shall be fine."

At 14:30, Metropolitan Nuclear Power Plant had been controlled by the Killer Incorporation. Around 17:30, all of its nuclear reactors had been shut down and the Shadow City lost its only source of electricity.
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