Inescapable Consequence Dark Cloud Chapter 5

5 Day 1 Replacemen


Shadow City's Northern District

Metropolitan Military Facility Underground Command and Control Bunker

Although, the whole army of Metropolitan was annihilated by the undead army of Mr. Coins and Mr. Cups. But both of their dead bodies had laid down on the floor of the underground bunker. Ms. Wands walked closer to them. Then, she turned around and asked.

"What is going on? Why did you guys kill Mr. Coins and Mr. Cups?"

There were three girls who sat at the command and control table. Then, one of them who with an aristocrat fashion had replied.

"Ms. Wands, our order was to eliminate any obstacle."

"Ms. Moon, you know we are on the same side, right?"

"Yes, but unfortunately you are our obstacle from now on."

"What are you talking about? I was following our master's order."

A girl in a navy blue off-the-shoulder dress answered.

"Ms. Wands, the plan has changed! Therefore, new order has been assigned."

"Ms. Star, how is that possible? I didn't receive anything at all..."

The third girl who dressed in a deeds red Victorian dress stood up and walked towards to Ms. Wands. She put her hand around Ms. Wands' left arm.

"Ms. Wands, as you can see here."

"Argh... Ms. Sun, you are hurting my arm."

"Oh, I'm sorry! Hehe... Ms. Wands, your order is to press that launch button."

"Huh? Ms. Sun, I don't receive any order like that."

"Oh, but this is the new order from our beloved master though."

"If I won't? Then..."

"You die!"

Ms. Sun put her right hand onto Ms. Wands neck and immediately torn off her head.

"Eh... Ms. Sun, that's gross."

"Oh sorry, Ms. Moon."

A mobile message had come throw a while ago onto Ms. Sun. After she read it, then she turned to others and said.

"As Mr. Devil's request, the plan had changed Launch the missiles now Ms. Moon, you contact Ms. Chariot, and remind her to capture that little piece of clockwork."

"No problem at all."

Ms. Sun pressed that red button with a twisted lovely smile.

"I always love you... my beloved master... Hehe... However, you only love that little piece of clockwork that you had created Anyway, I told you to retire of work and lets us handle this job. But you never listen. Now you die in peace. Haha"

At 15:28, Metropolitan Military Division had been totally wiped out by the Killer Incorporation. Five minutes later, two GPSguided missiles had launched from their silos. Their target was a private jet, which located approximately twentythree miles away near Mount Lestat.

During the time period between daytime and the sunset, the whole city went into chaos. The citizens went into several riots and tumult because of the Metropolitan Military Division was annihilated by Killer Incorporation. Due to lack of law and order, several places were burned down to the ground. The mob was robbing the banks, department stores, and supermarkets for their own survival.

At 16:00, Killer Incorporation had broadcasted their second announcement of the day. It was about the martial law was applied immediately and the minions of Killer Incorporation would immediately have slaughtered anyone who was wondering in the street.

After the sunset at 18:13, the Shadow City was in a blackout. Most of the citizens were staying at their homes. However, some citizens had gathered up inside the subway stations. During these gatherings, some exgovernment officials, military personnel and politician believed that by forming an underground organization could have fought back their freedom. Since then, this underground organization had started its guerrilla battles against Killer Incorporation.

On Day 1 at 23:54, the Shadow City's Population was at 7,182,324.
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