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Infinite Finity summary:

It's an infinite cycle of life and death. When you know someone for so may lives, will things change as a result? If the person you cared about became the opposite of what they aspired to be, would you kill them to give them a fresh start? Well, in this world there is no evil. There's only stupidity and clashes of ideals. What if you lived forever in an endless cycle? How do you entertain yourself? What are the rules of age? Is there a book on it? Infinite is forever. Finite is ending.. . ."So, you're telling us that you all are over billions and even trillions of years old?"The three nodded."Well, no one can say that need an a.d.u.l.t when you're around. But at the same time, you've all died young countless times. Does liking someone in this life make you pedophiles? But, you're also technically young. Right?"He chimed in snickering, "I don't think you should think about this.""Why? These are legitimate concerns.""If you try to think anymore, I'll explode from laughter, they'll swell with pity, and your brain will collapse.""...what?""He just called you a stupidhead!"

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