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Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 579

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Mo Wen crossed his arms and silently guarded the three of them. Their injuries were not too serious. Most of their wounds were small; they had also excessively expended their amount of Inner Qi. With the treatment of the Cyan Spiritual Pills, they would quickly recover completely.

However, some people were not looking too kindly upon Mo Wen. Just now, Mo Wen had appeared in such a strange manner and so had offended many people. The stone fragments hitting a few of the members of Intentionless Sect was one thing, but some ancient martial art practitioners nearby were also involved. No one would be happy if they were suddenly covered in dust and dirt from top to bottom.

“Brat, where did you come from? Aren’t you an arrogant one?” A middle-aged man walked out of the crowd. His figure was strong and his face had a furious expression. At a glance, one would know that he was not someone who should be offended. He was clearly the type of person who had a fiery temper. His aura was very powerful, far more powerful than the average beginning stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioner. He was most likely not much weaker than Yin Banshuang.

“What?” Mo Wen was stunned. He looked at the strong man. An incredulous look welled up in Mo Wen’s eyes when he realized that the man was indeed talking to him.

He had not offended this person, right? He didn’t even know him.

“F**k, little b*st*rd. You still dare to act dumb?” Not only had the furious elder been hit on the head by stone fragments, but he was also covered with dust from top to bottom. He had immediately been unhappy about this. His temper had completely welled up when he saw that Mo Wen was just a youth and that his companions were content to sit there, just focused on healing themselves. They weren’t doing anything to challenge Mo Wen. Throwing all caution to the wind, the man stepped forward, fully prepared to lecture Mo Wen.

The two of them had been more than twenty meters apart, but the strong man appeared right in front of Mo Wen in just two to three steps. He extended his palm forcefully towards Mo Wen’s face. His demeanor and his pose were no different than someone who was disciplining his own son.

“You are looking to die.” Mo Wen didn’t expect that this man would belittle him in this manner. What intention did the man have for trying to slap him? Did the man think that he could be easily bullied like a three-year-old? Did the man think that he would allow him to torture him as he pleased?

Mo Wen had realized why the strong man had lost his temper at him. Mo Wen was not blind; naturally, he could tell that the strong man was covered with dust and dirt. The man’s messy appearance seemed to be related to Mo Wen’s entrance just now.

If the strong man had just attacked him for this, Mo Wen wouldn’t make a fuss about it. He would most probably have let the strong man have what he wanted; after all, Mo Wen was the one at fault. However, the strong man had gone too far. He looked like a father disciplining his own child. His disrespectfulness provoked Mo Wen’s anger.

The strong man’s hand hadn’t touched Mo Wen when a silhouette flashed past and appeared before the man. Then, the sky was filled with flickering palm shadows.

Slap slap slap! The strong man was sent flying backward, slamming forcefully down on a stone wall tens of meters away. The sheer force of the collision caused a hole to appear in the stone wall.

“You…” The strong man crawled up from the hole. Pointing at Mo Wen, he couldn’t bring himself to speak for a long time. He had never expected that this young man would dare to attack him. Furthermore, the young man attacked resolutely and swiftly, catching him off guard.

He could feel a burning pain on his face. An unprecedented sense of shame welled up in the strong man’s heart.

Tens of red slap marks could be seen on his face. The slap marks overlapped, covering both sides of his cheeks. Only God knew how many slaps the strong man had endured during that short instant.

The people around were stupefied, staring at the strong man blankly. No one had expected that such a situation would occur. Some people wanted to laugh, but they didn’t dare to do so. The strong man was a dignified and well-recognized person in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension. Almost half of the crowd here knew him. He had actually been slapped by a youth in public.

If word of this incident was to spread around, the man would most likely become a joke among the others in Green Ancient Mystery Dimension.

Instantly, everyone stared at Mo Wen. Their eyes flashed with a strange expression. The youth looked unfamiliar. More than 90% of the people in the cave didn’t know him. Such a youth had actually committed such a shocking act.

Many people were speculating on the youth’s identity. For him to be able to appear here, one could imagine his cultivation. It would need to be at least of the Golden Elixir realm. However, such a young Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioner was seemingly unheard of in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension. Even the Four Youth Geniuses seemed to be slightly older than him.

“Who is that youth? Such incredible talent. Could it be that he really has the cultivation of the Golden Elixir realm?”

“Only Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioners have the ability to appear here. The youth is not only shockingly talented, but he is also rather brave. He has actually offended the Danhuan Sect sect leader in public. The youth even slapped him!”

“The youth seems to know Chen Wuhui from Intentionless Sect. Could it be that he is from the Intentionless Sect?”

“Impossible. All of us are familiar with Intentionless Sect. There aren’t any brilliant geniuses among their younger generation. How could such a little freak originate from Intentionless Sect?”

“We can’t tell for sure. Which sect among the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension’s Eight Major Factions doesn’t have some hidden power? The youth is possibly the hidden genius of Intentionless Sect. Don’t you remember? Not long ago, Sacred Flame Sect attacked Intentionless Sect and they were defeated. Both Sacred Flame Sect sect leaders died on the battlefield. Intentionless Sect is obviously hiding an unknown force. They aren’t as simple as they appear.”

The crowd was buzzing. Mo Wen and Intentionless Sect had become the focus of all of the gossip in an instant. Even the previous incident of Intentionless Sect defeating the Sacred Flame Sect was brought up. All sorts of speculation came out, one after another.

Right now, one could imagine the expression of Wang Qiangbiao, the Danhuan Sect sect leader, who was the second focal point. He could not wait to dig a hole in the ground and hide in it. Even more than that, he couldn’t wait to tear Mo Wen to pieces.

“Little b*st*rd, you are seeking death!” The strong man clenched his fists tightly. A frightening killing intent emanated from his body. Anyone could see that right now, he was very angry, extremely angry. A person in such a state could do anything.

Among the ancient martial art practitioners in the cave, almost no one doubted Wang Qiangbiao’s ability. As the Danhuan Sect sect leader, among those of the beginning stage Golden Elixir realm, he was definitely among the few people at the very top. If Yin Banshuang had not broken through to the intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm, even she would most likely not be a match for him.

“That youth is in danger. Unless Chen Wuhui and the rest immediately end their treatment, the result will be…”

“Indeed, maybe that youth has Golden Elixir realm cultivation, but he certainly is not a match for Wang Qiangbiao. Sigh, youths nowadays, with just a little talent they become too arrogant, looking down on others. Just now, Wang Qiangbiao just wanted to teach him a lesson and did not intend to harm his life. Did he need to offend others in such a manner?”

“That’s right. If the youth hadn’t resisted, at most he would just have been beaten up. But now he has done it. If he doesn’t die, he will most likely be crippled.”

“Hehe. Wang Qiangbiao also failed miserably at such an easy task. Who knew that the youth would actually dare to fight back? Moreover, his attack was so decisive.”

In the cave, almost no one thought Mo Wen could come out on top when faced with Wang Qiangbiao’s attack. Surely Mo Wen would be the one to be defeated. Just now, even though Mo Wen had slapped Wang Qiangbiao multiple times, anyone could tell it was the result of Wang Qiangbiao being careless. After all, no one would have expected such a youth to actually fight back.

Among the crowd, only the eyes of one person were filled with a shocked expression. Her eyes stared at Mo Wen incredulously, as though she had seen a ghost.

The person was none other than Yin Banshuang, who had ventured into the fragmented space with Mo Wen. Right now, she was standing at the Five Beasts Sect’s campsite, surrounded by a few top practitioners from the sect. Five Beasts Sect, being the strongest sect in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension, naturally had participated in this treasure hunt.

“He… didn’t he die in that mysterious palace?” Yin Banshuang’s eyes were filled with incredulity. All this while, she thought that Mo Wen had died in the mysterious palace. It was because she was well aware that it was impossible for an ancient martial art practitioner to walk out alive from a place like that.

Even the outside of the palace was so dangerous, inside the palace only more so.

A man whom she thought would surely die was actually standing in front of her now, alive. One could imagine the shock that she experienced.

“Banshuang, what’s the matter? Do you recognize the youth?” Beside Yin Banshuang stood an elder, tall and well built. His figure was much buffer than Wang Qiangbiao’s. This elder was dressed in grey robes, with a height close to two meters. He didn’t appear old as an old man should be. Instead, he emitted an aura, as though he was a tiger in slumber.

This person was none other than Five Beast Sect’s Tiger Palace Hall hall leader, Bu Zhangkun. He was an unparalleled strong practitioner in the sect, with mysterious and deep cultivation. Among the five hall leaders, he was among the top three. Many years ago, he was already at the pinnacle of the intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm. It was said that he had reached the later stage of the Golden Elixir realm by now.

However, the Tiger Palace Hall hall leader maintained a low-profile and was rarely seen in public. So, no one could tell whether he really had the cultivation of the later stage Golden Elixir realm.

“I know him. However, I have only seen him once before.” Yin Banshuang nodded. After pondering for a moment, she said, “He is a genius among geniuses. He is very powerful. I pale into insignificance in comparison. Wang Qiangbiao will most likely lose.”

She didn’t know how strong Mo Wen was. Throughout their encounter, she had never seen him reach his limit. However, based on the power he had demonstrated, she could tell that he was very powerful. Right now, most likely even an intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioner would not be able to defeat him, let alone Wang Qiangbiao.

At the very least, Yin Banshuang, who had broken through to the intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm, was still not confident that she could defeat Mo Wen.

“Oh! So powerful!” Bu Zhangkun’s eyes flashed with a glint of surprise. He stared at Mo Wen, astonished. He was well-aware of Yin Banshuang’s personality – arrogant, had high expectations, and seldom admitted defeat. At least he had never seen her admiring any youths in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension, let alone saying things like “pale into insignificance”.

Furthermore, he knew that Yin Banshuang had already broken through to the intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm. She had actually said that she would pale into insignificance even with this cultivation. Was the youth really so formidable?

The youth was only around twenty years old. If he was really was what Yin Banshuang described, he had exceptional talents. He had never even heard of a person with talents like this before, let alone met one.

Other than Five Beasts Sect, there was another group of ancient martial art practitioners paying attention to Mo Wen. Those people were dressed in purple robes, with purple jades hanging on their waists. They were people from the Purple Qi Pavilion. Their leader was a beautiful lady, one of the three pavilion leaders in Purple Qi Pavilion – Pavilion Leader Ye Rong.

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