Invincible Scanning System Chapter 948

Chapter 948: Moon Shadow

Chapter 948

Qi Xiaosheng walked into the dark door, but there was no feeling of darkness in front of him, but a momentary scene change.

When the scene stabilized, he looked around and found that it was a secluded neighborhood, surrounded by ancient courtyards, very quiet.

There was no one on the remote street, and there was a dead silence all around.

Soon, Li Yiyi and others also appeared next to him.

Everyone looked around curiously, and when they saw the silence around them, they suddenly showed disappointment.

"I thought what the main city of Samsara would look like? I didn't expect it to be like this?"

Li Yi's face was full of disappointment.

"Yeah, why are you so deserted?" Zhou Tao agreed with him.

"The captain has said that we will be in a remote place on the transmission road, so of course it is deserted. I think that when we get to the center, it should be very lively." Wang Li said while looking at Qi Xiaosheng.

"Yes, Wang Li was right." Qi Xiaosheng smiled and nodded, but immediately said: "However, you must not underestimate these remote places. Often some remote places hide the real good things. ."

"Captain? What do you say?"

Everyone looked curious.

"This has to start with the way the main city of Samsara works.

The main city of reincarnation actually belongs to the main **** of reincarnation, and all cities belong to the main **** of reincarnation. The reincarnations only have permission to use it, and they need to pay points.

So, for a while, you saw shops, foundries, alchemy workshops, and so on. Their owners are all reincarnations. They often have a skill and even a strong strength. Only then can they have enough points to operate some shops.

These people occupy the center of the main city of reincarnation, the most advantageous position, and sell items, many of which are of high value can be found in the center of the main city of reincarnation.

However, some are very special, such as some trophies obtained by killing other reincarnations, if they are sold casually, they may attract enemies. Then you need to go to a special place like the outer city and sell it in a place that requires a special way to enter.

Even some reincarnations can create some contraband and sell them quietly. "

"Prohibited items?" The crowd showed their doubts.

"Of course it's not those pornographic, gambling and drug stuff, but the things that the Lord God of Reincarnation doesn't want to see.

Such as some secret weapons that are powerful enough to kill gods, and some techniques that are powerful enough to become gods. "

Qi Xiaosheng introduced.

"There is actually such a thing!"

Everyone was shocked.

They felt that the reincarnations were all under the absolute control of the reincarnation lord god, and they didn't expect this kind of thing to happen.

"Of course there is. After all, you can become a high-level reincarnation, whether it is the existence of one in a million in mind, perseverance, strength, etc., there are still some people who can do this."

Qi Xiaosheng said lightly.

He knew it because his scanning system was one of them.

"Of course." Qi Xiaosheng turned around and said: "Ninety percent of the items in the outer city are items that can't be seen on the countertops and will attract vendettas. There are very few things that design the reincarnation **** ban."

Li Yiyi's eyes lit up and said, "I understand, this is the legendary underground black market."

"That's what it meant." Qi Xiaosheng nodded.

"Then let's take a look at the black market!" Li Yi said immediately.

"You should give up this idea.

It takes a special way to go to the black market in the outer city and needs some introduction.

Moreover, there is more than one black market in the outer city, but many, and many reincarnation forces are complex and chaotic.

You are all newcomers, it is impossible for someone to take you there. "

Qi Xiaosheng shook his head and smiled.

"You still have to qualify." Li Yiyi was disappointed, feeling that he had missed this intentional place.

"Everyone should go to the trading center in the main city.

By the way, if you are afraid of revealing your identity, you can actually wear a mask to hide your appearance.

Of course, for intermediate reincarnations, ordinary masks are useless, and special treasures are needed to truly block the abilities of these powerful reincarnations.

If you have an idea, you can find it in the world of reincarnation or exchange it from the Lord God of Reincarnation. "

While talking, Qi Xiaosheng took out a silver mask.

The Moon Shadow Mask is a magic weapon in the realm of cultivation. After wearing it, you can hide your appearance and turn into a black shadow, worth 30,000 points.

This moon shadow mask not only hides its appearance, but also hides its breath.

He put on the moon shadow mask, and suddenly when Li Yiyi and others looked at him, they saw that their body was covered with a vague black shadow, dark and dim, as if it were shadows illuminated by moonlight.

Not only the appearance has changed, but Qi Xiaosheng's breath has also changed, being hidden by the Moon Shadow Mask.

Qi Xiaosheng's current identity is a dream of Captain Samsara.

As a high-level reincarnation, Yimeng is still the captain of the reincarnation squad. He must have had a lot of contact with other teams and know some reincarnations.

Qi Xiaoshen can disguise his appearance and hide his breath, but he can't get the memory of a dream.

The spore clones invade ordinary people and can obtain memory. The appearance, breath, and memory are the same, and the simulation is seamless.

However, as a reincarnation, Yimeng was blocked by the main **** of reincarnation, and the spore clone failed to obtain the memory of Yimeng in the world of reincarnation.

The main **** of reincarnation does not check these, so Qi Xiaosheng does not have to worry, but if he meets an acquaintance in the main **** of reincarnation, there is a risk of exposure.

Therefore, Qi Xiaosheng temporarily purchased a moon shadow mask from the main **** of reincarnation.

The quality of this Moonshadow Mask has also reached Grade B, but it only has a hidden real appearance, without disguise, and it is known to hide its identity at a glance, so the price is only 30,000 points.

Otherwise, a B-level mask with a real disguise and hidden breath ~wuxiaworld.online~The price will be three or four times higher.

"As long as there is no special pupil technique, under Wu Zun, it should not be cut."

After Qi Xiaosheng put on the Moon Shadow Mask, his heart became a little more at ease.

"The captain's mask is really mysterious." Li Yi looked at Qi Xiaosheng curiously, and then said: "However, this is a higher profile. It is covered by a shadow. Many people will pay special attention to it."

"I used to be a high-level reincarnation, and it is inevitable that I have some enemies, so put on a mask and hide it."

As Qi Xiaosheng explained, he also left this remote street.

He did not get a dream about the reincarnation space, and his own memory about the reincarnation space was also cleared, and he did not know the way.

Simply, the central area of the main city of Samsara is brightly lit, and you can see it from far away, so don't worry about it.

So he directly led everyone to the central city.

There is no card in the main city of Samsara, no defense, unimpeded, direct travel.

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