It Is Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 869

Chapter 869 Flying Dragon Special Forces Move Out

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The situation on Planet Haijiao is just as Brother Yang has said if we continue to be passive like this our defeat is inevitable. However, what Ling Xiao has said isnt completely wrong. We shouldnt say that Planet Haijiao is done for, just because logic says it isnt possible, the Second Marshal said slowly. Since Ling Xiao was willing to take on the responsibility of sending reinforcements, then he could just go with the flow.

The Second Marshal sudden change of heart made the Third Marshal livid on the inside. In the end, it was still because of selfishness. He knew that if a situation concerned their family members, these people would take this risk and put everyone elses lives on the line just for their selfishness.

Ling Xiao seemed to have been waiting for those words and replied immediately, Ive thought about the main crux of the problem. Marshals are just worried that if by any chance the remaining bases will lose on Planet Haijiao before reinforcements were to get there, turning Planet Haijiao into Hailiyas territory, changing the identity of the reinforcements into invaders, and would then face the assault of Hailiyas full military force, especially since it would give Hailiya a reason to have their god-class operator move out. If thats the case, Im willing to take on the commander role in this rescue mission to ensure the safety of the reinforcements, Ling Xiao requested automatically.

No way! The First and Second Marshal almost simultaneously shouted.

The two marshal looked at each other. The Second Marshal made a sign to the First Marshal for him to explain first since Ling Xiao was his subordinate. Seeing the sign, the First Marshal promptly explained, Ling Xiao, dont be impulsive. Going to Hailiya would require entering public sectors, and god-class operators are not allowed to leave the sectors of their own country. If you were to be discovered, we would be definitely be pressured by the Intergalactic United Nations. It might even cause a chain reaction in the neighbouring countries If god-class operators were so easy to deploy, would they still worry about the safety of their reinforcements?

If god-class operators cannot be deployed, it doesnt mean that imperial operators cannot be deployed, especially since Hailiya was the first to deploy them. Ling Xiao already knew that his proposal would not be accepted. Every god-class operator from each country was under the watchful eyes of the secret service of each country. They couldnt just switch out and have someone pretending to be them, unless they leave behind their mechas and put on a disguise, similar to the latest land clearing mission However, a land clearing mission was only a land clearing mission so it didnt concern the other countries. Thus, the secret services were relaxed which allowed him to find a time window to get out. However, now was not the same as back then. Not only was Hailiya putting tabs on god-class operators, other enemy nations were also doing the same.

The reason he brought up this proposal was to remind the three marshals and the generals that the issue they were worried about actually had a way to be resolved.

Youre saying the God-Killers? The First Marshals gaze instantly sharpened.

Thats right. Since we have proof that Hailiya sent out God-Killers, then if we send out the Flying Dragon Special Forces, it would only be appropriate. It would also conform to the promise that us humans had made in the very beginning. Ling Xiaos voice completely calm.

The promise was after one side invaded, the other side would be allowed to send out similar level operators. For example, if god-class operators were sent out, the opponent would also be able to send out god-class operators. This was why Ling Xiao couldnt move out. Once Ling Xiao was deployed, Hailiya would move and send out their god-class operators. This would turn this small war into a large scale war where it would only end when either side gets destroyed.

Ling Xiaos words made the three marshals think deeply for a moment. Giving up the 280 million citizens and soldiers on Planet Haijiao was not something they wanted. It was just that in such a volatile situation, they couldnt help but really consider that However, if there was actually a way to get around it, they, of course, was not going to give up those people.

I agree to send out the Flying Dragon Special Forces. It doesnt matter if they cant hold on until reinforcements arrive. We cannot just let the God-Killers do as they please. Other general agreed to deploy the Flying Dragon Special Forces to fight Hailiya.

The First Marshal thought for a moment and asked, Does everyone still remember the first oath we made when we became a soldier of the Federation?

Everyones expression instantly became serious and they all stood up simultaneously. They placed their fists onto their chest and shouted uniformly, Those who defy our country must be punished no matter where they are!

I still remember the oath from back then like it was yesterday. Hailiyas actions has clearly defied our country so they must be punished no matter where they are! The First Marshal said without hesitation, I agree to deploying the Flying Dragon Special Forces!

I agree! The Second Marshal said.

I agree! The Third Marshal was also angry about the issue with the God-Killers.

I agree! All of the generals all agreed with this decision.

Thats amazing! The reporters saw this scene and all clapped their hands. Those who defy our country must be punished no matter where they are. was a statement that had already seeped into the bones of all the citizens of the Federation since the creation of it. Hailiyas actions had already angered all of the citizens and soldiers of the Federation. They were definitely not going to let Hailiya get away with it.

As for sending reinforcements When the First Marshal spoke, all of the generals sat upright. As for the reporters in the conference room, they all had their hearts hanging high up in the air, as what the First Marshal was going to say next was the most important issue of this meeting.

Agree, agree Many reporters shouted softly, hoping that the First Marshal would support General Ling Xiao.

The First Marshals gaze suddenly turned to Qi Yaoyang, I suggest that we use the 13th Division as the main force for the reinforcement. Other divisions should send starship teams and ace operators to fill in and let Lieutenant General Qi Yaoyang take command. Qi Yaoyang, who was halfway towards god-class, was the strongest mecha operator after the Federations god-class operators. He had always been considered the 14th god-class operator of the Federation by enemy nations. With him in command, even if the situation was dire, he would still be able to protect most of the reinforcements and safely retreat.

I agree! The Second Marshal decisively raised his hand, as Qi Yaoyang was perfect choice to be the commander. As expected, the older one was, the wiser one gets. Everything that the First Marshal decided was definitely foolproof.

Everyone looked towards the Third Marshal. Seeing this, the Third Marshal couldnt help but also raise his hand and agree. His worries and concerns seemed to be not so important anymore after Qi Yaoyang was chosen to be the commander of the reinforcements. Although Hailiya was careful enough to not cause the Federations god-class operators to move out, they still managed to accidentally let the god-like Qi Yaoyang off his leash.

Finally, the rescue of Planet Haijiao was approved. Included in the reinforcements was the commander, Qi Yaoyang, who was the strongest imperial level individual. After recording all of the news, the reporters finally satisfyingly returned to their news stations. Right as they were thinking about letting citizens know about these news, they received an order from the military. They were told to lock-down all information regarding Ling Xiaos son, Ling Lan.

When they received this order, the reporters could only regret that they couldnt share such inspiring information with the citizens of the Federation, but they knew that keeping it a secret was best for Ling Lans safety. When General Ling Xiao became a god-class operator, he still couldnt escape from the plots of the enemy nations. If enemy nations were to know that there was a second generation Ling Xiao in the Federation, they would definitely plan assassinations. Thus, this lock-down order should definitely be follow through. In reality, the reporters who participated in the conference all understood this. From when they heard this information, they knew that they would have to take it with them to their graves.

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