It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 491

Very soon, a star map appeared inside Ling Lan’s mindspace. Ling Lan first found the adjacent side of planet Qiming and then a large asteroid belt. There was no space for a large planet to reside there. And on the side of planet Qiming, in front of it was planet Youming, on its left was planet Zhiyuan, and on its right was planet Shiqiu. it was only the part behind planet Qiming that had planets that were light-years away from it. It was so dark as if there was a black hole in that part of the star map. No matter how Ling Lan looked at it, it looked somewhat odd.

“This location behind planet Qiming is labeled a place where star tidal waves form, forbidding any ships from coming near” Ling Lan saw the label on the star map. She no longer had anything she didn’t understand. “The Gemini planet of planet Qiming is behind it.”

If she didn’t have Little Four reminding her, she would definitely have been tricked by the star map and thought that this area was the star tidal wave area. After thinking about how the Gemini planet was covered in dark fog, without any light sources seeping out, even if starship fleets were to pass by, they would need to go near the planet’s atmosphere and would not be seen. Even if the direction was wrong and they got close by accident and was sucked in by the atmosphere, the starship fleets would assume that it was the gravitational pull of the star tidal waves. Their first thought would be to escape the gravitational pull and not go along with the pull and land

“Looks like the Federation has many secrets.” Ling Lan thought back to the time when she was still in scouts corp. She had come in contact with three planets that were not labeled on the star map. Maybe there were more planets that were hidden away just like this. It was just that they, as commoners, did not know.

Thinking about the fact the Federation would publicize planets that adventurers had found each decade and made people oddly amazed, this was perhaps a means used by the Federation to make everyone believe that the government was working hard in expanding the universe of the human race and finding more resources to expand the Federation.

“It’s behind planet Qiming, then that means it is connected. It’s a real Gemini planet and not an adjacent fake.” The results of Ling Lan’s final speculation made Little Four so happy that he began to smile, which made his two eyes became two crescent moons.

Little Four couldn’t help but be happy. Gemini planets were a wondrous existence. Even in the Mandora star system, with a history of billions of years, they had only managed to find one Gemini planet. They didn’t think that there would be this wondrous existence in such a low level-one or two evolutionary galaxy.

Little Four’s mouth uncontrollably moved a bit. In end, he still couldn’t hold it in and told the real secret of the Gemini planets to Ling Lanin the mecha history of the Mandora star system, there was a mystical, powerful and terrifying mecha. Its main material could only be forged on the dark planet of the Gemini planets.

“I should still wait a bit! Wait until the Boss becomes even stronger, then come here and find that legendary material!” Little Four thought.

Ling Lan returned to her calm state due to Little Four’s interruption. Her previous hesitation changed into strong resolve. She remembered that she had told Lin Zhong-qing to exchange for more temperature-control medication in order to handle the odd weather and temperatures on planet Qiming. She remembered that these things were in the personal resources that were given to everyone. Li Lanfeng was a smart person. He would definitely have thought about all this to resolve the issue at hand.

When Ling Lan stopped worrying, she began to judge herself at the same time. If a commander was to lose their cool and make an incorrect decision, then not only would it bad for her, but also for the team members that had put their trust in her

Li Lanfeng! Li Lanfeng! Ling Lan bit her lip. This was the first time that she clearly saw what her weakness was. For the people who looked as though they were soft and delicate, Ling Lan could not be ruthless towards them. She would become irresolute and hesitant. It was like this with Luo Chao and also with Li Lanfeng.

“Looks like I still need to go into the learning space to train.” Ling Lan silently made a decision. Now that she had become the leader of these friends of hers, she would not allow herself to have this weakness and put her and her friends in danger.

The now calm Ling Lan decided to keep waiting. The clock had already reached midnight on planet Qiming at that moment. The military academies that had more or less constructed their headquarters had begun to send out some battle teams to go into the surrounding areas to investigate.

The battle royale had a rule that before midnight, other than taking over uninhabited areas, the headquarters of the military academies were not allowed to be attacked. The time of the attack had to be after midnight. This rule was to make sure all the military academies had time to build their headquarters. At the same time, it was also to give all the cadets some time to rest

Although it was already time when they could begin their attack, this was not the optimal time that Ling Lan was thinking about. Thus, she chose to remain at the same spot, not moving an inch. Before Area S and Area P became a battleground, Ling Lan would not move no matter what.

Those who followed Ling Lan were pretty much all the members who trusted Ling Lan the most. Other than Qi Long, Luo Lang and Xie Yi whom she had grown up with, Li Lanfeng was even more of a strong supporter of Ling Lan. Ever since Zhao Jun joined the battle team, after being beaten up by Ling Lan many times, he also admitted to her superiority. The only person that was suspicions of Ling Lan was Li Shiyu. However, he was someone who was patient, and since the teammates beside him were not moving, he, of course, wouldn’t move either.

Very soon after, the mecha of these seven were blanketed by a sheet of snow. Even if someone was to come close now, they would think that they were some rocks covered by the snow

While Ling Lan was waiting patiently for the best possible time to move out, in Area S9, Qiao Ting was preparing to move out. Amidst the swirling white snow, he made his mecha fly up into mid-air and stared at the mecha’s radar. The radar on ace mechas was able to cover a small portion of Area S and Area P.

Very soon, there was finally some movement in Area S. The headquarters in Area S had sent out a 24-man mecha battle team.

“All team members, ready to move out!” Qiao Ting decisively opened the team channel and ordered.

“Yes, Captain!” All the members began to move out. Engines began to roar, whether it belonged to patrol personnel or mecha that were resting about. All the mechas flew rapidly into the air and gathered around Qiao Ting.

“Captain, is something happening?” The information that Qiao Ting’s ace mecha’s radar could discover may not be able to be discovered by special-class mechas. Qiao Ting’s vice-captain began to ask about the situation once he was beside Qiao Ting.

“There’s a 24 man battle team coming from Area S to Area P.” Qiao Ting told everyone what he had discovered.

“Haha, we’re really lucky. The battle royale just started and we got a battle coming.” The team members were itching to start. This was the first battle for many members. They had been spectators for the past 15 or so days and this had made them itch for a battle, unable to wait for a fight against their opponents to satisfy their craving.

Qiao Ting scanned the circle of battle-ready members around him and reminded, “Our mission is very important. Everyone must be careful and not stray from the team.”

“Yes, Captain!” They replied with gratitude. They felt the concern in Qiao Ting’s voice.

Seeing that the opposition had chosen their direction to move in, Qiao Ting calculated that they could stop them right before they reached Area P. He thus ordered, “Move out!”

With that order given, he operated his mecha and was the first to fly out. His team members followed him in an orderly fashion. Their formation did not change during the tense march. They all made sure they had the best distance apart from each other and was organized and in an orderly fashion.

This proved that Qiao Ting’s team was a mature battle team. Qiao Ting was also an exceptional team Captain, which was why they could achieve this kind of result.

The other 24-man team quickly discovered Qiao Ting and the others; however, they didn’t try to hide and continued to fly in the same direction. Since they had moved out at this time, they would probably be offensive members and was a team solely for attacking cities.

There was an unspoken rule in the battle royale, and this rule was that a battle would not easily start between offensive teams. Everyone wanted to bring down the opponent’s headquarters and gain enough points; thus, these attacking teams would usually have a temporary collaboration and attack another military academy’s headquarters together. Unless they met up with a military academy that they had a grudge against, in which case it was possible that they wouldn’t see eye to eye and break out in a bloody battle. However, the possibility of this was very small. It would mostly be both sides becoming more careful and both retreating.

Maybe the opposition was thinking the same, which was why they wanted to meet up and see if the two sides have a chance to merge.

The two battle teams were getting closer and closer. Through the team’s comms channel, Qiao Ting ordered, “Prepare short-range weapons! Ready for battle!”

Many clicking sounds followed, as every mecha of Qiao Ting’s team took out their short-range beam guns from their backs and held them in their hands, readying up and waiting for Qiao Ting’s final order.

Finally, the opposition could clearly see the mecha that were coming towards them. He was shaken upon seeing that Qiao Ting was the one leading the team and felt happy. He was surprised that the First Men’s Military Academy had sent out Qiao Ting as captain of the attacking team, not worrying about their own headquarters. At the same time, he was also happy. If he could form an alliance with Qiao Ting and attack the base camps that were not that strong, then it would be a sure win. He didn’t that his luck would be this good

The captain leading the group made a request to talk with Qiao Ting. Qiao Ting’s lip showed a hint of a cold smirk as he agreed to the captain’s request.

“Captain Qiao, we are of the Feihong Military Academy. We don’t see you as our enemies. If possible, I would like to talk to you.” The opponent’s attitude was lowered and his tone was very sincere. If Qiao Ting hadn’t already accepted Ling Lan’s mission, perhaps he would have agreed to give them a chance.

“What do you want to talk about?” Qiao Ting replied just for show. While the two captains had been conversing, the two teams had drawn nearer to each other.

“I want to talk about the possibility of an alliance.” The Feihong Military Academy’s captain was slightly anxious. They were, after all, a mid to low class military academy. Would Qiao Ting refuse because he looked down on them?

“An alliance?” Qiao Ting pretended to think about it. The captain of Feihong battle team suddenly felt his heart being pulled up as he nervously waited for Qiao Ting’s final answer. Right then, the distance between the two of them had reached the range of short-range beam guns.

Seeing this, Qiao Ting’s eyes lit up and he ordered coldly, “Fire!”

The members of Qiao Ting’s team, who had already readied their guns, all pulled down on their triggers at Qiao Ting’s order. There were 24 guns shooting out 24 illuminating flowers that moved towards the opponents in unison.

“Despicable!” Qiao Ting’s team’s sudden attack made the Feihong Military Academy’s battle team cry out tragically. Although they had thought of taking precautions, the suddenness of Qiao Ting changing from thinking about the alliance in one second, to ruthlessly ordering an attack in the next made them unable to react. There had been no indication at all, which made the Feihong Military Academy’s mecha operators unable to react, and they were all hit by the beams shot from the guns of Qiao Ting’s battle team.

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