It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 502

“Yes, Boss!” Hearing this, Zhao Jun shuddered and responded with a face full of agony. One week? Was he going to live after that?

After that, Ling Lan walked past Zhao Jun in satisfaction and stared with great focus at Li Shiyu and Li Lanfeng who were still fighting a hard battle.

Seeing that Boss’ focus was no longer on himself, Zhao Jun groaned. He held his head and squatted down. His repeatedly said to himself, “I’m going to die. I’m going to die.”

Qi Long, who had already recovered a bit of energy, stood up, walked towards Zhao Jun, patted him on the back and laughingly said, “Bro, my condolences.” Here, we should excuse Qi Long’s schadenfreude. It should be known that the person who was beaten up by Boss most badly was Qi Long. If Qi Long was considered to be second in terms of being beaten up the most badly, no one would dare to claim to be the first. Now, there was finally someone else going to hell with him. This made Qi Long feel that this world had tossed out other people as well. This allowed him to find balance in his mentality.

“Qi Long, you” Zhao Jun pointed a finger at Qi Long, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. The bastard was pouring salt on his wound. He didn’t have anything like Qi Long’s monstrous physique, being able to hover on the edge of death only to revive in the next second.

“My condolences!” Luo Lang said this very sincerely. In reality, Luo Lang was indeed very sincere. This kind of sincere behavior did even more damage than Qi Long’s, almost making Zhao Jun’s heart stop and die.

“Heh heh, my condolences!” said Xie Yi as he also patted Zhao Jun’s shoulder, adding another kick to Zhao Jun’s depressing heart. Zhao Jun was angry and was getting ready to discipline these juniors who didn’t respect their seniors. Right then, Ling Lan let out a “Hmph”.

Everyone instantly became quiet. Zhao Jun angrily squatted there and mumbled, “I won’t get angry, I won’t get angry”

With Boss Lan beside him, he really didn’t dare to get angry. He was afraid that if by any chance he made Boss angry, the original punishment of one week would turn into two weeks. If he wasn’t lucky, it might turn into a month. He would definitely die in there and be unable to come out.

Moving away from Zhao Jun’s anger, Li Lanfeng and LI Shiyu’s situation wasn’t looking good right then. Li Lanfeng felt that he had already reached his limit. There were many times that he made operating mistakes due to his lacking physical condition. It was all Li Shiyu using all of his might to compensate for him.

The feedback force from mecha operating was pushing Li Lanfeng’s body to its limit. Right now, countless small cuts were forming in all the muscles in Li Lanfeng’s body. Fresh blood had painted his protective suit red

Were they going to lose? Li Lanfeng felt increasingly numb. It was as if his entire mind was evaporating. It was as though in the next second, he could close his eyes and faint Li Lanfeng bit his tongue furiously. The extreme pain instantly resuscitated his consciousness that was close to breaking.

“No, I can’t lose! If I lose, then what qualifications would I have to fight side by side with Rabbit?” Li Lanfeng seemed to see Rabbit’s disappointed expression and the silhouette of him walking further and further away from him.

“I won’t let Rabbit down! I won’t!” Li Lanfeng screamed in his mind. Fighting alongside Ling Lan was Li Lanfeng’s biggest obsession. At this moment, this obsession made Li Lanfeng revive once again and reignite his will to fight.

“Li Lanfeng, hold on! We can’t give up!” Li Shiyu, who was beside Li Lanfeng, hurried to encourage Li Lanfeng. Li Lanfeng’s previous operating made him understand clearly that the former had reached his limit.

As he was so focused, Li Shiyu didn’t know that his teammates had already finished their battles and were watching from the side. He didn’t want them to lose and bring about a catastrophe for the team. Thus, when he was encouraging Li Lanfeng, he was also encouraging himself.

“Of course!” Li Lanfeng pretty much used up all of his body’s strength to squeeze out these two words.

“Even if we go down, we still have to go down slower than the enemy. Rabbit, I understand the meaning of that statement now.” Li Lanfeng’s expression went cold instantly. Now, he no longer had any warm feeling to him, only a boundless killing intent.

His two hands that were previously practically empty of energy and numb with pain suddenly began to rapidly dance about. His fingers appeared to create afterimages, like flowers in fantasies that slowly bloom. However, this scene quickly disappeared and Li Lanfeng’s fingers suddenly disappeared along with it. All that could be visible were the lines of red blood marks appearing one after another on the white and silver colored control panel before him. In the end, the entire control panel became painted in a deep blood red color. It was a terrifying scene.

Li Lanfeng’s operating went from the shadow level of special-class operators into the void level of ace operators. Operating above his own level had repercussions; the price he had to pay was that his fingers had become torn apart.

However, operating above his level had a huge effect. Li Lanfeng’s mecha suddenly turned in mid-air and instantly escaped the encirclement of the three people, fully disappearing from the opponents’ screens. In the next second, he appeared behind the advanced mecha operator and silently stabbed using the large sword in his hand.

These movements could only fool advanced mecha operators. The two special-class operators saw them very clearly. They uncontrollably screamed, “Quick, dodge!”

However, the target of Li Lanfeng’s attack was the advanced mecha operator who was the weak link. How would he let the opponent just escape like that? Although the advanced mecha operator used all his might to operate his mecha to dodge to the side after his teammates had reminded him, Li Lanfeng had already guessed that the opponent could move in reaction. He accurately stabbed through the abdomen of the opponent using his large sword. If it wasn’t for the fact that the battle royale restricted attacking cockpits, this sword strike would most definitely have stabbed through the advanced mecha operator’s cockpit and killed him instantly.

However, even so, the A.I. determined the advanced mecha operator was killed instantly by Li Lanfeng. The mecha instantly became locked up and smashed into the ground.

After taking care of one advanced mecha operator, Li Lanfeng didn’t feel relaxed. The two special-class operators that were left were their real opponents. That advanced mecha operator was actually the one out of the three opponents who was the least threatening.

Li Lanfeng only took care of this advanced mecha operator because he was easier to take down. He took him down with one hit and created a feeling of terror in order to make the two special-class operators have feelings of doubt.

Once they had doubt, they would be more careful and hesitate. Li Lanfeng’s final objective was to make them hesitate.

It should be said that Li Lanfeng’s sudden explosive power did indeed surprise the two special-class operators. Just think: a person that was pressured by them to the point where they couldn’t even counterattack suddenly exploded and instantly killed one of their teammates. No matter how one looked at it, it was very odd. Additionally, they discovered that the ‘enemies’ around them had actually defeated their teammates. They were like prey that was being eyed by tigers at this moment. This made the two of them think a lot.

If it was as Li Lanfeng had predicted; the two special-class operators had begun to be very careful. No, beyond that, they did not have the will to continue to fight and find a chance to escape. This instantly took the pressure off a bit for Li Lanfeng and Li Shiyu. The two of them then began to slowly move in to counterattack.

The two special-class operators didn’t hesitate for too long. When they blocked Li Shiyu and Li Lanfeng’s first attack, it was as though they had discussed it beforehand; they both found a direction to run towards. Of course, the directions they chose to escape from was directly opposite from where Ling Lan and company were waiting. They didn’t want to run into the trap themselves. In their minds, they thought that they would able to successfully retreat if they escaped their opponents’ range of attack

They had underestimated Li Shiyu and Li Lanfeng, and had also underestimated Ling Lan and company. They had only just flashed away when Li Shiyu and Li Lanfeng chased towards the direction they were heading towards, as if they had already known beforehand where they would try to escape to.

One of the special-class operators saw a shadow flash in front of him. He saw Li Lanfeng appear on the path of the direction he was escaping towards.

“How is this possible?” As a fellow special-class operator, he dodged, but how could the opponent be one step ahead of him? He was confused and didn’t understand, but he didn’t have time to think deeply. He could only bring up the large sword in his hand and ruthlessly attack the opponent.

Since his plan was seen through and he was now blocked by someone, he could only force his way through.

On the other side, although Li Shiyu’s reaction was very fast, his mecha was only an advanced mecha. He was one level below the opponent. The opponent quickly stretched out the distance meters ahead of him.

Right then, Zhao Jun who was still angrily squatting this entire time suddenly heard Ling Lan yell, “Go make up for your mistake for me!” In the next second, someone had kicked his mecha in the butt. His entire mecha flew up and went towards Li Shiyu.

“Boss, murder!” Zhao Jun scrambled and operated his mecha. Its engine instantly activated. Due to the force behind Boss’ kick, Zhao Jun quickly turned the engine to the maximum and passed Li Shiyu and flew towards the opponent that was just about to escape into the deep woods.

“Shit!” Seeing Zhao Jun chasing, Li Shiyu was very angry. He hurled the large sword in his hand towards his opponent.

A “bang” occurred. The large sword actually hit the opponent, making him stumble. His entire mecha shook and fell down. However, the operating skills of that special-class mecha operator were very strong. He instantly balanced the mecha and continued to run towards the deep forest.

“Bang!” A powerful sound rang out. Li Lanfeng and his opponent had clashed swords. The two of them both retreated a few meters back. Ling Lan frowned a bit. Her fingers moved a bit, but she gave up in the end.

It was because when Li Lanfeng stood firm, he ruthlessly pounced towards the opponent. He used this attitude to tell Ling Lan that he would take care of this opponent himself. Even if Ling Lan felt that it was inappropriate, she still chose to respect Li Lanfeng’s decision.

“Bang!” This sound was the sound of Zhao Jun intercepting the special-class operator. This sound meant that that special-class operator who wanted to escape no longer had any chance to do so.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Li Lanfeng and the opponent rammed against each other many times. Finally, he rammed his opponent’s sword out of his hand. Having been operating at a level higher, Li Lanfeng had used his special-class mecha to its limit. This wasn’t something that operating levels of special-class operators could deter. Losing the large sword meant that the opponent had no chance. Indeed, Li Lanfeng used this chance to perform a chain combo and knocked out the opponent on the fourth hit.

When Li Lanfeng defeated his opponent, Zhao Jun also defeated the last opponent. This 24-man versus 7-man battle seemed to have a huge difference in strength. In the end, however, the result was Ling Lan’s seven-man team being victorious. This result caused all the officers and referees in the monitoring room to go into an uproar.

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