It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 557

After Ling Lan improved her hand speed, she worked on maintaining the speed. By the time she ended her meditation, her speed was stabilized at around 59.93 seconds to 59.98 seconds, which proved that her results were not based on luck. However, if she wanted to go lower than 59.90 seconds, it would still require some time.

Ling Lan was not dejected, as she had never expected herself to advance to imperial rank while she was still a third-year student. Now that she had overcome the hardest obstacle, she merely needed to practice her hand speed and find a suitable [S]-rank technique for herself. If everything went smoothly, she would be able to become an imperial operator before she graduated. Ling Lan was not worried about the upgrading of her techniques, as she had Little Four and Instructor Number Three; they could help her analyze and guide her whenever she needed them.

By the time Ling Lan came out of her mediation, Lingtian had almost completed all their battles. After Lingtian defeated the original eight powerful mecha clans, most of the other smaller mecha clans chose to avoid battle. Only a few of the mecha clans didn’t want to give up and fought against them. The clans that avoided battle were given a three months grace period. After the three months passed, they would not be able to avoid battling Lingtian again.

The members of the Lingtian Mecha Clan were very happy at their decision, as the participants in the weekly battles had never managed to get any rest at all. The several months of battle had tired them out mentally. If all the mecha clans collaborated with one another and battled with them continuously for a few months, Lingtian might be defeated.

However, no one wanted to be the object of sacrifice. Lingtian had gotten the chance to stop fighting for a while and by the time the other mecha clans realized this, it was too late; Ling Lan had already come out of her meditation and this meant that they had no chances at all now.

By the end of the year, Lingtian had unified the mecha clans of the military academy. All the mecha clans merged into the Lingtian Mecha Clan and it became the only mecha clan in the military academy. As the first regiment commander, Ling Lan became the king of the military academy and the achievements of Lingtian were written into the school’s history. Ling Lan became the first king of the military academy that received an acknowledgement by the school personally.

One year ago, the higher authorities of the school had thought of ways and means to create a god, but they had never expected that one year later, someone would become a god without their effort. The school’s authorities had mixed emotions, while the principal and Tang Yu, on the other hand, were elated—Ling Lan belonged to their faction. However, in order to protect Ling Lan, they could not show their happiness on their face.

Even after becoming king, there were still challenges for Ling Lan. When the new year started, the second-years could apply to start a new mecha clan and a new round of battles would begin again.

As a super mecha clan, Lingtian suffered from many internal conflicts. The members that became merged into the clan didn’t listen to the leaders of Lingtian, while the original leaders of the merged clans allowed their members to create troubles; they would always quarrel with the original Lingtian members. Many people even chose to leave Lingtian to become lone wolves.

The Lingtian Mecha Clan chose to kick out those leaders and members that created trouble for them, as there was no need for so many people to stay in Lingtian. To Ling Lan, her ideal mecha clan consisted of elite individuals. And even if these individuals sincerely wanted to join them, she would arrange tests for them. Only those who passed the test could enter their clan.

However, Ling Lan was not so heartless. For those who didn’t want to pledge their allegiance to them but never provoked the members of Lingtian, Ling Lan placed them into sub-clans built especially for them so that they could govern themselves.

In actual fact, Ling Lan also didn’t like to use members who came from other mecha clans. She always thought that the Lingtian Mecha Clan’s elite members had to be brought up by herself. She liked to recruit freshmen and guide them personally. These members would have a sense of belonging to the Lingtian Mecha Clan.

Based on this set of criteria, Ling Yi was spotted very quickly. He was outstanding in all areas so Wu Jiong admired his talent and focused on training him. Ling Yi worked even harder. He knew that he was getting closer to his Master Lan.

Ling Lan became a fourth-year. That year, only a few freshmen set up new mecha clans. Ling Lan didn’t send them a letter of challenge the moment they formed their clans, as that would be an action unbecoming of a powerful individual.

Most of the freshmen entered Lingtian, which became a real super mecha clan. Lingtian built a perfect upgrading system for its freshmen. In order to enter the elite team, they needed to go through many tests and missions, as this was the only way to achieve their dream position and have the king of the military academy guide them personally.

The Lingtian Mecha Clan grew very fast and operated efficiently. Ling Lan let go of the reins of the Lingtian Mecha Clan after the new upgrading system was put in place. Her main focus now was to train her comrades. She put all the things that she learned during her closed-door meditation to good use.

Ling Lan didn’t ask her comrades to practice their mecha piloting; instead, she resumed the physical training that they went through when they were first-years. Her training was harder and fiercer than the military academy’s training. All of her comrades had a hard time.

This was the special training grounds of the military academy, which was a few thousands of meters wide and had all kinds of physical training equipment present. There were also running tracks and obstacle courses…

At this moment, a person was sitting on a chair in the middle of the training grounds. The person placed her hand on her chin and looked at the people diagonally in front of her who were doing the obstacle course.

The people in front looked fine despite panting heavily, but the three people at the end of the group didn’t seem good. They staggered and looked as if they would faint at any moment.

One of them couldn’t lift his leg anymore and lost his balance when he kicked a small stone on the ground. He fell forward and slammed into the person in front of him, who couldn’t dodge in time and also fell.

“I am going to die here today.” Chang Xinyuan laid on the ground and stared hopelessly at Han Jijyun who had fallen because of him. His face was filled with tears and nasal mucus and he didn’t look anything like a mecha engineer.

Even when this kind of incident had occurred, his boss, the regiment commander of the Lingtian Mecha Clan, Ling Lan, continued to look at them coldly and didn’t stop the training.

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