It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 570

Chapter 570 The Future Of The Special Forces

Very soon after, the news that Lian Shaojing was defeated by a new recruit started to spread throughout the 23rd Division.

“Interesting. A captain of the Sting Special Forces was defeated.” Many captains from normal battle teams were happy to hear this news.

“The special forces must be embarrassed They will definitely take their revenge.” Someone predicted that these new recruits would have a hard time ahead of them.

“A new recruit managed to defeat a captain of the Sting Special Forces? Are the recruits this year all so powerful? Hurry up and get me the name list of the new recruits this year. Our team should have some new blood coming in soon.” The captains of the battle teams in the 23rd Division were all excited.

“Such a pity. The new recruit that defeated Lian Shaojing would definitely have a team by now.” Such strong recruits were not willing to enter a normal battle team.

“We still have a chance. The special forces will definitely take revenge since they were embarrassed. The moment they act, we can recruit him…” They were unwilling to give up on Ling Lan. They started planning on how to get him into their team.

“Take note of the actions from the special forces. Once they make a move, we will send out our invitation.” Every captain of the normal battle team kept a lookout on the special forces.

Although the special forces were powerful, not everyone looked up to them. Some ace battle teams felt that they were as strong as them but they were just unlucky and didn’t manage to get recruited by the special forces.

Hence, they naturally go against the special forces and were willing to protect the people that the special forces wanted to target.

The other captains of the special forces received this news too.

“Lian Shaojing embarrassed me.” A captain in the rest area slammed the table in front of him when he heard his vice-captain telling him this news. He sprung up and wanted to rush out of the office. “Let me find the commander. I must teach that brat a lesson.”

The vice-captain was a 30 years old man. He reminded the captain calmly, “Who are you trying to teach a lesson to? Lian Shaojing? He is currently unconscious and lying in the healing pod now. The hospital said that he needed at least a year to recuperate. As for the recruit that hurt him, he is in a dire state too. He is also lying in the healing pod and will be missing the recruit training camp.”

The captain stopped in his tracks immediately and looked up. He was a 40 years old man with a rough-looking face. He grabbed his hair in agitation. “This is frustrating. I was the one who recommended Lian Shaojing into the special forces. His performance was good so the commander had the intention of making him an official member of the special forces after another year of observation. Now, everything is gone. Everyone must be laughing at me now. F**k! Those recruits are bastards.” He kicked the metal chair beside him causing the chair to break apart.

“Since this thing already happened, there is no point in being angry.” The vice-captain frowned as he consoled the captain. Their battle team’s rank among the special forces was low. After this, their rank would be lowered further.

“However, the commander is biased towards his own people. Lian Shaojing got injured badly so the commander will definitely do something about it.” The vice-captain reminded the captain, “We can make use of this.”

The captain was enlightened. “Are you saying that if the commander wants to teach those recruits a lesson, I can volunteer myself. That way, I can regain some of our lost reputation?” His eyes lit up. As long as he managed to take his revenge, the other captains would not laugh at him anymore and he would be able to maintain his battle team’s rank.

The vice-captain nodded. “We need to wait for the commander to speak first before any action can be taken.”

In the other rest areas, similar conversations were occurring.

In the stamina training room, a 30 year old bulky and handsome soldier was working out. Another man of a similar age with delicate features was standing beside him. The man smiled and said, “Captain, do you know that the reserve member of the Sting Special Forces got injured by someone? He is lying in the healing pod now and need at least a year to recover.”

The captain continued exercising nonchalantly. He replied calmly, “Isn’t that normal? People that had to bully weaker people to control their desires to kill will meet their match one day.”

“True. Guess who defeated him?”

The captain glanced at his vice-captain. He noticed the cunning smile on his face and replied irritatedly, “Although I don’t like Lian Shaojing, I admit that he is a smart person so he will not offend other powerful battle teams. This is the time when the new recruits enter the military. Therefore, it should be someone from the batch of these new recruits.”

The vice-captain looked at him admirably. “Captain, nothing escapes your eyes.”

The captain replied with a hint of unhappiness, “Did you come here to tell me such a small matter? What is the thing that made you gave up your sleep?” His vice-captain was someone who loved to sleep. He would give up his sleep only if something important happened.

The vice-captain instantly turned serious. He whispered, “Do you know who defeated Lian Shaojing?”

The captain stopped working out when he saw his vice-captain’s serious face. “Who is it?”

“Ling Lan.” The captain was elated when he heard the name. “That little brat has finally reached the age to enter the military?”

The vice-captain glared at his captain. “It has almost been 15 years. If he still didn’t come, he is unworthy to be the general’s son.” General Ling Xiao’s son should enter the military in his fifth year of school.

The captain sighed. “It has been 15 years. He was just a small baby last time. Now, he is our comrade.”

“Yes.” The vice-captain replied, “I remember the time when we were still in the Bladed Special Ops Team. The commander was our captain back then and he sent us to protect Ling Lan but we had failed. Ling Lan pulled through all by himself without any help.” They were the examiners that were in charge of the assessment at the Scout Academy.

“We were thrown into the training camp and tormented badly because of this. “The captain shivered uncontrollably when he recalled this. He wondered how they managed to survive through that the last time.

“Don’t talk about that.” Those memories were frightening.

“Seems like you used your hacking skills again and got the recruit name list from the mainframe.” The captain changed the topic.

“Of course. Defeating someone from the special forces is a huge news. I have to know who is this new recruit.” The vice-captain could not say that he wanted to beat Lian Shaojing up for a long time but the special forces were not allowed to fight among themselves. Hence, when he found that someone had fulfilled his wish, he immediately went to search for that person. He thought that if anyone in the special forces wanted to take their revenge on the recruit, he could lend a helping hand.

“Do you think that the commander would get someone to take revenge?” The vice-captain knew his commander well. He started to worry for Ling Lan.

“He will send someone.” The captain replied certainly, “However, it will not be for revenge. He will send someone to test Ling Lan.”

The vice-captain understood what his captain was trying to say. “You mean that the commander wants to get Ling Lan into the special forces?”

“Of course. How can he give up on such a talent?” The captain replied, “He specially asked us to protect her during the assessment last time. As compared to Lian Shaojing, Ling Lan is much more important.”

The vice-captain smiled. He finally felt at ease. He agreed that Ling Lan was the future of the special forces, not Lian Shaojing.

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