It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 574

Chapter 574 Activate The Battle Team

When everyone in the 23rd Division gathered at the recruit camp, a hover car drove out of the General’s manor.

He Xuyang and Ling Lan sat beside each other in the backseat. He Xuyang looked at Ling Lan’s calm expression. He was worried so he asked, “Young Master Lan, why don’t you wait a while before forming your battle team? You can familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations first.”

If a captain managed to complete the missions to build a battle team in the Mecha World, he could apply to form their battle team in the real world.

However, the formation of a battle team was not easy. Many recruits applied to form their battle teams and failed. There were three missions to complete to form the battle team. Two missions were in the virtual world and one was in the real world.

“I know. There are three missions, right?” When her father knew that she wanted to form her battle team on the last day of the training camp, he told her that it was not an easy feat. He said that she needed to pass three missions.

However, Ling Xiao wanted to test his daughter’s adaptive ability so he didn’t tell her what the three missions were.

He Xuyang’s eyes lit up when he heard what Ling Lan had said. “The general gave you some advice?” If he did, Young Master Lan would have a higher chance of succeeding.

Ling Lan replied, “No. Father only told me that there were three missions. He wanted me to experience the missions myself. If I didn’t succeed, it means that I am not strong enough and do not have the ability to lead my team.”

He Xuyang wanted to cry when he heard this. General, why are you so fair and just? If Young Master Lan failed, he would be deeply affected and might not be able to recover from the blow. Our future successor of the 23rd Division would be gone…

He Xuyang wanted to help but he didn’t know what the missions were too. He had no battle team under him and he didn’t know any captains personally. Hence, he was unable to get any information about the missions.

Ling Lan smiled when she saw the worried look on He Xuyang’s face. She consoled him, “It will be fine. I know what I am doing.” If she couldn’t pass the missions with her current ability, it meant that no recruits would be able to do it within this short period of three months. If that was the case, there was no point in allowing the recruits to have the chance to form a battle team right after their training camp.

If theory was tested, Ling Lan was not afraid too. She had Little Four. Everything could be found in his database. Little Four had been wandering around the virtual world all these years and even managed to download some secret information into his own database. If there was a question that Little Four couldn’t answer, it must be from another world.

The hover car that Ling Lan and He Xuyang was in was manually controlled. The person driving was Second Lieutenant He. Lan Luofeng thought that Ling Lan just needed to register to form a battle team so she let Second Lieutenant He to drive her dear daughter over to the location.

If she could, Lan Luofeng wanted to drive her daughter over personally. However, she knew that she couldn’t appear in the public together with Ling Lan. She also knew that Ling Lan would not be coming back. They had to resume their old life where she could only contact her daughter through a communicator. Ling Lan would be a normal soldier in the 23rd Division while she was the wife of the Regiment Commander. By right, they were strangers again.

Ling Xiao left in the morning to settle some things at the headquarters of the 23rd Division. He looked indifferent when he left the manor but when Ling Lan saw the He Xuyang waiting for her in the living room, she knew that her father was worried about her too. He just didn’t show it.

The hover car drove for more than an hour and He Xuyang talked for the entire journey. When they were reaching, Second Lieutenant He said, “Young Master Lan, we are almost at our destination.” The hover car slowed down as she spoke.

Ling Lan secretly heaved a sigh of relief. She didn’t expect her father’s adviser to be so good at nagging. If she was not patient enough, she might have knocked He Xuyang unconscious to stop him from talking.

Ling Lan saw a gate with high walls around it. She couldn’t see what was within the walls.

After some inspections, the hover car finally stopped on a vast plaza. When they were passing through the checkpoints, He Xuyang told Ling Lan that this was the secret base of the 23rd Division. Outsiders were only allowed in if the general gave his words.

“I don’t think that every new captain has the chance to clear their missions here.” Ling Lan glanced at He Xuyang coldly. If every captain came here, this place would be known by everyone. It would not be a secret base anymore.

He Xuyang felt an oppressive aura when Ling Lan looked at him. It was as though the person he was facing was not Ling Lan but General Ling Xiao. He hurriedly replied, “Of course. Outsiders would not be able to come here at all. However, General Ling Xiao was the one that arranged for you to come here.” If you have any opinions regarding this arrangement, please go and find the mastermind. Don’t harm innocent people like me.

“My father must have his reasons for making such arrangements.” Ling Lan retracted her gaze. She was clear how sly her father was. There was definitely something going on.

“Yes, yes…” He Xuyang nodded fervently. He wiped the cold sweat off his forehead when Ling Lan was not looking. Sob, who said that accompanying Young Master Lan was an easy task? He must find that person and pluck out all of his teeth.

He Xuyang managed to see Ling Lan’s real character so he didn’t dare to stay beside her any longer. He took out the acceptance letter that General Ling Xiao gave him and passed it to a soldier on duty. The soldier guided them to a slightly dilapidated warehouse. The warehouse was a distance away from the entrance so they took some time before they reached there.

He Xuyang looked at the soldier on duty with a puzzled expression. The soldier gave a forced smile and nodded firmly. This was the correct location.

He Xuyang and Ling Lan entered the warehouse. Before they could say anything, the soldier on duty disappeared.

The two of them looked at each other. There was no one to guide them so they look around themselves. Very soon, they found a person lying in a login pod.

“Brother, I have something to look for…” He Xuyang smiled as he knocked on the login pod. When someone knocked on the door of the login pod, the system would tell the person in the virtual world that someone was looking for him. This way, the person in the login pod would not be interrupted.

He Xuyang waited silently for three minutes before he lost his patience. He pressed the force-stop button on the login pod. The next moment, he heard the person inside the pod started to swear.

The door of the pod flew open and a middle-aged soldier with a beard glared at them. “Which idiot interrupted my competition?” His gaze landed on Ling Lan. Ling Lan raised her right hand and pointed at He Xuyang.

From the malevolent aura surrounding the soldier, he was definitely an expert in physical skills. Ling Lan didn’t want to offend such a person. Also, she was speaking the truth. He Xuyang was the one who pressed the force-stop button.

The middle-aged soldier looked towards He Xuyang. The anger on his face suddenly disappeared. He was stunned. He frowned and said impatiently, “He Xuyang, Adviser He, why are you here today?”

He glanced at Ling Lan again. Ling Lan was calm, decisive, and emotionless. He admired him. This kind of person was born to be a soldier.

However, when he looked at Ling Lan again, his expression changed. He immediately got serious.

He Xuyang felt depressed when Ling Lan betrayed him without any hesitation. Why was he so heartless? Did Young Master Lan forget that he was his companion?

He Xuyang was focused on expressing his displeasure so he missed the change of expression on the middle-aged soldier’s face. If he noticed it, he would be able to guess Ling Lan’s secret. He missed the chance to uncover the secret so he became one of the last people to know the truth.

He Xuyang was depressed for a moment but managed to regain his composure quickly. He said with a stern face, “Senior Colonel Mi, I have brought a recruit for registration.”

Senior Colonel Mi was elated when he heard this. He looked at Ling Lan excitedly and said, “Is this the recruit that the headquarters gave me?”

Senior Colonel Mi didn’t like recruits that came from the military academy. He felt that they were liked mass produced products from a factory. They were all good but not special. He preferred normal soldiers that started from the bottom. All the soldiers under him were people who fought their way to survive on the battlefield.

However, he was satisfied with this recruit and was willing to accept him into his team. He could see that the recruit’s physical skills were at the domain level. He was now the youngest person to have reached the domain level. But, his information was not in the database so this recruit must have hidden his true abilities.

As compared to those arrogant idiots who wanted everyone to know how good they were, he admired smart people who worked hard secretly and hid their true skills to fool their enemies. This kind of people was not only able to survive on the battlefield, but they would also be able to handle the struggle for power within the division as well. This recruit would have a bright future ahead of him.

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