It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 579

Chapter 579 Defeat

Lieutenant General Qi Yaoyang, the Sky God of the Federation. His mecha was a close-combat mecha and he was the strongest close-combat operator of the Federation. 20 years in the frontline of the battlefield, he was never defeated before.

To their enemies, Qi Yaoyang was known as BUG Yang. No matter what method they used, they were unable to win against him. Hence, the country border which Qi Yaoyang guarded was regarded as impregnable.

However, this was not what alarmed Senior Colonel Mi the most. He was surprised because Sky God was in the 3rd Division which was under the Third Marshal while General Ling Xiao was under the First Marshal. The Third Marshal and First Marshal were not on good terms with each other so the people under them were not close too.

If Ling Lan’s opponent was really Qi Yaoyang, did that mean that he was actually a spy from the First Marshal?

Senior Colonel Mi shivered uncontrollably. He felt that he just uncovered a huge secret. He swallowed and then muttered to himself, “I don’t know anything. I don’t know anything…”

Senior Colonel Mi was too shocked to think about why Ling Lan’s N-point Blockade exploded so Ling Lan managed to escape a round of questioning for now.

Ling Lan was someone who hid her true abilities well. Hence, she disguised her attacks too. In actual fact, the technique she used just now was not the N-point Blockade. It was a [S] rank technique known as the Consecutive Explosive Shooting. The bullet path for this technique was supposed to be straight but Ling Lan felt that this made the attack too obvious. The opponent would be able to see the attack and defend against it. This technique was also hard to master. If she spent so much time practicing a technique that didn’t work, she would be wasting her time.

Hence, she experimented with Little Four in the learning space and realized that the Consecutive Explosive Shooting could be combined with the N-point Blockade. They fine-tuned the attack and managed to shoot 6 consecutive shots. Ling Lan was unable to make the 7th shot. If she could, the Consecutive Explosive Shooting would have a stronger impact.

Ling Lan was not afraid of people questioning her technique. She had decided that if someone asked her about it, she would just say that her father taught her. Her father was a god-class mecha master, the only god-class mecha master that operated a balanced mecha. He could handle both short-range and long-range attacks.

Actually, Ling Lan wanted to create trouble for her father just like how he made things difficult for her. But, she would not tell anyone that.

In spite of her excellent operation, Ling Lan’s long-range combat skills ended here. Qi Yaoyang no longer gave her any chances to use her long-range skills. He twisted his mecha again and appeared in front of Ling Lan in the next second. It was a sudden but expected move.

Ling Lan reacted quickly and swept the beam gun towards Qi Yaoyang. Qi Yaoyang raised his sword slightly and blocked Ling Lan’s attack easily.

The friction from the two metal objects created sparks. In the dark universe, these sparks were extra striking.

“Clang.” The gun was slashed into two by the giant sword. This meant that Ling Lan had no long-range weapons anymore. She was only left with one choice: close-combat.

Ling Lan threw the broken beam gun at her opponent and grabbed her sword when her opponent was dodging the gun.

Ling Lan was unaffected by the fact that she couldn’t use her long-range attacks anymore. As compared to long-range attacks, she preferred close combat. Also, she had gotten the data Little Four and her wanted for the new skills so she had nothing to worry about now.

At the start, Ling Lan chose this balanced mecha because she wanted to get data for her new long-range attacks. This would allow her to understand what her flaws were and make the necessary changes. Techniques that had not been tested in a real battle were not proper techniques. In order to become a real ultimate sure-kill technique, it had to be revised and tested multiple times.

It had to be said that Ling Lan was a bold person. In such an important time, she didn’t forget to test out her shooting techniques.

After she finished her task, Ling Lan focused all of her attention on close combat.

The two mechas in the air started attacking each other vigorously.

Bang… sparks flew in the air as the two huge swords hit each other. Only the lingering shadows of the two mechas could be seen. They seemed to have merged with each other.

Suddenly, they each flew away. In that instant, they managed to hit each other.

The two mechas stabilized themselves. Qi Yaoyang shouted excitedly, “Good attack. Let’s continue!” Qi Yaoyang added 10 points for Ling Lan again. Both Ling Lan’s long-range and short-distance skills were amazing. She was just like her father, a perfect mecha master that had no weakness.

“Sure. I was thinking about that too!” The two of them didn’t care about the assessment anymore. They just wanted to fight with each other.

Senior Colonel Mi shook his head as he looked at the two crazy people fighting against each other.

By now, he was certain that Ling Lan’s opponent was Qi Yaoyang. Only Qi Yaoyang could execute such crazy attacks. His style was too unique so it was easy to recognize him. Senior Colonel Mi didn’t expect the calm and composed Ling Lan to be so vicious in a close-combat. Her style didn’t resemble like General Ling Xiao at all. Her style leaned more towards Qi Yaoyang.

Senior Colonel Mi then recalled the gentle presence that the general had and was enlightened. The general might not be who he seemed to be.

Ling Lan’s experience in mecha combat was still lesser as compared to Qi Yaoyang. In the end, Qi Yaoyang managed to make use of a small flaw that appeared on Ling Lan’s end and knocked her sword away.

“It had ended!” Qi Yaoyang stabbed into Ling Lan’s cockpit.

“It had ended!” Ling Lan smiled. She returned to the atrium in the combat hall instantly after she was hit.

Qi Yaoyang appeared the next second. He looked at Ling Lan with a complicated expression. After a few moments of silence, he asked, “Did you purposely show me that flaw?”

Ling Lan replied innocently, “What? Why would I purposely lose to you?”

He didn’t? Then why was his reaction so calm? He seemed to have calculated all his moves. Qi Yaoyang recalled how Ling Lan’s mecha’s right hand suddenly turned after he stabbed his cockpit and a thin sword appeared in the hand. The sword silently pierced into his cockpit.

The mainframe announced that he attacked him first so his attack was invalid. If it was a real battle, he might be the one that lost.

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