It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 590

Chapter 590 Ice Spirit

Chapter 590: Ice Spirit!

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Xu Eleven saw the beam coming but he gritted his teeth and didn’t dodge it. He hastened his pace in equipping the device onto his beam gun. He knew that this was his only chance.

“Click.” The device was equipped onto his gun.

At almost the same moment, the beam hit Xu Eleven’s mecha and used up all the energy of the beam shield. Just as his mecha was about to explode, Xu Eleven forcefully operated his mecha and escaped.

Within the second that Ling Lan’s beam shot hit Xu Eleven, he escaped.

“Such good luck.” Ling Lan pouted with pity. If her opponent was just a little slower, the beam would penetrate the beam shield and destroy the mecha.

Since her opponent was willing to take the blow of her beam shot to equip his weapon, it must be a powerful weapon. She spoke in the team channel instantly, “The Flying Dragon Special Forces team is going to give it their all now. Be careful.”

The moment she finished, she recalled that her team members were all powerful operators from the special forces. They were not her like her companions. They didn’t need her reminder. Ling Lan felt a little speechless about herself.

She thought that no one would reply to her. However, a few voices shouted in the team channel, “Understand!”

Ling Lan could differentiate them based on their voices. The confident voice belonged to Domineering Blade. The cold voice belonged to Ice Spirit. The slightly husky one was Crazy Warrior and the calmed one belonged to Devil Blade. The one that sounded unnatural was Divine Blade.

Ling Lan frowned slightly. “Little Four, give me Divine Blade’s location.”

“Yes, boss.” Little Four didn’t interrupt Ling Lan because he knew that Ling Lan wanted to fight this battle with her own abilities. However, if Ling Lan had any orders for him, he would still carry out the orders.

In a blink of an eye, a small window appeared on Ling Lan’s left. Divine Blade and his opponent, Ya Ten, appeared on the screen. Their location was shown at the bottom.

After the members of the Flying Dragon Special Forces team finished preparing their weapons, they fired their ultimate technique together.

Wei Nine’s mecha had an exponential increase in its speed. Within a split second, it appeared right in front of Ice Spirit. Ice Spirit was prepared for an attack but the unexpected increased in speed still caught her off her guard.

“Explosive Dual Dragon!” Wei Nine shouted in his cockpit. His hand speed reached his maximum and his fingers almost disappeared. Smoke started appearing on the control panel due to the friction between the panel and his fingers.

The two swords in his mecha’s hand started spinning furiously as they struck towards Ice Spirit.

Ice Spirit instinctively wanted to dodge but she felt a strong force sucking her mecha to the ground. No matter how hard she powered up her engine, she was unable to move.

Ice Spirit didn’t know why this was happening but it must be related to her opponent’s attack. Since she couldn’t run away, she had to defend herself.

Ice Spirit reached her maximum hand speed too. Her mecha grabbed her sword with both hands and made a weird movement. Then, she swung the sword at her opponent.

“Ice.True.Whirlwind Strike!” After many years of practicing the Whirlwind Strike, Ice Spirit had modified the technique and created a [SS] rank battle technique from it. This battle technique was more powerful than the original Whirlwind Strike. It was recognized by the military and she had the honor of using part of her nickname to name the battle technique.

Using her name was not the greatest honor. The greatest honor was the word ‘true’. This word meant that she had understood the true essence of the technique and hence, her modified battle technique was able to unleash the true and ultimate potential of the technique.

Two powerful forces collided. The energy from the collision destroyed their beam shields. It exceeded the maximum resistance capacity of their engine so both their engines stopped working. Two mechas fell towards the ground. One of them slammed into the battle arena and formed a huge hole in the ground. The other mecha managed to activate its engine just before it reached the ground so it skidded and created a deep line.

Wei Nine was astounded. Luckily, his mecha’s engine was modified. It managed to activate itself at the last moment. He didn’t expect his opponent to tackle his ultimate technique with a basic [B] rank technique. What’s more, his opponent succeeded in blocking his attack.

Wei Nine heaved a sigh of relief. At least his opponent got slammed into the ground. The mecha must be destroyed by now, right? He looked at the number of people remaining in the battle. There were still 6 people in their opponent team.

His opponent was not dead yet? Wei Nine was stunned. However, he regained his composure quickly. He believed that even if his opponent was not dead, she would be heavily injured. There was no possibility of her fighting with him again. He decided to kill his opponent to make himself at ease.

Wei Nine had maximized his engine’s capacity so he decided to run over without caring about the energy usage. He operated his mecha and it started running noisily. Once he was 50 meters away from his opponent, he kicked against the ground and his mecha leaped up. He grabbed the double sword in his hand and aimed it towards his opponent’s cockpit.

Ice Spirit felt the blood in her mouth. She looked at the data in the mainframe and knew that she couldn’t hold on for long. She forced herself to stay conscious because she was unwilling to be defeated just like this.

Since she was already here and managed to have such a long fight with the members of the Flying Dragon Special Forces, she must drag someone down with her.

The 23rd Division was a new division that formed not long ago. The members in the division came from various divisions but they all had one thing in common. They admired General Ling Xiao. Hence, their loyalty to the 23rd Division was as strong as the members of the other special forces.

Last time, when they went out to complete their mission, the soldiers from other divisions would jeer at them. They looked down on this division which was formed by members from various other divisions. This angered the members of the 23rd Division. They didn’t want to lose to other people and didn’t want to bring shame to General Ling Xiao too. They were unwilling to lose, even if their opponent was the Flying Dragon Special Forces.

Hence, when Ice Spirit saw Wei Nine coming down on her, she smiled. She cursed for the first time. Then, she used all her energy and gave her last order to the mecha.

Ice Spirit’s mecha suddenly raised its legs. It managed to kick the two giant swords that were aimed at its cockpit. This action revealed the giant sword hidden under its legs. Ice Spirit grabbed the sword and stabbed it at Wei Nine forcefully.

Wei Nine didn’t expect this retaliation at all. He was not prepared for it so he couldn’t react in time. All he felt was excruciating pain in his heart. The next second, he left the virtual world.

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