It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 592

Chapter 592 1 Versus 1

At this moment, Crazy Warrior and Jiao Thirteen died. Jiao Thirteen’s mecha was filled with nozzles. Bullets shot out from all the nozzles. However, Crazy Warrior didn’t dodge. He rushed forward and grabbed his opponent. As the bullets pierced through his mecha, he activated the self-destruct device in his hand.

This was the most tragic battle. It also showed how powerful the members of the Flying Dragon Special Forces was. Even as a newcomer, once he activated his ultimate technique, Crazy Warrior had no other way but to self-destruct and die with his opponent.

However, Crazy Warrior was not depressed. In fact, he was extremely satisfied with himself. He had been rejected by the Flying Dragon Special Forces before. However, he was able to drag a member of the Flying Dragon Special Forces down with him in a battle. He proved to himself that he was not any worse than them.

Lin Five’s fight with Domineering Blade and Devil Blade ended the moment Crazy Warrior self-destruct. Lin Five got seriously injured but he still managed to defeat his opponents. Ling Lan just killed Ya Ten so she was unable to lend a helping hand in time.

When Lin Five took out another giant sword and combined the two swords in his hands, Domineering Blade knew that things were getting out of control.

Domineering Blade immediately rushed towards Lin Five. He wanted to prevent Lin Five from using his technique. Domineering Blade knew that for long weapons like this, he needed to shorten the distance between the weapon and him. The further he was, the more powerful the impact of the weapon.

Domineering Blade made the right decision but Lin Five was too strong. His mecha piloting skills were better than Domineering Blade so he knew what Domineering Blade wanted to do the moment he moved.

He controlled his mecha and retreated to the side. In a flash, he had distanced himself away from Domineering Blade. The modified mechas were much faster than the mechas on Ling Lan’s team. No matter how fast Domineering Blade flew, he couldn’t do anything.

Lin Five got the distance that he wanted and started spinning the long weapon in his hand. Domineering Blade felt the huge force coming from the weapon as it twirled in the air. He gritted his teeth and continued flying towards his opponent.

His opponent was going to launch his ultimate move. He needed to stop him.

“Dragon Head Flash.” Lin Five raised his weapon and struck it towards Domineering Blade.

“Boom!” A huge sound rang through the combat arena. Domineering Blade felt numb. His mecha flew out the next moment.

Lin Five continued his attack after his first success. He wielded his long weapon and aimed it at Domineering Blade again.

“Bang!” Devil Blade saw the danger Domineering Blade was in and fired a shot without any hesitation.

Lin Five paused his attack and swept his weapon towards the bullet. An explosion occurred in mid-air. Lin Five had stopped Devil Blade’s attack with his weapon.

“Devil Blade, move!” Domineering Blade shouted in fear in their team channel.

Devil Blade got a shock. Before he could understand what Domineering Blade meant, a huge explosion sounded beside his ear. Pain rushed through his body and he became unconscious.

After he slowly regained his consciousness, he saw Senior Colonel Mi, Ice Spirit, and Divine Blade looking at him with concern. They all seemed agitated.

“Did you lose?” He heard them asking someone.

“No. Mutual destruction.” A happy voice answered them. Devil Blade turned his head. Crazy Warrior was standing beside him. He must have exited the match around the same time as him.

“What about you?” Senior Colonel Mi smiled when he heard what Crazy Warrior said. He turned and directed his question at Devil Blade.

Devil Blade shook his head. He didn’t know what happened. All he heard was Domineering Blade asking him to move. Before he could react, he died. He was still in a daze.

Senior Colonel Mi’s expression changed. He wanted to probe further but other person appeared in front of him.

Domineering Blade wore a gloomy expression. Senior Colonel Mi felt his heart dropped. “Did you lose?”

Domineering Blade nodded helplessly. “Yes, I wanted to self-destruct and kill my opponent at the same time but he is stronger than me.” If Devil Blade didn’t fire that shot just now, he might have died long ago. The Flying Dragon Special Forces was indeed a place filled with strong people. Maybe he should go in and take a look.

Domineering Blade was considered a powerful existence in the division. There were very few people who could compete with him. Hence, if he wanted to upgrade himself, he either had to go through more life-or-death experiences in the battlefield or find someone as strong as him to have a fight. During the fight, he might find the opportunity to breakthrough. This was the reason why the powerful mecha operators wanted to enter the Flying Dragon Special Forces. This was the place where they could improve their skills.

Devil Blade saw Domineering Blade and sounded his query. “Domineering Blade, why did you ask me to move just now?”

Domineering Blade gave a bitter smile. “I was close to him so I saw what he was trying to do. The explosion that occurred when he stopped your bullet blocked your view. He made use of this chance and took out his beam gun.”

“Isn’t he operating a close-combat mecha?” Devil Blade had a look of disbelief. If he knew beforehand, he would have made the necessary precautions.

“His mecha has been modified. It is hard to predict the nature of a modified mecha.” Domineering Blade sighed. No matter what, Devil Blade’s oversight caused him to lose the battle.

“However, I got the chance to use my ultimate technique when he was focused on you. Unfortunately, he was stronger than me so I lost.” Domineering Blade smiled. “However, he was heavily injured too. If Ling Lan doesn’t make any mistakes, he could take him down.”

Domineering Blade knew that only Ling Lan and Lin Five was left in the battle arena now. He felt that Ling Lan would win.

“Can Ling Lan do it? He is still a newbie,” Divine Blade said worriedly.

Domineering Blade gave him a curious look. “Newbie? He defeated the person that killed you.”

Domineering Blade got killed after Divine Blade so he saw Divine Blade’s fight when he replayed his match.

Divine Blade felt humiliated. However, it was the truth. Domineering Blade would not lie to him. Divine Blade felt his face turning hot. The opponent that killed him easily was defeated by a newbie.

On the contrary, Senior Colonel Mi was elated when he heard what Domineering Blade said. If they won this match, no one would laugh at him when he returned to the Bladed Special Ops Team.

No one spoke after this. They waited patiently for the final results.

After Ling Lan killed Ya Ten, she wanted to rush and help her teammates. But, she noticed the change in the numbers on the right screen. It had changed from 4:2 to 1:1

Was she the only one left? Who was left in her opponent’s team? Ling Lan remained calm. She minimized the screen and saw the broken mecha that was floating in the air.

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