It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 601

Chapter 601 Daydream?

Li Lanfeng and Zhao Jun’s statement caused Shen Rufei’s expression to change suddenly. “What? You two are from Lingtian too?”

Shen Rufei’s words woke the other people up from their stupor. They realized that it was not an illusion. Li Lanfeng and Zhao Jun were really from the Lingtian Battle Team. How could this be true? There were no such team in the 23rd Division. Did their captain went to another division? However, only people from the same division could form a team…

Everyone was puzzled. They didn’t know if Li Lanfeng and Zhao Jun said this because they wanted to stand up for their junior brothers or was there really such a team.

Over these years, Zhao Jun and Li Lanfeng rejected all the invites from various battle teams because they wanted to prove their loyalty to the Nameless Battle Team. This was why the captain of the Nameless Battle Team took two of them in.

Shen Rufei was shocked. Zhao Jun and Li Lanfeng had no intention of replying to him. Li Lanfeng smiled mysteriously at him while Zhao Jun walked towards him slowly with the chair leg in his hand.

Although Shen Rufei was the commander of the Mecha Clan and was an ace mecha master, his physical skills was only at the higher-tier of Qi-Jin level. Zhao Jun was at the peak-level of Qi-Jin. He could subdue Shen Rufei easily all by himself.

Shen Rufei knew that he was unable to defeat Zhao Jun too. Cold sweat formed on his forehead. He started to regret coming to this place. He should have sent someone over. That way, even if the recruits rejected him, he would not be in such a difficult position.

Would he be embarrassed just like this? Shen Rufei could almost see his future. He would be condemned by everyone in the 23rd Division and would never be able to raise his head again. He regained his senses and shouted immediately, “There is no Lingtian Battle Team in the 23rd Division. Don’t try to lie your way through. Zhao Jun, you have no right to challenge me.” He turned to look at the logistics commander standing beside the registration counter. “What are you doing? Shouldn’t you do something about him? He is trying to take revenge on me by saying such lies.”

The logistics commander didn’t want to take part in the affairs of these officers. Most of these officers had a higher rank than him. However, he was not given any chances to stay out of the dispute.

The logistics commander looked at one of his staff members helplessly. The staff member instantly check his computer and shook his head thereafter. There was no Lingtian Battle Team registered in the system. Zhao Jun didn’t have the right to launch an armed melee challenge at Shen Rufei.

The logistics commander coughed and said, “Major Zhao Jun, Major Li Lanfeng, I am sorry. There is no such battle team in the system. You do not have the right to challenge Senior Colonel Shen Rufei.”

He talked calmly but in his heart, he was crying. These two people were both stronger than him. How could he stop them?

Shen Rufei heaved a sigh of relief when he heard what the logistics commander said. But, he soon got angry again. “Zhao Jun, how dare you humiliate me like this…”

“Are you angry? Challenge me to an armed melee challenge then!” Zhao Jun raised his eyebrows in disdain. From the moment Shen Rufei humiliated Lingtian, their relationship was set. They would never be able to peacefully interact with one another. No matter how strong Shen Rufei’s background was, Zhao Jun was not afraid. He had Ling Lan.

I feel so happy that boss was the son of General Ling Xiao. Zhao Jun finally understood how convenient it was to have a powerful father. Huh? Why am I thinking this way? I used to hate all the second generation of powerful people. Zhao Jun didn’t expect himself to change so much. He was even happy that he had such a powerful friend…

Zhao Jun silently reprimanded himself. Then, he continued glaring at Shen Rufei. What can you do to me? Can you hit me?

Shen Rufei almost exploded when he saw Zhao Jun’s expression. Many officers disliked Shen Rufei so they sneered at him secretly when they heard what Zhao Jun said. They admired how bold Zhao Jun was. If it was them, they would never have the guts to stand up to Shen Rufei.

By right, Shen Rufei didn’t have the capabilities to become the commanding officer of a Mecha Clan. He just had a powerful background. Hence, even if many people didn’t like him, they could only keep it in their hearts. This was why no one said anything even though they saw the flaw in Zhao Jun’s armed melee challenge just now.

Shen Rufei seriously wanted to hit this Major standing in front of him. But, he was weaker than Zhao Jun. He had no choice but to swallow his frustration. His face turned hideous.

Everyone saw Shen Rufei’s expression and started to worry for Zhao Jun. Those that knew Shen Rufei well knew that he would definitely do something behind the back to Zhao Jun. However, Zhao Jun had the Nameless Battle Team behind him. The Nameless Battle Team would be able to protect him.

“Dingdong~” The clock on the wall rang. Shen Rufei scanned the recruits with cold eyes. They were the ones who caused everything. If they accepted his request right from the start, none of these events would have happened.

Shen Rufei had already decided that he would not let Qi Long and his friends off. He said in a vicious tone, “There is only one hour left. Prepare to enter my Mecha Clan.”

Qi Long and his friends were not affected by the words at all. Only Li Yingjie’s face changed. Qi Long had Ling Lan but he had no one. He really didn’t have a team. Would he land in Shen Rufei’s hands?

Just as Li Yingjie was distraught, a handsome young man appeared at the door and attracted everyone’s attention. This was because he wasn’t wearing the military uniform. He only had a white doctor’s gown on him.

Those who knew about the different uniforms in the military would know that this person was a high-ranking professional military doctor. Not everyone could wear the doctor’s white gown out of the hospital. Only professional doctors with many achievements could wear it outside.

Everyone tensed up when they saw this person.

Only Li Yingjie felt elated to see him.

This person scanned his surroundings. He then saw Zhao Jun and Li Lanfeng and quickly walked towards them. This person was none other that the famous military doctor, Li Shiyu. Many middle-rank officers didn’t like him but they didn’t dare to offend him too.

“Is there still no news?” He was supposed to come with Zhao Jun and Li Lanfeng but an emergency patient was sent in. Thus, he was dragged by the dean of the hospital to the surgery room. The dean didn’t have the confidence to perform the surgery so he wanted Li Shiyu to do it instead. Li Shiyu had no choice but to perform the surgery. He rushed here immediately after he finished the surgery so he didn’t have the time to change.

Li Lanfeng shook his head. Li Shiyu was worried. “Do you think that our boss will…” He didn’t manage to finish his sentence. He wanted to ask whether Ling Lan would fail the missions but he felt that Ling Lan would not fail if he set his mind to it. However, when he heard that no recruits ever succeeded in forming a team. This made him nervous. He wanted to believe in Ling Lan but he couldn’t stop thinking about the slim chance that he might fail.

“No. He will succeed,” Li Lanfeng said firmly. He knew Ling Lan well. He would only do things only if he was confident that he would succeed.

Li Lanfeng turned and said to Qi Long and the other people, “Go and register first. We can wait for the good news from your boss after that.”

Qi Long and the others nodded and went to register. He felt the same way as Li Lanfeng. He knew that his boss would succeed. Hence, it doesn’t matter if he register first. He just needed to enter the battle team before the registration period ended.

While Qi Long and the others went to register, Li Yingjie and his men were perturbed. If they didn’t have a team by the end of the registration period, they would be randomly allocated to different teams by the mainframe. They were used to following Li Yingjie and were afraid of being alone.

They grabbed Li Yingjie and wanted to get an answer from him.

Li Yingjie kicked them angrily. “I don’t know what to do too. You all can still live happily in other battle teams. However, I will probably land in his hands. I don’t even know how long I can live under him.” He raised his chin and signaled at Shen Rufei. His own situation was worse than his men.

“What shall we do?” His men suddenly remembered Li Yingjie’s plight and became depressed. From the Scout Academy till now, they had always been together. They offended a lot of people and created troubles together. They had a good relationship with each other so they were worried for Li Yingjie.

“Leader, why don’t you join boss’s battle team?” Someone suggested to Li Yingjie.

“Huh? Be under Ling Lan? No way. I am an arrogant person. How can I do that?” Li Yingjie shook his head furiously.

He didn’t notice that his men were staring at him sarcastically. You have already bowed down to boss in your heart. Why are you still being tough on the outside.

However, since they had been friends for so many years, they decided to not expose Li Yingjie lie. They looked at each other and decided to persuade their leader for the sake of his future.

“Leader, this is a plan,” One of his men said.

“Plan?” Li Yingjie blinked in confusion.

“You can make use of our boss to overcome the current obstacle first. If you want to form your own battle team next time, we will join you,” The person started his persuasion.

“You can do this too?” Li Yingjie was moved. He had been suppressed by Ling Lan all these years. If he could scheme against him once, it would be a sweet revenge for him. This idea was amazing!

“Of course. Ace operators have the right to leave their team and form their own battle team…” The person continued. He remembered that when a soldier became an ace operator, they would be given this option. However, he didn’t know if people who were already ace operators before entering a battle team would be given this option as well. But, his leader definitely would not notice this loophole as he was not a meticulous person.

As expected, Li Yingjie nodded. He liked this idea very much.

His men saw hope and quickly came together and continued to persuade him. Li Yingjie got swayed and decided to join the Lingtian Battle Team to solve his current situation first.

When Li Shiyu looked over, he saw his cousin, Li Yingjie, waving at him. They were never on good terms with each other so he was surprised by Li Yingjie’s actions. What is happening? Li Shiyu walked over curiously and asked in a low voice, “What?”

“Erm…” Li Yingjie didn’t know how to talk to his cousin.

“You don’t want to say? Forget it then.” Li Shiyu glanced at him and prepared to walk away. Because of his eldest cousin brother, his relationship with this little cousin was not good. It was already rare that he came over to take a look at him. He was not going to beg him to tell him anything if he wasn’t saying anything.

Before he could walk further, he felt something pulling on his white robe.

Li Shiyu glanced coldly at the hand on his robe. “Let go!”

“No!” Li Yingjie looked up at him stubbornly.

Li Shiyu tried to pull his clothes away but Li Yingjie grabbed them tightly. He felt that if he forced Li Yingjie to let go, his white robe might get torn in the process. A new robe would cost him money…

Li Shiyu was influenced by Lin Zhong-qing and learned how to save money because of him. He controlled his anger and forced the words out of his mouth. “I will give you one more chance. What do you want to say?”

Li Yingjie knew that this was his last opportunity. He quickly said, “Can you help me to tell Boss Lan that I want to join the Lingtian Battle Team?”

Li Yingjie dug his ears. “What did you say?” Did he hear wrong? The arrogant and proud Li Yingjie wanted to join his boss voluntarily? Did the sun rise from the West today?

Li Shiyu’s expression angered Li Yingjie. “I said that I want to join the Lingtian Battle Team. Can you help me ask boss about this? Can you hear me now?”

Li Yingjie’s men covered their faces with their palms simultaneously. This was not their leader. Yes, he was not their leader. From now on, their leader would be Ling Lan. Li Yingjie’s men felt that they had made a wise decision.

Li Yingjie saw that everyone in the atrium was staring at him and immediately blushed. He looked at Li Shiyu and seemed to be complaining to him with his eyes: Brother, how can you tease me like this!

For the first time, Li Shiyu actually felt that Li Yingjie was cute. He couldn’t help but rub Li Yingjie’s head. “I know. I will ask the boss for you.”

“Don’t rub my head you bastard.” Li Yingjie quickly slapped Li Shiyu’s hand away. Why are you rubbing my head? Am I a child?!

“Okay, I will not rub it. You haven’t registered yet, right? Hurry up and register first. If you don’t register now, you will miss your chance to enter the boss’s team after he forms it.” This was the first time Li Shiyu treated Li Yingjie as a little brother. He happily coaxed this new little brother of his.

Li Yingjie felt that his brother was right. He decided to forgive his brother. He obediently went to the staff member and registered his information.

Li Lanfeng looked at Li Shiyu and Li Yingjie’s interaction and his eyes dimmed. He seemed to be in deep thought.

The two brother’s interaction also caused someone to explode. That person was Shen Rufei.

By now, he knew that Li Yingjie didn’t have any battle team. Yet, he still dared to reject him and even blatantly looked for battle teams to join right in front of him. This was utter humiliation. He was being stepped on by this recruit.

Shen Rufei forgot that he never asked Li Yingjie anything at all. All he did was keep quiet when Qi Long rejected him. Shen Rufei didn’t have the intention to let Qi Long and his friends off at the start but now, he was furious.

He looked up and laughed. He said with contempt, “Hahaha… Your boss must be the new recruit who defeated Lian Shaojing, right? A recruit forming a battle team? What kind of daydream is this? You all will never succeed. In the end, you all will still come into my Mecha Clan. I will let you all know what is the consequences for humiliating a senior officer!” By the time he finished speaking, murderous intent in his eyes were apparent.

Shen Rufei was not a stupid person. He inferred some truth from the conversation between the Li brothers. He also guessed their captain from the conversation. No wonder Qi Long said that their team might appear later. However, would the recruit succeed in forming his battle team?

Everyone sighed. No recruit ever formed a team before. Even General Ling Xiao did it in his second year in the military…

“What consequences are you talking about?” A cold voice sounded beside Shen Rufei.

Shen Rufei got a shock. He raised his head and saw a person with a cold aura standing beside him.

“Who are you?” Shen Rufei exclaimed in surprise.

“Me?” The person looked at him indifferently. “I am just a daydreamer.”

“Ling Lan!” Shen Rufei’s face changed. The person who defeated Lian Shaojing had appeared!

“Boss!” When Ling Lan appeared, Qi Long and his friends were elated.

Li Lanfeng stared at Ling Lan intently. The three years apart made him realize how much he misses him.

Ling Lan noticed Li Lanfeng’s intense gaze and nodded at him.

Li Lanfeng understood what Ling Lan meant. He was surprised, elated, proud, and amazed. His rabbit was indeed the most powerful person he knew. He never disappointed him.

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