It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 610

Chapter 610 Confusion

“Based on the might of the attack just now, their strengths are similar. It might take a while before someone wins,” The gentle voice analyzed.

“I agree.”

“Boss, what shall we do now?” A new voice sounded. Someone else came.

Liu Fuquan had calmed down but he realized that there were many people standing on the roof above him.

“Bang.” Someone landed on the roof again. “Chang Xinyuan, why do you need an equipment to help you climb a roof. You need to practice your physical skills more.”

The person called Chang Xinyuan panted. He said in a depressed tone, “Is Refinement weak? I don’t want to compare myself with monsters like you all. Right, Little Sister Luo Chao?”

A sweet and gentle voice replied him, “Big Brother Chang, don’t be sad. We will work hard together and advance to Qi-Jin level soon.” The girl didn’t understand what Chang Xinyuan was trying to convey and unintentionally hurt Chang Xinyuan’s feelings again.

Chang Xinyuan shouted in displeasure, “Little sister Luo Chao, you…” The people around them laughed loudly.    You’re reading on  B oxnovel.c om .Tks!

Liu Fuquan frowned. These people were making too much of a commotion. The regiment commander would notice them soon.

As expected, the commander looked up towards the roof and shouted, “Who are you?”

Ling Lan glanced at Li Lanfeng. Li Lanfeng jumped down and landed in front of the regiment commander. He saluted and replied, “Regiment Commander, Lingtian Battle Team reporting.”

“Lingtian Battle Team?” The commander was stunned for a moment. Then, he remembered something. He looked at his communicator and realized that there was a message from the 23rd Division headquarters.

He lowered his head to hide his expression. Why did the headquarters give him this batch of recruits? Was it just a coincidence? Did the mainframe made a mistake?

He turned off his communicator. When he raised his head, he was smiling. “Welcome. All of you are the first batch of recruits ever since the formation of 250 Mecha Clan.” He pretended to be elated. “I knew that the 23rd Division had not given up on us. They even sent us the best recruits.”

Li Lanfeng smiled and replied politely, “You are being too courteous.”

The commander looked at Li Lanfeng carefully. He noticed that his uniform and rank was not that of a recruit. This person was not a recruit. The regiment commander became vigilant again. He felt that these people came with a motive.

“You don’t look like a recruit.” The commander pointed at Li Lanfeng’s shoulder and smiled strangely.

Li Lanfeng nodded. “Yes. The captain of our battle team came this year so we decided to follow him again.”

“Your captain must be a powerful person.” The commander appeared to have made a casual comment.

In order to become a major, this soldier must have been exceptional in a certain field. For instance, he might be an ace mecha master, a mecha engineer, a deputy captain of an interstellar force, or someone who had gained many military achievements. Whatever it was, this person was not a normal soldier.

“We grew up together and we had a strong relationship with each other. Hence, we decided to stay together in the military,” since the commander asked casually, Li Lanfeng replied with half the truth.

The commander narrowed his eyes. Li Lanfeng appeared to have answered him but no real information about their captain was given. He still didn’t know what qualities the captain had that made such a powerful soldier to follow him.

“Is your captain not going to come down?” Since he couldn’t get anything out of this Major, he should just find the captain directly.

Li Lanfeng smiled and waved towards the roof. His expression seemed relaxed and there was no respect in his actions. The commander wondered if this Major and the captain really grew up together.

Qi Long was unhappy at Li Lanfeng. “Why did you come down so quickly? Can you let me finish my fight first?” His attitude was even worse than Li Yingjie.

Li Lanfeng’s face turned cold. He slapped Qi Long’s forehead. “What are you saying? Apologise to the regiment commander now.”

He then turned to the regiment commander and explained politely, “Regiment Commander, this is Qi Long. He has been like this ever since young. Whenever he sees someone powerful, he wants to fight with them no matter what rank they are. He created many troubles for us. Please forgive him.”

Qi Long touched his forehead in displeasure. This Li Lanfeng wanted to hit him again but Qi Long instantly replied, “I know,I know. I will apologize. Regiment commander, I’m sorry.”

Li Lanfeng, I will get my revenge later! Qi Long gritted his teeth. Not just anyone could touch his forehead. Only his boss could do it.

The commander had no choice but to smile and forgive him. “It is okay. It is good to have a lively character in the team.” After what Li Lanfeng said, he didn’t have any reason to teach this recruit a lesson even though he wanted to.

Ling Lan heard the entire conversation between Li Lanfeng and the regiment commander. He knew that Li Lanfeng wanted to confuse the regiment commander so she ordered the people beside her, “Those that are on Qi-Jin level, suppress it to Refinement.”

Ling Lan taught all her team members from the original Lingtian Battle Clan how to suppress their physical skills. It was not difficult. As for its effectiveness, Ling Lan expressed that things which came from the learning space were of high-quality.

It was different from the practice of Qi-Jin in this world. As long as their opponent was not in the domain realm, they would not be exposed. Even if their enemy was in the domain realm, they could fool him if they were careful enough. As for Ling Lan’s level, only her master, Mu Shui-qing, would be able to see through her.

Ling Lan suspected that her master had reached the God-Realm. A God-Realm master would be able to use their own bodies to fight toe to toe with a god-class mecha. That was how powerful a God-Realm master was.

The people here were all smart people. Luo Lang. Xie Yi, Zhao Jun, Han Jijyun, Lin Zhong-qing immediately suppressed their physical skills. Only Li Yingjie didn’t learn this skill before. Ling Lan saw hurt and blame in his eyes.

Erm… this person was not her responsibility, right? Ling Lan glanced at Li Shiyu. She wanted Li Shiyu to take care of his baby brother.

Li Shiyu smiled and pointed at the battle team’s totem on their chest. Li Yingjie was her team member…

Ling Lan turned her head and ignored this sly Li Shiyu. Li Shiyu used to be a cute and innocent boy in the military academy. What made him change so much?

She looked at Li Lanfeng. He was the culprit. Li Shiyu must have been influenced by him.

Li Lanfeng suddenly felt a chill down his spine. He looked up towards his captain who had a slight frown on his face. He looked quite scary.

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