It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 611

Chapter 611 This Is The Dorm?

Ling Lan came down with her team members. He felt Ling Lan’s cold aura. The regiment commander turned to look st Qi Long. He seemed to be in the mid-stage of Qi-Jin. However, he would not be able to become the captain based on his character…

The regiment commander seemed to have found the reason why Qi Long wasn’t the captain. He let down some of his vigilance. But, he knew that he still had to observe them to figure out if they were really harmless.

The regiment commander brought them to his office to finish the registration process. Then, he gave them the address of their accommodation. They were not staying in the building which they were at just now. Their accommodation was in another direction. This building only had three levels.

The regiment commander passed them a map and reminded them of the meal times. Ling Lan saw that there was still some time before their meal so she decided to bring her members to their dormitory first.

The dormitory was a little far away. They had to walk pass half the military base in order to reach their dormitory from the canteen. The building where they met the regiment commander was at the center of the military base. It was close to all the important places in the base and had enough empty rooms to house them.

Seemed like their regiment commander was guarding against them. The 250 Mecha Clan was a forsaken team but the waters inside were deep.

When they reached their dormitory, everyone was stunned.

“This is the place that we will be staying at?” An old and dusty gate welcomed them. The path and sentry tower was covered with a layer of dust too. There were even broken stones and tiles thrown around the sides of the gate. It looked as though this place hadn’t been used since it was built.

“Yes,” Ling Lan compared the map and told her team members the painful truth.

Li Lanfeng walked up and pushed opened a small window on the door. A screen was revealed. He pressed the on button and the screen lit up.

“There is electricity. It is not too bad.” Li Lanfeng said, “What is the passcode?”

Han Jijyun thought about something and replied, “Li Lanfeng, what is your passcode?” When they were distributing their rooms, each of them were given a passcode. They thought that it was the passcode to their rooms but from the looks of it, it might not be the case.

“9977198.” Li Lanfeng was enlightened. He had a strong spiritual power causing him to a photographic memory.

“Mine is the same,” Han Jijyun immediately replied.

“The passcode that we received is not our room passcode but the passcode for the main gate.” Li Lanfeng entered the numbers. The door opened.

Everyone walked in and realized that the environment inside was not bad. It was just dusty. Their footprints could be clearly seen on the dusty floor.

The team members started looking around.

“There is a vacuum cleaner here.” Luo Lang found one vacuum cleaner.

“There is another one here.” Lin Zhong-qing found one too.

No others were found. Luo Lang and Lin Zhong-qing took the vacuum cleaners out. Vacuum cleaners were an essential item to the Federation but the ones in the mecha clans were more advanced.

However, passcodes were needed to operate the vacuum cleaners. No one knew what the passcodes were.

“Do we need to go the the logistics department and ask them to send someone over?” Luo Lang said in a depressed tone.

“No need,” Han Jijyun and Li Lanfeng replied simultaneously.

Everyone looked at the two of them. Li Lanfeng smiled and signaled for Han Jijyun to explain to them. Han Jijyun went straight to the point. “Use the passcode for the main gate.”

Luo Lang didn’t understand them but he followed what Han Jiyun said. “Beep.” The vacuum cleaners got activated and it started cleaning the courtyard.

After they finished tidying the courtyard, they went up the building. By now, they knew that they were the only ones in this building.

There were three levels in the building and 18 rooms that were of different sizes. Everyone discussed and decided to live together on the third level.

As for the other two levels, they would leave it for later use. Since they were the only ones in the building, they took it as their headquarters and wanted to make it as comfortable as they could.

Chang Xinyuan was already prepared to show his true talent. As an outstanding mecha engineer, his expertise was at modification.

Even Li Shiyu wanted to make one of the rooms his personal laboratory…

As there were many rooms, they did not have to squeeze 6 people in a single room. Of course, people that were close to each other chose to stay together. The only two females, Luo Chao and Han Xuya, stayed together.

Zhao Jun and Li Lanfeng stayed together. They lived together in the Nameless Battle Team so they decided to continue to stay together.

Li Yingjie pestered Li Shiyu and wanted to stay with him. Li Shiyu was the only person he was familiar with in the entire Lingtian Battle Team. He held onto him tightly. Li Shiyu decided to bear with him since he was his little brother.

Only Gao Jinyun and his friends decided to live together as six people in a single room. They were used to staying together.

Besides Ling Lan, everyone had companions living with them. No one wanted to stay with Ling Lan. They still wanted to live a few more years. They didn’t want to be pressured by Ling Lan’s aura everyday.

Why was there an empty building for the Lingtian Battle Team?

In a standard mecha clan, there should be around 1500 mecha operators. Adding in the people from the mecha logistics and the logistics department, there should be a total of 4500 to 5000 people in a mecha clan. A mecha clan needed 2 to 3 logisticians in order for the mecha clan to operate comfortably.

In the 250 Mecha Clan, there were 250 mecha operators but only less than 100 logisticians. Half of them were working in the kitchen so there were only around 50 logisticians repairing the mechas.

This showed that the 250 Mecha Clan was forsaken. The headquarters only wanted to ascertain their basic survival needs.

There was a huge shortage of manpower in the 250 Mecha Clan . Hence, many locations were empty. This allowed the Lingtian Battle Team to have an entire building to themselves. If this was in any other mecha clans, such a situation would never happen.

Everyone activated their small vacuum cleaners in their room and quickly gathered in Ling Lan’s room.

Ling Lan’s room was the only suite on the third level. It was meant for high ranking officers in a mecha clan.

Ling Lan felt that the 250 Mecha Clan was not as bad as she imagined. At least she didn’t need to live with the males…

With the help of the vacuum cleaners, Luo Chao, Han Xuya, and Lin Zhong-qing, her living room was clean and tidy.

Ling Lan sat on her sofa and asked, “What did you all notice along the way?”

Han Jijyun replied first, “The regiment commander is a powerful and ambitious person. He doesn’t like us.” He scanned the living room and continued, “If not, he would not send us here.”

Li Lanfeng added on. “The 250 Mecha Clan is filled with people who are unable to go on the battlefield anymore. There might be some hidden talents here but on the surface, it is a forsaken mecha clan. For an ambitious person to come here and not welcome our arrival, it means that his motive is on these useless mecha operators. He is afraid that we would interrupt his plans.”

“Also, there are a few strong auras coming from the building that we were on just now. Our captain should have sensed them.” Li Lanfeng looked at Ling Lan. They were still getting use to calling Ling Lan their captain since they were in the military now. Sometimes, they would forget and call her boss.

Ling Lan nodded. When Qi Long attacked, she noticed a few strong auras. One of them was just below her so she went down to observe it. However, she seemed to have scared the person. The other three auras were further away but since she already sensed them, she would be able to recognize them if she sensed them again.

“However, since the captain suppressed his strength, the regiment commander will not pay too much attention to him. He will just be on guard against me and Qi Long.” Qi Long and him didn’t suppress their power so they were the two strongest people in the battle team now.

“I think that only Lanfeng gained the interest of the regiment commander.” Han Jijyun suddenly said, “Lanfeng’s gesture caused the regiment commander to lose interest in Qi Long.” He glanced at Qi Long and smiled. “I didn’t expect Qi Long to act so well.”

Qi Long sniggered. “I just had an inspiration and duplicated Li Yingjie’s actions.”

Li Yingjie got angry. “Are you saying that I am an idiot?”

“When you act arrogant, you seem quite stupid,” Qi Long shrugged and replied.

“I want to fight you!” Li Yingjie was furious. He wanted to rush towards Qi Long but suddenly, he felt his body went numb. He fainted onto the sofa.

Li Shiyu removed a syringe from Li Yingjie’s neck calmly. He said, “The world is finally quiet.”

Those people who knew what was in the syringe shivered in fear. They didn’t expect the military doctor to use this thing on his own teammate. That person was his cousin too… Sob, their military doctor is so scary!

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