It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 613

Chapter 613 Means Of Attack

The two people who drew the most attention were the two girls who had totally different styles but were tacitly standing beside each other. They brightened up the entire cafeteria.

One of the beautiful girls saw that everyone was staring at them, instantly blushed and put her head down. The other physically attractive girl used her huge eyes to ruthlessly glare at everyone. She huffed coldly then pulled the shy girl to her side to block her from their sight.

Fu Qiangwei and Yan Mingjun’s group of six wanted to take the new recruits down a notch. The moment Ling Lan walked in, these guys had found the target they wanted to make a move on.

The six of them suddenly jumped up from their seats and pounced towards their targets.

Four of the six pounced towards Ling Lan, Qi Long, Li Lanfeng and Li Yingjie, because in their eyes, these four people were the only Qi-Jin experts within this group of new recruits. The other two people were responsible for intercepting any other recruits from lending a helping hand while Yan Mingjun leaped beside Han Xuya and Luo Chao…

“Bam, bam, bam, bam!” Four consecutive sounds of hits landing. Fu Qiangwei and the other three who were responsible for Ling Lan and her group of four was intercepted.

Right when Luo Lang and the others wanted to move forward, two people appeared in front of them and intercepted them with only a few moves.

Yan Mingjun stood behind Han Xuya and Luo Chao who were looking at today’s menu. He lightly tapped them on their shoulders.

Han Xuya immediately turned her head and asked confusedly, “What?”

“Yeah, I hope you can cooperate with me so it doesn’t make things difficult,” Yan Mingjun gestured showing that he couldn’t help the situation.

At that moment, Han Xuya had already seen what was happening behind them. Her expression instantly changed. Right when she was about to get angry, Luo Chao nervously pulled on Han Xuya’s hand and said, “We’ll definitely cooperate. Please don’t worry.”

“Luo Chao, what are you doing?” Han Xuya said angrily.

“Wow, this little sister knows what’s up,” Yan Mingjun smiled coldly. His smile made Han Xuya feel like she wasn’t looking at a person but a cold venomous snake. Right when she wanted to get angry, Luo Chao pulled on her hand once again. Then she swallowed the anger and frustration that had formed inside of her.

It was clear that Han Xuya and Luo Chao were used as hostages. This scene made the others in Lingtian not dare to make any sudden moves. They could only watch at Yan Mingjun’s group in shock.

Seeing this, Liu Fuquan sipped his bottle and said softly, “As expected of newbies, still too soft. They actually weren’t even on guard. They wouldn’t be able to live on the battlefield if they are like this.”

He saw that not too far from him, Yang Mingzhi was calmly eating his food and wasn’t distracted by what was happening. Liu Fuquan couldn’t help but lift up his bottle and shake it towards Yang Mingzhi’s direction.

“Those are the new recruits you’ve set your eyes on? Their situation isn’t looking good.”

Yang Mingzhi understood what Liu Fuquan wanted to tell him. He lifted up his chopsticks and pointed slightly towards Liu Fuquan to signal Liu Fuquan that he should wait patiently.

Seeing this, Liu Fuquan shook his head and thought that waiting would be a waste of time. Yang Mingjun already had hostages. Could the newbies really turn the tide? However, he still took Yang Mingzhi’s signal and continued to watch. Perhaps, in the deep recess of his mind, he also wanted to see the moment the newbies turn the tide.

Ling Lan didn’t look at her opponent and instead looked towards Yan Mingjun. She sneered, “What do you think you’re doing and getting that close to my members?”

Yan Mingjun grinned maliciously “You don’t see it? Such a beautiful thing, would be a shame if it was broken.” He took out his hand and cut the air around Han Xuya and Luo Chao’s throats.

“You’re not afraid to go military court?” Ling Lan continued to ask coldly.

Yan Mingjun laughed, “We have been determined have mood swings and could lose control by countless military doctors. So you guys have to listen to us, otherwise being easily provoked, I will really lose control. Then at that moment, you guys would lose two beautiful team members.” He caressed Han Xuya and Luo Chao’s face. He said with love and affection, “Then that would be too unfortunate.”

Hearing this, Ling Lan nodded and turned towards Li Shiyu, “Shiyu, we can use the thing you invented.”

Li Shiyu smiled, “That’s my pleasure.”

Ling Lan’s odd response stunned Yan Mingjun. This time, Ling Lan looked towards Yan Mingjun once again and calmly said, “Since you’re sick, you should take some medicine!”

Right after Ling Lan said ‘medicine’, countless flashes of light flew out from all the members of Lingtian. Very quickly, the five people standing in front of them instantly turned into porcupines and fell to the ground.

Yan Mingjun held his neck with an expression of disbelief on his face.

Han Xuya smiled and turned around. She clapped her hands, “Fall, fall!”

As she said these words, Yan Mingjun finally fell down. The hand he had on his neck also fell towards the ground. At that moment, everyone saw that there was actually a silver needle reflecting off from his neck.

It turns out Yan Mingjun was on guard against Qi Long, Ling Lan and others. He didn’t think to pay any attention to the two girls standing behind him. In his eyes, Luo Chao was afraid, shy and was absolutely harmless. Han Xuya was impulsive and blind-sighted and also acted like someone who didn’t think first before acting. There was basically no way for them to resist. It was this line of thought that made him get hit by Han Xuya’s silver needle (miniature syringe).

Seeing this, Liu Fuquan was stunned. He didn’t think that the nervousness of the two girls was actually feigned. Compared to others, who would assume that Han Xuya was the one who make a move, Liu Fuquan saw clearly that Yan Mingjun wasn’t just hit by one silver needle. He also had a needle in his chest. This needle was actually tossed out by the terrified and harmless little girl.

He looked at Yang Mingzhi subconsciously. He saw that Yang Mingzhi was also stunned. It seemed that the performances of these two girls were also beyond his expectations. That was because in their eyes, female soldiers were either medical or logistics soldiers. The ones who were low in strength.

After taking down that group of six, Ling Lan and the others continued to choose their meals calmly. The unexpected counterattack by those new recruits made the other mecha operators understood that these newbies meant business. Some of them had the same thought as Yan Mingjun but then instantly changed their minds and decided to watch them for a longer amount of time.

At that moment, the team that was on duty was late to respond. They were greatly surprised after seeing the six laying on the floor. They thought that this time the new recruits would be the ones who were wounded and at a disadvantage. The team on duty didn’t think that it was actually Yan Mingjun’s six man group from the 250 Mecha Clan who were wounded and hurt.

The team on duty walked in and saw that the six of them had silver needles all over their bodies. After examining closely, they figured out that it was a strong tranquillizer and understood how the six of them were defeated. The team on duty also began to admire the new recruits for being able to invent such new and advanced weaponry.

Since the new recruits weren’t hurt and didn’t create any bloody accidents, the team on duty didn’t ask the new recruits any questions. They then sent the six who were on the ground to the first aid department for them to return back to consciousness.

After the Regiment Commander found out, he was also surprised by the new recruits’ invention. However, this also proved that in this group of new recruits, there weren’t many strong individuals. Thus, they needed to resort to using underhanded tactics. Unfortunately, they had already exposed this tactic. It would be impossible for them to use it next time if they use the same tactic to go against their opponent.

The Regiment Commander’s restless feeling calmed down a bit. However, before knowing the real reason those new recruits came to the 250 Mecha Clan, the Regiment Commander will not be fully at ease.

However, what happened afterwards, surprised the entire 250 Mecha Clan. Yan Mingjun and his group of six, who were hit with a strong tranquillizer, did not wake up even though the anaesthetic was removed.

They were still unconscious and because of the treatment pods, they were not under any life threatening situation. After sending them to the headquarters’ hospital, they still could not determine a way to solve the issue after a series of tests and studies.

In order to get past this difficulty, the headquarters’ hospital sent many physicians to 250 Mecha Clan to find Lingtian Battle Team to acquire the tranquillizing agent to study. After they found out that this was made by Li Shiyu, they immediately stopped all research and returned back to the headquarters as soon as possible. Before leaving, those physicians didn’t forget to tell the Regiment Commander of 250 that in order to solve the problem, he could only go to Li Shiyu.

The Regiment Commander at that moment finally knew that one member of Lingtian Battle Team was actually a physician registered in the headquarters’ hospital. After being surprised by this fact, the Regiment Commander used his connections to get some information about this physician and finally found out the truth.

It turns out, the headquarters could no longer tolerate 250 Mecha Clan and didn’t want them to become a disgrace of the 23rd Division. The headquarters also didn’t want to publicly announce that the 23rd Division had a useless mecha clan. Thus, they quietly dispatched an expert military doctor to join the battle team of the new recruits into 250 Mecha Clan to make him treat the mecha operators with psychological problems within the clan.

The other new recruits were only used to safeguard the military doctor. This would then explain why the new recruit was able to successfully activate his battle team. It was the result of the headquarters opening a backdoor for him.

The Regiment Commander believed that he found out the truth was and completely let his guard down against those new recruits and cooperated with the headquarters’ arrangements. First, he handed Yan Mingjun and the other five to Li Shiyu. Thus, Yan Mingjun and the other five were going to be living in torment. Especially Yan Mingjun, who would feel what real torture felt like. Compared to the torment he would feel, what he had done to those new recruits was not even worth mentioning.

After only around a month or so, Ling Lan had already grasped the information of all 250 mecha operators from 250 Mecha Clan with the Regiment Commander’s intentional and unintentional cooperation.

“Captain, this is the list of individuals needing treatment provided by the Regiment Commander,” Li Shiyu handed a piece of paper to Ling Lan.

In a month’s time, with Li Shiyu’s treatment, Yan Mingjun and the other five changed completely. If they were told to torment others, they would be afraid to do so. Fu Qiangwei also changed his impulsiveness and aggressive personality. Even if someone was to mock him in front of him, Fu Qiangwei wouldn’t lash out on them.

Everyone was stunned by Li Shiyu’s treatment results. Right when they wanted to see if they should also ask Li Shiyu to treat them, one mecha operator unintentionally saw Fu Qiangwei speak to a stray cat using a soft and slow voice. This scene made the operator felt terrified.

What terrifying means would make such a person’s personality change into a completely different one. Additionally, everytime these other mecha operators passed by Lingtian’s accommodation area, they could hear Fu Qiangwei and Yan Mingjun’s cries of agony during their treatment… Very quickly, the expression of everyone in 250 Mecha Clan would change when they spoke of doctor related topics.

“I didn’t think that he would actually give us a list of people by his own accord,” Ling Lan said with surprise as she raised her eyebrows. This Regiment Commander also had responsibility to take for making the entire clan terrified of Li Shiyu’s means of treatment. She originally thought that this Regiment Commander was making it hard for them on purpose. Now it seemed that this Regiment Commander had other plans in mind.

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