It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 642

Chapter 642 Disguise

After taking down the gunmen, Qi Long asked, “Boss, what do we do now?”

“Find the princess.” Ling Lan instantly made the decision.

“Little Four said that everyone from the auction house began to make their move. It seemed that these people didn’t want the princess to leave the auction house. It was because these people had found us as their scapegoats and weren’t afraid of becoming suspects. These people wanted to kill the princess on their own turf at the right time. This time, they didn’t have a choice but to make a move!” Ling Lan thought to herself.

“Alright, I can finally let loose.” Hearing Ling Lan’s words, Qi Long instantly cracked his knuckles. He was going insane from all the boredom.

“Zhong-qing, the tools.” Ling Lan turned around and said to Lin Zhong-qing.

Lin Zhong-qing quickly took out two masks from the backpack and three black stripe like items.

He handed one mask to Ling Lan. Seeing this, Li Lanfeng slightly smiled towards him. Lin Zhong-qing decisively gave the other mask to Li Lanfeng. Lin Zhong-qing knew clearly that although Li Lanfeng seemed to be an easy-going individual, he was actually the most difficult to please. Lin Zhong-qing didn’t want to unknowingly get screwed over by Li Lanfeng.

Qi Long held the black stripe like item and asked Lin Zhong-qing, “Zhong-qing, what is this thing?” Why did it seem so familiar?

“It’s stocking used by women!” Lin Zhong-qing replied calmly and ignored Qi Long and Zhao Jun’s stunned expressions.

“You want us to use a woman’s stockings?” Li Yingjie blushed. “Could you not have prepared a few more masks like that one?” He said as he pointed towards Ling Lan’s mask. Although the mask was simple and crude, and looked terrible, it was still better than a woman’s stockings by a whole lot.

Lin Zhong-qing glanced at Li Yingjie indifferently and replied coldly, “That takes up space.” Afterwards, he took out another mask from his backpack.

“Then why do you have a mask and not stockings?” Li Yingjie asked angrily.

“That’s because I have the power of distribution.” Lin Zhong-qing replied calmly and then began to ignore Li Yingjie as he followed Ling Lan.

Zhao Jun looked at the stocking in his hands with frustration. Then he took a deep breath and put the stocking on his head. And thus, a sleazy bad guy was born.

Qi Long saw that his Boss had already gone far away and knew he couldn’t hesitate anymore. He bit his lip, put it on and quickly followed.

“You guys just put it on like that?” Li Yingjie pointed at the two traitors angrily.

Zhao Jun didn’t answer him and only pointed towards the front. Li Yingjie looked and saw that Ling Lan was about disappear from his sights and thus he bit his lip and reluctantly put on the stocking.

Since Boss Lan had moved out without giving any orders, it meant that he accepted Lin Zhong-qing’s way of distributing the items. If he dawdled for too long and angered Boss Lan, Li Yingjie knew very well what his life in the future would be like. After remembering the training Boss Lan had arranged a while back, Li Yingjie’s body trembled uncontrollably…

Ling Lan who was at the front of the group took out a suit as she moved hurriedly. She pulled on the two sleeves and the suit became a jacket. She pulled on it again and the tidy light gray suit immediately turned into a short black windbreaker.

Making a move didn’t mean that she had to expose herself. Ling Lan didn’t want to expose their identities just yet thus a disguise was necessary.

After putting on the windbreaker, Ling Lan’s aura changed from soft and harmless to cold and dangerous. One glance would make a person unable to disregard the chills of Ling Lan’s aura.

The team members that followed Ling Lan all changed their presence as well. They, who were originally inconspicuous, instantly became the focus of attention. The killing intent they had hidden silently spewed out. Especially Zhao Jun, who, after training in the division for the past few years and battling in the battlefield, had his killing intent became even thicker. It was just that it wasn’t as strong as Ling Lan’s killing intent.

Zhao Jun looked in front of him at Ling Lan whose killing intent was through the roof. He thought for a second and was very curious how their Boss could have a killing intent that even veterans, who had fought countless battles in the battlefield, didn’t have.

Ling Lan followed the route Little Four had mapped out and didn’t take any unnecessary detours. At the same time, she also told Little Four to notify Senior Colonel Mu Youyun of the princess’ current movements. After all, Senior Colonel Mu Youyun’s Whirlwind Battle Team was acting as the princess’ royal guard.

Princess Gulibaduo and her group followed the auction house’s staff member to one of the booths. She asked curiously, “Is it here?”

“Yes! Booth #239 has already settled their payment with our staff members. After receiving the Babu scepter, they had requested the auction house to have you come with us to their booth. Since you are our VIP guests, our Boss accepted this request. That’s why I have led you here,” explained the staff member.

“Your majesty, these people really have no respect. Shouldn’t they be the ones who comes to you instead?” Said the princess’s confidant angrily.

“You shouldn’t say that. They have the Babu scepter now. For the safety of the scepter, they definitely wouldn’t make any sudden moves. Having me coming to them was the safest choice.” Gulibaduo didn’t think that Ling Lan and the others were wrong. If it was her, she would also make this decision.

While the two of them were talking, the staff member had already entered the passcode and the door opened automatically. The staff member politely bowed and said, “Your majesty, this way!”

Princess Gulibaduo took a deep breath. She was going to be able to see the Babu scepter that had been lost for over 400 years, so it was hard for her to not become excited. Right as she wanted to walk in, Qian Jialin, who stood on the side, with a stern expression on his face. He immediately grabbed the princess and pulled her back.

Gulibaduo turned around stunned, “Chamberlain Aodou, what’s wrong?”

Qian Jialin said with all seriousness, “Your Majesty, with your status, coming here is already enough. Now, it should be the six of them who should come out and greet you.”

He turned and looked towards the staff member, “You go inside and tell them to come and greet our princess.”

The eyes of the staff member darted around and hesitantly said, “That…”

Qian Jialin glared at him angrily, “What are you blabbering on about? Why aren’t you going in?”

The staff member immediately respectfully said, “Yes!” He walked into the room and shouted, “Respectful guests from booth #239, the guests from #103 would like you to come to the door and greet them personally!”

Gulibaduo heard a muffled reply coming from inside the booth. Then she heard a cluster of footsteps coming closer, Qian Jialin suddenly pushed the princess behind him.

Suddenly, sparks flew out the door and beams of light flew towards Qian Jialin from all directions. Right at that moment, a three meters wide and two meters tall mirror like shield appeared in front of Qian Jialin and blocked off all the shots that were coming towards him.

Qian Jialin immediately ordered, “Run!”

He lead the three members and carefully guarded the princess as they evacuated to the back. They could rejoice that there were walls on both sides of the corridor and they only needed to defend themselves from the gunfire coming from the front.

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