It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 646

Chapter 646 Friends Not Foe

Mu Youyun’s fist was as quick as lightning. Just as his opponent was getting up, his fist had struck him.

The opponent knew that Mu Youyun was stronger than him but he was confident that he could handle the blow. Hence, he didn’t defend himself but retaliated with his fist.

The opponent flew out again. He slammed into the wall and a dent was created. He fell onto the floor and vomited a mouthful of blood. He was heavily injured.

The walls of the auction booth were extremely sturdy and stable. This was to protect the guest and ensure their privacy. Ordinary people were not able to destroy these walls.

Thus, even with 10 Qi-Jin masters on their side, the organizers of the auction still had to rely on explosives to break through the wall. Thus, this showed how powerful Mu Shaoyu’s punch was.

Mu Shaoyu continued his attack after he subdued him. He wanted to kick the head of the person on the ground. As he moved his legs, the sound of the air bursting could be heard.

The man on the ground was pale in the face. His injuries didn’t give him any chance of escaping. Just as he was about to get hit, a figure came in from the broken wall and raised his fist towards Mu Youyun’s back.

Mu Youyun gritted his teeth. He didn’t dodge. Even if he was injured, he must kill this person.

Mu Youyun took the blow of the punch but managed to kick his opponent. “Crack.” The skull of his opponent burst apart and blood flowed out from every orifice. He died on the spot.

The person who punched Mu Youyun shouted in grief, “Bastard, die!” He raised his fist again. In his despair, he used his entire strength to take revenge for his friend.

Mu Youyun didn’t flinch. He received some internal injuries from the punch just now but he could still fight.

The force from the collision of fists impacted the people around them. The people around them had to stop and resist the force first before they continued their own battle.

The team members of the Whirlwind Battle Team managed to get a short break. They went back to fighting after catching their breath.

“Pfft!” Mu Youyun spurted blood out of his mouth. His internal injuries worsen. His opponent was in a similar state. They both suffered serious injuries.

“Optimal peak of Qi-Jin.” Mu Youyun’s opponent managed to determine Mu Youyun’s physical skills’ level through this round of attack. This was the highest level of Qi-Jin. No wonder he only received some internal injuries from his previous attack. Their exchange just now resulted in his loss too.

Mu Youyun gained the upper hand in his battle but his team members were in a dire situation.

Beside one of the team members who managed to be on par with his opponents due to his speed, the other three people were on the losing end. One of them was at the late-stage of Qi-Jin and was experienced in fighting. Although he was at a disadvantage, his opponent couldn’t defeat him anytime soon. Compared to him, his comrades were in a more dire situation. The other two members could only defend themselves and might be killed soon.

Mu Youyun was aware of what was happening around him even though he was fighting. He knew that his team members were in a bad situation. If he wanted to help them, he must defeat his opponent first.

However, it was not easy to defeat a person who was at the late-stage of Qi-Jin so quickly. Mu Youyun felt agitated for the first time in a while and revealed an opening.

His opponent’s eyes lit up. He saw an opportunity. He struck his fist at My Youyun.

“Oh shit!” Mu Youyun sensed his opponent’s intent, the moment he moved. His unstable mentality gave his opponent a chance to attack him.

“To dodge or to match?” If he dodged, he would lose his advantage. Then, he would have to wait for another opportunity to arise to regain his advantage. If he matched with his opponent, there was not enough time for him to build up his strength. It was hard to predict the result of the match.

The thoughts flashed past his mind. As a soldier, he couldn’t retreat. His instinct made a decision for him and he chose to attack.


The two figures retreated.

Blood flowed out of their mouths. They were both seriously injured.

At that moment, one of the team members couldn’t hold on anymore. He was hit.

He was unable to move as he flew through the air. His two opponents jumped up and attacked him with a fist and a kick.

“Ah!” Mu Youyun and the rest of the team yelled in rage. They had reached their limit and was unable to offer any help. Were they going to lose their comrade?

“Boom! Boom!” The sound of humans colliding with each other was heard twice. The next moment, two figures dropped down.

The injured member started moving in a different direction. He was flying towards the member who was holding the shield at the door. The team member at the door gathered up his energy to prepare to catch his comrade. However, he realized that there was no inertia from his friend. He managed to catch him easily.

Since he chose to catch his companion, it meant that he couldn’t keep the shield up.

The team member remembered his responsibility and was devastated. He hurriedly looked for the shield device. A big hand suddenly reached out and grabbed the device quicker than him.

The team member looked up in shock. A masked man entered the room. He took a step in and picked up the device. Then, he put his other foot in.

Another mysterious man in a mask had also appeared in the room.

Mu Youyun felt hope. He didn’t know who these two people were but he knew that they helped his team member when he was on the brink of death just now. Mu Youyun believed that they were his allies. Even if they weren’t, they were definitely not his foe.

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