It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 795

Chapter 795 Gather

Many people started dropping down from the sky one by one. One of them stumbled as he landed. The person beside him released the person he was holding and helped the person who stumbled.

Lin Zhong-qing got held by a strong hand, preventing him from falling on the ground. He was sweating profusely. His entire forehead was filled with sweat. His military uniform was soaked too. When compared to everyone in Lingtian, his physical skills was weaker than the rest of them. Hence, even though he managed to keep up with the main group, he really felt like dying in the end. He almost collapsed when he stumbled just now.

He looked at the person who helped him and said indifferently, “Thank you.”

Lin Zhong-qing would never imagine that Li Yingjie, the person who forced him to enter his team in the Scout Academy, would become his teammate in the future. He thought about the past and all sorts of emotions well up in his mind.

Li Yingjie scoffed when he heard Lin Zhong-qing thanking him. “Although you are a logistician, you must remember that you are a member of the Lingtian Battle Team too. Look at you. You have been escaping training so your physical skills got weaker. What an embarrassment to us. When you reach the base, you must remember to train with us every morning.”

Lin Zhong-qing really wanted to punch him in the face when he heard that, the only stopping him from doing so, was his fatigued body. He wasn’t able to train because of them. Every one of them had so many requests. They didn’t know how much effort he needed to put in to satisfy all of their requests.

As expected, Li Yingjie was still as irritating as before. Even when he became his teammate, he was still irritating.

“Even if I want to train, I will follow Qi Long and Luo Lang.” Li Yingjie gritted his teeth and glanced at Li Yingjie. He would not train with this bastard.

Lin Zhong-qing’s gaze made Li Yingjie unhappy. “Are you looking down on my team?” Although they were team 10, that didn’t mean that they were the last of the 10 teams.

“I’m in Qi Long’s team.” Lin Zhong-qing’s reason was irrefutable.

Li Yingjie was furious. He glared at Qi Long, stunning him.

That stupid Qi Long advanced to the domain stage before him and even snatched his team members. Li Yingjie remembered all the grudges he had against Qi Long. It showed how furious he was when he didn’t manage to get Lin Zhong-qing as his team members in the past. This had already become the devil in his heart.

Lin Zhong-qing wanted to get away from Li Yingjie but he stopped when he saw the last batch of members coming in.

Li Lanfeng arrived with a white ball on his head while carrying two team members in his arms, one on each side. He must have been really tired or the two team members in his arms couldn’t hold on anymore. For whatever reason, all of them suddenly felt light-headed. However, Li Lanfeng reacted quickly. He let go of the two team members in his arms and stopped himself from slamming on the ground with his two hands.

The white ball saw this and immediately started making a sound. It slapped its tentacles on Li Lanfeng’s metal mask.

Li Lanfeng was able to communicate with Little White using his spiritual energy so he knew what Little White was saying. His face turned green with anger. ‘This little fellow is laughing at his physique. Bastard!’

Li Lanfeng wanted to kill this evil fellow. If this fellow didn’t purposefully increase its weight along the way, he wouldn’t have performed so badly. After this experience, Li Lanfeng finally understood the purpose of the health-bolstering Qi cultivation exercises Ling Lan had taught him. This health-bolstering Qi cultivation exercises should be used when he was exercising, helping him to replenish his stamina. That was why he was able to last until now even with Little White’s weight and the two people in his arms.

Li Lanfeng wanted to kill Little White but he couldn’t do so in reality. Little White was Ling Lan’s pet. If he offended this fellow, it would talk bad about him in front of Ling Lan. Li Lanfeng’s mood turned worse when he thought about this. ‘To hell with these small talks!’

Li Lanfeng didn’t want to continue to be mocked by this stupid Little White. Hence, he gritted his teeth and pushed himself off the ground. As he was about to do that, someone reached his hand out and pulled him up. This person was Li Shiyu. He was also exhausted but he pushed himself to help Li Lanfeng up.

“Boom!” Something smashed into the ground again and dust flew in the air.

Luo Lang held his breath and used his hand to fan the dust away. Then, he saw what landed in front of him. It was three humans, lying prone on the ground without moving.

Luo Lang waited for the dust to disappear before going forward and kicking the person lying in the middle. “Hey, Xie Yi, are you dead?”

Xie Yi looked up and gave a hideous smile. “Of course not. I’m in pain and I’m happy.” He didn’t expect his boss to ask Li Lanfeng and him to take two team members with them while they were running here. Although he didn’t need to carry them, making it seemed like an easy mission, his two team members lost their stamina halfway through the journey. They had reached their limits. He literally dragged them through the next half of the journey. Thus, making him be in a worse state than Qi Long and Luo Lang.

One of the experienced soldiers saw that there was no one left and shouted, “Gather!” He was the team leader of team 01, Yang Mingzhi.

At his command, all the 200 soldiers gathered and split quickly into 11 teams. The five members that couldn’t even move anymore due to exhaustion were dragged into the 11th team by Han Xuya and Luo Chao, who didn’t use any strength along the journey at all.

After gathering and counting their people, the ten team leaders and the head of the logisticians, Lin Zhong-qing, concluded that no one was left behind. Then, they turned to look at the driver who was smiling at them.

Chang Xinyuan! Qi Long moved his mouth without a sound, wanting to ask him how their Boss was feeling now. He winked at Chang Xinyuan and hoped that he could give them some hints. If their Boss’s mood was bad, they would rather wait and not act rashly.

Chang Xinyuan just shrugged and maintained his smile. He was schadenfreude. The 200 people standing below were furious at him. They wanted to pull him out and beat him up. They were from the same mecha clan. Why did they have to suffer so much while this person enjoyed his time on the bus as he drove their Boss over?

The door of bullet-shaped hover car closest to them suddenly opened. A young officer was revealed, half-lying on a chair while wearing a white and blue military uniform.

“Regiment commander!” Everyone stood up straight and greeted her. They wanted to show her that they still had energy left in them.

The young officer opened her eyes when she heard the shout. The chair was tilted back to the sitting position. She looked at the exhausted soldiers outside. The soldiers felt a cold gaze moving passed them, cooling their warm bodies immediately. Their bodies tensed up involuntarily. A chill ran down their spine and their hearts pounded furiously.

‘God, please bless us and make sure our regiment commander is satisfied!’ If they were ordered to run another few hundred kilometers, they would definitely collapse halfway through.

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