It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 955

Chapter 955 Little Whites Secret

Chapter 955 Little Whites secret!

Bang! A figure flew up from the ground. He took on Liu Furongs palm and the two of them flew back simultaneously. Liu Furong retreated for more than ten meters before landing on the ground. The huge force caused him to stagger on the ground. He took a few steps before he stabilized himself.

As for Elder Ying, he flew back more than ten meters too but he landed on the ground softly and stably. He appeared more relaxed than Liu Furong.

From this exchange of blows, one could tell that Liu Furong was weaker than Elder Ying.

Elder Ying calmed down a little after the exchange of blows. He knew how powerful his opponent was now. His opponents understanding and energy of his domain were much weaker than him.

People like Elder Ying were no longer as hot-blooded and fearless as young people. They treasured their lives and would never take a risk if they didnt need to. If they realized that their opponents were more powerful than them. they would escape just like what Elder Ying did last time he faced Ling Lan. They wouldnt stay behind and fight with their opponent for the so-called pride.

Ling Lan heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Liu Furong managing to stop the domain realm master. She started searching for Little White using her spiritual power.

When she realized that Little White was teaching Little Aijun bad things, she felt speechless.

Before Elder Ying came, Little White escaped from the little black room with Little Aijun. They didnt run out of the base like what Elder Ying had expected. Instead, they remained in the base. Little White brought Little Aijun to search for treasure.

When Little White felt that Elder Ying was being stopped by another domain realm master, it got bolder. Somehow, they managed to walk into the safe room of the unknown faction. Little White furiously swallowed all the jewelry and precious stones in front of him. Even Little Aijun was digging through a box that Little White opened. He took many expensive accessories out.

This looks like the pearl necklace that Aunt Min wears. Weird, Aunt Mins pearl is white. Why is this purple? Huh? There is a black one too. Wow, pearls have so many colors. These pearls are bigger than Aunt Mins pearl too. Little Aijun exclaimed, Mummy doesnt have a pearl necklace. Ill give this mummy. Shell be very happy.

Little Aijun didnt know how precious these pearls were. As a young little boy, he didnt know that he shouldnt take things that didnt belong to him. Very soon, Little Aijuns head was filled with necklaces. There were pearl necklaces, a necklace made from precious stones, and many others. Little Aijun felt that he should get one of every color for his mother.

Little White knew that it would frighten Little Aijun if he saw it swallowing all the jewellery. Hence, he found a place where Little Aijun couldnt see it and eat happily.

Little Four, do you think Little White is able to digest all these metals? Although there was no surveillance in most of the base, there was one in the treasury. This allowed Ling Lan and Little Four to see Little Whites actions clearly.

I really dont know. Boss, Little White only ate digestible things in the past. Little Four was confused too. He always thought that Little White was just a pet well, Little White was really just a pet.

When Little White swallowed more than 75% of the treasures, even the calm Ling Lan couldnt help but raise her eyebrows. She was afraid that Little White would die from an exploding belly.

Do you think Little Whites stomach is another space? Although her mother, Lan Luofeng, always said that her stomach was another space, Ling Lan felt that compared to Little Whites stomach, her stomach was extremely normal.

Its possible. There used to be an interesting creature on Mandora called the Devour Beast. Their stomach is like an overlapped space. They could eat a mountain of food. Little Four suddenly turned depressed. Unfortunately, the human race killed the Devour Beast mercilessly. It is extinct now.

The human race always does cruel things for their own benefit, Ling Lan touched Little Fours head and comforted him.Read the next chapter on our vipnovel.com

Yes. The Devour Beasts stomach could be used as a bag. Many wealthy people wanted to buy it so hunters went hunting these beasts. After some time, the people on Mandora wanted to invent a space button that can be used to store mechas. They needed many Devour Beasts stomachs for this experiment. No matter how many Devour Beast there is, how could they fight against the power of an entire planet? Little Four didnt understand why the humans on Mandora were in such a rush. Actually, they didnt need to kill so many Devour Beasts. If they followed the normal research path, they would be able to create the space button without killing all of the Devour Beast.

Does that mean that everyone on Mandora was able to bring their mecha along with them Ling Lan always thought that something like a space button would only appear in stories. She didnt expect the people on Mandora to be able to create this thing.

Thats right, Boss, Little Four replied.

But the Mandora battlefield that the learning space brought me too didnt have something like the space button. Ling Lan thought back about her experience back in the learning space. All the mechas were transported using shuttles just like this world.

Little Four rolled his eyes. That is not the most advanced era of Mandora. The space button had not been invented yet. I need to send you to a world that resembles the real world you are in. If not, you wont be able to get used to the real world after you left the learning space. Ling Lan nodded. It looked like Little Four and her instructors chose that era as it was the most compatible with the current world she was living in.

Little Four thought about something and his expression changed. He reminded Ling Lan hurriedly, Boss, you cannot let anyone know that Little White has this ability. If not, itll be in danger. Little Four didnt want Little White to be hunted like the Devour Beast.

Ling Lan turned serious. Little Four was right. The temptation of a space button was great. If someone really found out the secret of Little Whites stomach, she wouldnt be able to protect it even though she was Ling Xiaos child.

Little Four, clear all the surveillance footage later. Leave no traces behind, Ling Lan said calmly. She suddenly realized that the burden on her shoulders was getting heavier and heavier. Even a pet she took in casually had such a huge secret.

I understand. Little Four nodded. When he saw Ling Lan frowning, he was afraid she would be stressed so he comforted her, Boss, dont worry. If Little White is really discovered, I have the materials and blueprint for making a space button. I can pass it to them. They wont have to hurt Little White that


Thank you. Ling Lan bitterly smiled as she touched Little Fours head. Little Four didnt know that if she really handed over the materials and blueprint for the space button, she would be in even more danger. Even Little Four and her father, Ling Xiao, as well as the entire Ling family, might be affected.

However, she didnt plan to explain it to Little Four. She didnt hope that Little Four would be troubled by all these things that had nothing to do with him. Since Little White was her pet, she should be the one worrying about it.

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