Jun Ye Can't Help But Tease His Wife Chapter 2

Note: The use of pronouns she/her and he/him might be confusing in this novel. But what I did was, I use the female pronoun when Xiao Jing is present in that scene. If not, I use the male pronoun to refer to Xiao Jing. This will continue until XJs real gender is revealed to Shen Chengfeng. ^_^

Chapter 02: The First Encounter

Xiao Jing felt very uneasy. Being the focus of public attention made her subconsciously think that these people had begun to suspect her identity.

What should I do? Xiao Jings silence was actually due to her guilty conscience.

Captain Lian Qing knew that Xiao Jing has always been lacking muscles in her body (she might be shy) but he can no longer withstand the psychological pressure brought by this zongzi guy.Should he threaten Xiao Jing and force her to take her clothes off?

The sunlight above his head was so hot that sweat started to involuntarily dripped down on his forehead. Thus, he stepped forward towards Xiao Jing and whispered, Xiao Jing, give this elder brother face and take off your clothes. Lets take this matter seriously.

Xiao Jings facial expression is clouded with an indifferent and neutral look. Those eyes that are unclear and difficult to understand fell on Lian Qing's body. Her body stood straight and as she carried out a military salute, she said in a reverberating voice, "Even if I dont undress, I am still capable of killing him."

As her voice fell, a gust of wind swept through the face of Lian Qing. He instinctively closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, his pupils have gathered together. That small body that flew in front of the obstacle course was so flexible like shes not treading on a leveled ground.

Why does it seem like he is bullying Deputy Xiao Jing, this little gongzi (son of nobility). To let him roll her body in the trough, was he actuallytrying to irresponsibly drown this fragile sunflower into the water like a dogs tail grass?

Xiao Jing staked her all to finish the obstacle in one breath. Wasnt the zongzi man expecting to see something genuine? Or, did he just want to see her run at full speed for his own satisfaction?

Xiao Jing heard the whistling of the wind beside her ear, and felt that shes already drenched in sweat under the scorching heat of the sun. She jumped over the mud pit, and rolled her body for two laps, smoothly passing through the finish line. The soldiers who had started earlier than her were all left far behind.

Hu-hu-hu-. Xiao Jing stood up from the ground, panting.

Mu Xichi's brows slightly creased. He leaned on to his side and muttered with a low voice to his leader, "seems to have a little potential."

The man did not utter a word. With his sunglasses on, nobody could take a glimpse on whatever he is thinking.

Xiao Jing has gotten back her composure, and finally realized how careless she was. Her eyes are now wide open as she does not dare to believe what had just happened. What had she done?!

I say, the deputy leader is actually a sage who presents himself as an ordinary person.

The second person to finish the obstacle course is the team leader of the third squad. He lay flat on the ground as soon as he passed through the finish line.

Xiao Jing wiped the warm sweat on her forehead, and her gaze couldn't help but be drawn over to the zongzi mans direction. He is wearing sunglasses so she couldn't perceive his eyes. However, she could faintly sense that he is always watching her with a pair of big and bright eyes.

Just like looking at a little bunny that is about to be dissected.

We are going to stay here to observe for two days. Please ask the company (of troops) to arrange board and lodging for us. Mu Xichis voice rang once again.

Lian Qing heard the command and with an upright posture, he replied, Yes, sir!

The zongzi man returned to the car and from the beginning till the end, he never took off his sunglasses to let everyone see his true face.

Xiao Jing couldnt bear it anymore and spoke to herself, If you look ugly, you dont have to hide it. Wouldnt it look uglier if you cover it up?

The zongzi man suddenly stopped and his head slightly leaned sideways.

Xiao Jing felt like shes carrying something heavy on her shoulders and in a flash, she sensed that the zongzi man is staring daggers at her like a knife trying to poke a hole into her thin body and eventually turning her into a honeycomb figure.

Deputy Leader, you are just too handsome! Have you seen the stupefied look on their faces? Certainly, they must have been frightened by your vigor and bravery! Chen Hu hugged Xiao Jings neck and used his thick and solid arm to incessantly violate that slender neck.

Okay team, assemble!

Lian Qing nodded at a number of people one after another as he made a roll call. Afterwards, his look became dignified as he said, You also saw that those two are the elites of the special forces. They want people who can rise above others. We must show them our true abilities. Run 10 kilometers carrying a 10-kilogram weight before lunch break arrives!

Just right after he finished speaking, several frail brothers eyes turned over and passed out.

Lian Qing did not say a word and directly threw the weight-bearing knapsack to the person lying on the ground, and in an undoubtedly strong and overbearing voice he said, Even if only a single breath remains, one must fulfill his duties after a glorious fall.

At once, the outcry rose from all directions.

Everyone knows that the military defense troops stationed in the city of Jiana are the hedonistic sons of some respected families. These so-called noble sons have a goal. After five years of muddling around in the camp while drinking and eating, they will return to their families bearing the glory of being the country's warriors.

Xiao Jing silently put her knapsack on her shoulders. Under her seemingly calm face, she had long been greeting the eight generation ancestors of Lian Qing.

Your uncle! Why dont you carry 10 kg while running 10 km yourself?!

Your granduncle! You dare make us work like a horse for you to selfishly achieve your own dream?!

Your grandfather! With your arrogance thats as high as the heavens, I have a whole new level of respect for you!

For the time being, this laoziwill mingle with you all. But when the time is up, I will return home with a pat on my butt.

Dont you feel ashamed with how your big men are performing, when I am a girl who carries the same weight as them?! Dont you feel embarrassed in your heart?! Dont you have tender and protective feelings for the fairer s.e.x?!

Xiao Xiao, only you have my most appreciation. Each and every one of you must learn from your deputy leader. With this thin arm and thin legs, have you heard your deputy complain? said Lian Qing through a loudspeaker while sitting inside the off-road vehicle. His purpose of saying this was to lift the spirits of the entire team.

Xiao Jing coldly glanced at the man whos loudly singing the cadence call [1]when suddenly, she stepped on a stone underneath her feet and almost fell flat on her face .

{T/N: [1] cadence call In the armed services, a military cadence or cadence call is a traditional call-and-response work song sung by military personnel while running or marching. In the US, these cadences are sometimes called jody calls or Jodies, after Jody, a recurring character who figures in some traditional cadences.}

Looking at her direction, Lian Qing happily said, Truly worthy as my favorite Comrade Xiao Xiao, even falling down is done so gracefully.

Xiao Jing stopped running and looked at the man in the car with a fiery gaze. But her voice was cold when she spoke, Captain, lead by example.

Lia Qing coughed before he ordered, Lets move on. There are still nine kilometers. Men, never say die!

The midday sunshine fell on earth like a wildfire, and the ground was like a piece of iron plate, as the heat wave raged on the surface.

Xiao Jing returned to the dormitory. Her body was sore all over and her knees became soft. She just lay down on the bed with her clothes still on when she sniffed her unpleasant body odor. She couldn't help but get up and grabbed some clean clothes before walking towards the bathhouse.

Usually at this point in time, all soldiers in the camp are currently having their lunch.

Xiao Jing stood in front of the bathhouse and looked around. When she was convinced that there were no other unauthorized people around, she then gently opened the door with just enough space for her to enter.Immediately after, she hung a sign that says maintenance in progressin the middle of the door.

She conveniently locked the door and after making sure that it is absolutely safe, she turned around happily and prepared to take a bath.

However, the moment she turned around, every inch of her body became rigid and petrified. Her footsteps became as heavy as a thousand kg of steel, making her unable to move.

A man with a naked upper body looked straight at her.He doesnt seem to be angry, but instead, amusement could be seen in those eyes. The man glanced at the door behind her that was locked in (with the door locked from the outside) and looked back at Xiao Jing with a crafty smile.

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