Jun Ye Can't Help But Tease His Wife Chapter 3

Chapter 03: I Admire You Very Much

Xiao Jings huge eyeballs flashed as her line of sight looked downwards. When she did, it just so happened that her sight fell on the mans trousers that seemed to have loosened and could fall down at any time.

The man, who was still motionlessly standing in his original position, seemed to take interest in the soldier who suddenly appeared and locked the front door of the bathhouse.

Sir! Xiao Jing got her composure back and hastily stood up in a military posture.

The zongzi man directly turned off the shower using the back of his hand, and his vision fell down to the water that gathered at his feet. His voice was lukewarm as he asked, Ready to bathe?

Xiao Jing was at a loss for words. Should she answer yes, or no? If she said yes, then doesnt that mean that she must undress in front of him? If she answered no, then what am I doing here? Peeking at the superior while hes bathing? How shameful!

The zongzi man did not hear a reply, so he lifted his head, and two pairs of eyes met each other.

Cold. That is the first reaction of Xiao Jing upon looking at such pair of eyes. It is as clear as day that it was so hot and bright outside the window, but at this moment, she suddenly feels hungry and cold, as if her heart is like dying embers.

Take off your clothes. After his voice fell, the zongzi man stopped talking and did not bother to look at her anymore. He directly pulled off his trousers, and opened the shower.

Xiao Jings body went stiff and is unable to move a single step. There are countless of excuses running through her mind. She would rather go against the law or be a pervert than expose her true identity.

The man hangs his trousers on the clothes rack to dry in the air. His eyes flickered and fell on the other partys body. Could it be that your body is really as Xiao Ye had mentioned, there is a secret illness?

What? Xiao Jing was stunned and did not understand the implied meaning of his words.

The man spread out his hand and let the cold water fall into the hollow of his palm, and suddenly the cold water boiled up. His tone dropped as he said, I am quite curious as to what kind of secret illness will make you easily frightened and nervous.

Xiao Jing staggered a single step, and inwardly felt the impending crisis. This is definitely a matter of life and death. It is entirely possible for this person to immediately peel her off just to get an answer.

I dont have a secret illness. I just admire you. Xiao Jing thoughtlessly blurted out as she smashed a cracked pot. {T/N: idiom.crazy despair in the face of a blemish, defect, error or setback}

Hmm? The man turned his head back and his gaze was sharp, like he is looking at an idiotic person. He looked at Xiao Jing, who said such words, in this manner.

I heard the captain say that this time, you are going to pick a competent person, so I intend to volunteer myself. Xiao Jing raised her head and uttered those words that are filled with indignation.

"You are recommending yourself?" The man repeated her words.

Xiao Jing nodded in a hurry. Yes, you are already aware that I am a child of the Xiao Family. My familys generations have always produced generals and I refuse to admit that I am inferior. When one feels resentment, one strives to become stronger. Since you are the leader of one of the special forces team and since you recognize my identity, might as well accept me. I will spare no effort to serve this country!

The man shut off the shower and directly put on the clothes that were on his side, and step by step, he approached Xiao Jing.

Xiao Jing's heart is beating hard. She is terrified. What should I do?

The man came over, and eyed at Xiao Jing covetously. Could he really believe the nonsense babbling of that darned Xiao Ye about this bodys secret illness?

Are you afraid? The man put on his gloves and gently lifted Xiao Jings drooping head. The mans cold face was like a block of ice that had been frozen for thousands of years. With just a glance, Xiao Jings psychological defense collapsed.

Xiao Jing forced a smile and said, You are my hero. I am full of admiration for you.

Do you know who I am?

Well Xiao Jing hesitated. Who is he? The company (of troops) seems to have never mentioned the identity of this person.

You dont even who I am.How could you have admiration for me? The man bypassed her and walked over to the locked front door of the bathhouse. His fingertips gently flicked and the door lock popped open.

Xiao Jing swallowed a mouthful of saliva. It felt like her heart was lacking oxygen that she was almost unable to hold herself from kneeling down and hugging the thigh of this influential person. Fortunately, she is formidable and domineering, and that made her heart stabilize.

The whole bathhouse had regained its usual peacefulness. Xiao Jing hurriedly ran over to the front door and locked it tightly. After exhaling a deep breath, she hung her clothes and opened the shower. Suddenly, cold water flowed down from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet. Xiao Jing hurriedly rushed to shut off the shower.

This is cold water?

But just a moment ago, while the zongzi man was taking a shower, he was steaming hot.

Did he turn off the hot water after he went out?

Sure enough, the people on top are not good goods. One must not be proud of them. On such a hot day, he wrapped his whole body like a zongzi. Is he not too afraid to get a sweat rash?

Mu Xichi stood in front of the door of Room 501 in Area A of the camp. He was preparing to knock on the door when his peripheral vision caught sight of the staircase and his captain is unhurriedly walking forward. As such, he hastily walked over to meet him.

"Did you get the information?" Shen Chengfeng held out his hand.

Mu Xichi placed the file case in his hand. Failing to understand the direction where his leader came from, he asked,Where did the captain go? {T/N: Regardless of military rank, a subordinate can address their team/squad leader as captain, and vice-captain for the deputy leader.}

Bath. Shen Chengfeng pushed open the door of the dormitory.

Mu Xichi faintly knitted his brows. He listened to Lian Qing earlier as he explained the facilities of a high-class dormitory, which is complete with washing equipment, and one does not need to go to the big bathhouse anymore to bathe together with the soldiers.

You can go back. Shen Chengfeng hung the coat on the clothes rack. He switched on the table lamp, opened the file, and read it word per word.

Mu Xichi started babbling and asked, Why is the captain so curious about this Xiao Jing? Is it really because of the words that General Xiao Ye told you before leaving?

Shen Chengfeng did not reply to his question, but he fixedly stared at him.

Mu Xichis neck shrunk back, lowered his head, and walked out of the dorm room.

Shen Chengfeng took off his gloves and gently pressed the palm of his hand to the clean and flawless resume.

The next moment, white smoke suddenly appeared. Just now, only a table of ashes was left from the formerly complete sheet of paper.

Before he departed for this journey, Xiao Ye left a photo inside his car.

With an expression that looked like looking down on the world, he teased him. This is my fourth elder brother, the most useless among us in the Xiao Household, but he is very special. If you dont believe me, you just let him take off his clothes and youll see something wonderful!

I have no interest in him.

Why dont we make a bet? You take him in to the special forces and there will be ample of time for you to discover what is so special about him.

Shen Chengfeng put the gloves back on, and his fingertips tapped on the table. It was just originally a joke. Now, he really is a little bit interested.

Xiao Jing admires me. Is that really so?

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