Jun Ye Can't Help But Tease His Wife Chapter 4

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Chapter 04: Physical Examination

When Xiao Jing was about to enter her room after taking a shower, she almost got frightened to death due to a certain person who suddenly emerged inside her room.

Why is that every time she sees Captain Lian Qing, she has this feeling of being scrutinized with the way he looks at her? Is his pair of peach blossom eyes too vulgar?

Yes, thats right. That must be it!

Where have you been? Lian Qing heard the movement behind him, so he turned back, and looked at the figure thats still standing motionless at the door of the room. He hurriedly stepped forward, and asked, Did you take a shower?

Xiao Jing felt embarrassed and threw aside the underwear that she changed from after bathing, and tried to shift the sensitive topic as she asked, "What does captain came here for?"

Lian Qing looked around and made sure that there was no outsider inside the room before he cautiously closed the door. Then, he sat down on a chair.

Xiao Jing knitted her eyebrows and frowned. She, yet again, allowed this man to smoke inside her own room.

After smoking a cigarette, Lian Qing prudently said, Today, your performance made me very surprised.

Xiao Jing blinked and lightly coughed as she reasoned, It was probably because I wasnt able endure the other persons questioning eyes. After all, the blood that runs inside my veins is that of the Xiao Family.

Therefore, I am going to let you enter the special forces team, declared Lian Qing.

What did he just say?! What had she done?! Why did the conversation suddenly turned into this?! When did she say she was going to the special forces team?!

With my thin and weak body, are you sure that you are not sending me there to become a laughingstock?!

Lian Qing extinguished the cigarette butt. His despise on worldly conventions in the past vanished, and earnestly said, This time, the military division opened a back door for us. They deliberately arranged to choose an outstanding soldier from our camp to enter the elite special forces. I am very optimistic about you.

Captain, I think this opportunity is more suitable for you.

Hhha! Your name has already been reported. I am just here to inform you about it. You have performed well within these two days and tried to make a good impression in front of the superiors. Lian Qing patted Deputy Xiao Jings shoulder, and wring hers wrists while putting on a warrior look on his face.

As Xiao Jing looked up, she saw four characters from the depths of his eyes that says: Strive for more fortune!

Oh, he actually wants to push myself out as a shield.Of course, his men are all hedonistic sons who are just here to eat, so who would have the ability to dare and enter the special forces team?!

What theyre doing to me now, isnt this what people call oppression?

Xiao Jing, for the glory of our 525th battalion, I will be conducting your training starting today. This way, when you report to the special forces team next week, you could leave each and every one of them in awe till their eyeballs come out. Lian Qing placed both of his hands on her shoulder and then noticed something so he asked, What are you wearing in your vest? Why is it bulging?

Xiao Jings big eyes suddenly opened wide. Just a moment ago, the cold water upset her and after that event, she had forgotten to tie that piece of white cloth around her chest.

Lian Qing's hand slowly moved downwards, and when his hand was only one centimeter away from the position of heart, Xiao Jing knocked off his hand.

Without a change in her facial expression, Xiao Jing said, Captain, I will not disappoint you. Starting today, I will practice all the fundamentals with great intensity and strive to achieve glory and honor for our 525th battalion.

Good. Sure enough, Comrade Xiao Xiao is really worthy of this captains favor. Lian Qing rubbed Xiao Jings head and thought: Why is this little guys stature a little short? Is it because I have always kneaded this head from time to time in the past two years?



Dont touch my head just like youre stroking a dogs head.

Lian Qing withdrew his hand and laughed heartily as he raised his head. Take a good rest for now. At two oclock, assemble in the drill ground.

When the captain left, the room finally became quiet again. Xiao Jing sat on the bedside, and wrapped a long white strip of cloth around her chest.

Knock. Knock. The sound of knocking on the door was once again heard and the next moment, the person at the other side directly pushed open the door.

Shoot! Xiao Jing didnt have enough time to put on her coat, so she drilled herself into the quilt.Shes grinding her teeth while glaring at a certain someone whom she did not invite to come in.

Mu Xichi halted his footsteps as he was glared at by the other persons sharp eyes. His sight fell on to the quilt covering the other party before he started talking. Second Lieutenant Xiao,are you preparing to take a midday nap?

Xiao Jing did not dare to move as her body turned stiff inside the quilt. She forced a smile before asking, What matter does senior officer have for this soldier?

Mu Xichi didnt answer but instead circled around the room twice. He has to say that the treatment towards this soldier is pretty good. Really worthy of bearing the name with a famous background. Everyone knows that each and every soldier insidethis courtyard is a child of the big shots in the capital.

Sir, do you have something important to say to me? Xiao Jing held her quilt tightly, fearing that the other person is currently trying to figure out how to snatch the quilt away from her body. She couldnt imagine her reaction if her white and glowing skin will be exposed after her quilt was robbed off. But for sure, the other persons expression would be more wonderful and brilliant as compared to a person who looked like he had eaten shit.

Mu Xichi threw his gaze on top of Xiao Jings body, and his eyes just happened to see a long bandage under the quilt and curiously asked, What is that thing?

Xiao Jing followed his line of sight and her heart suddenly stagnated. She forced both of her hands to grab the long white bandage back into the quilt, and then smiled bitterly as she replied, My legs and feet arent a little bit agile so I used it to bind them.

Arent you feeling hot? Mu Xichi pointed at Xiao Jings forehead and said, You seem to be sweating.

I dont feel hot. This is a good method for the body to detoxify. Xiao Jing closed her eyes to indicate her refusal to continue with the conversation. If senior officer has nothing else to say, I wish to take my midday nap.

Mu Xichi nodded. Captain Lian recommended your name. I came to tell you that our captain will personally conduct your physical examination. This is an essential procedure if you want to enter the special forces team.

What kind of physical examination? Xiao Jing doesnt know why her mind is quite restless after hearing this.

Mu Xichi answered without hesitation, One-on-one, close combat training.

Be courageous. Anyway, were not going to leave this world alive, isnt it? The corners of Mu Xichis mouth raised as if he was rejoicing in other peoples misfortune.

Suddenly, Xiao Jing wished to die and wanted to withdraw from being the sacrificial lamb of the 525th battalion.

We all went through that step. You need not be afraid. Although the captain is quite fierce, he will never kill you. You will only need to lie down on bed for several months.

Sir, can I choose to abstain?

Mu Xichi shook his head and said, If these words that you spoke before me right now was said in front of the captain, I think you will be beaten miserably.

Xiao Jing suddenly thought of those eyeballs resembling a pair of icicles. If those icicles fall down on her body, even if the other party wouldnt do anything to get rid of her, she would certainly be jabbed with a few holes.

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