King Of Gods Chapter 1179

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Chapter 1179 – Phoenix Nest

The group soon approached Phoenix Forest. Every plant that made up Phoenix Forest was extremely precious. They were also extremely tough and hard to destroy.

“Thank you for that, Brother Yu!” Zhao Feng said with a faint smile.

The Golden-Armed Race trio and Zhao Feng only met recently. The relationship between them wasn’t very strong, but the trio was willing to help Zhao Feng get rid of this trouble. This was something that Zhao Feng hadn’t expected.

“There’s no need to be respectful. Only us three from the Golden-Armed Race have come to Phoenix Forest. We will need Brother Zhao’s and this senior’s help!” Yu Hen said with a faint smile as his eyes scanned over Zhao Feng and the azure-robed elder.

The azure-robed elder hadn’t said anything through the whole situation, but no one was suspicious because the tall male from the Golden-Armed Race also never spoke.

Now that they were in Phoenix Forest, they could hear the sounds of battle more clearly.

“Look, there’s a phoenix nest there!” Yu Hen looked in a certain direction and said with excitement.

Trees and vines formed a ball that gave off a faintly hot and pleasant smell in the distance not far away.

“Phoenix nest?” Zhao Feng was slightly puzzled. Weren’t phoenix nests extremely rare, and didn’t they contain the most fortune in Phoenix Forest? How could they meet one so easily?

“This is just a small phoenix nest in the outer regions, and it’s the land of rest for many Phoenix-Tailed Birds. The very center of Phoenix Forest has an enormous phoenix nest, and the Phoenix-Tailed Birds that lay within it are the most beautiful. That is where the biggest fortune is!” The girl in pink seemed to know what Zhao Feng was puzzled about and slowly explained for him.

“Human, go die!” Right as they were chatting, the Phoenix-Tailed Bird flew out and spat out several multi-colored flames.

“Let me do it!” Yu Hen roared as his body started to burn with a terrifying bloodline power, and a surge of golden light surrounded his right arm.

This Phoenix-Tailed Bird only had the strength of a Rank Two True God. Yu Hen could handle it alone, and Zhao Feng would be able to see the strength of a genius from the Golden-Armed Race.


A golden layer appeared on Yu Hen’s right arm. It seemed to be forged from bronze and iron, and it looked like it contained immense power.

“Golden Kill Punch!” Yu Hen raised his arm and punched out with a fierce golden fist.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Seeing that the opponent’s strength was so great, the Phoenix-Tailed Bird didn’t dare to take it easy. It spat out more multi-colored flames from its mouth. These flames then formed into a multi-colored net and covered Yu Hen’s attack.

Boom! Weng~~

Yu Hen’s golden circle of light charged through the flaming net, but its power was weakened until it finally landed on the vines in the back. However, what Zhao Feng didn’t expect was that Yu Hen’s weakened golden punch didn’t cause much damage to the wood and vines in Phoenix Forest.


The Phoenix-Tailed Bird was extremely fast, and it left countless rainbow-colored flames in its wake as it circled toward Yu Hen and prepared to chop him up into pieces.

“Golden Ripple Blade!” Yu Hen changed his offensive style; his right hand straightened into a knife-like shape that slashed out with countless golden ripples.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Phoenix-Tailed Bird with the strength of a Rank Two True God was unable to even harm Yu Hen, so it immediately ran away.

“Let’s go to the phoenix nest!” Yu Hen didn’t chase after the Phoenix-Tailed Bird. After all, Phoenix-Tailed Birds specialized in speed, and they were like fish in water in Phoenix Forest. This was why the Phoenix-Tailed Bird didn’t just leave immediately even though there were so many intruders.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Everyone arrived at the spot where the Phoenix-Tailed Bird was a moment ago.

“This is Nine Pore Blood Qi Grass, Purple Heart Golden Flower” Zhao Feng found many precious resources from his first glance alone. They were like a rainbow scattered across the phoenix nest.

“Phoenix-Tailed Birds like to collect and decorate their nests with precious and colorful materials, and they’re very competitive. The effects of herbs in a Phoenix-Tailed Bird’s nest are even stronger than normal!” Yu Hen said with a smile and took away all the resources in this phoenix nest.

Yu Hen was the one that had defeated the Phoenix-Tailed Bird. Besides, this phoenix nest was in the outer regions, so the resources in it weren’t very precious. Thus, no one minded.

“Phoenix Forest is extremely unique!” Zhao Feng felt that the world was extremely big and that everyone was different. Each race had their own beliefs and routines. The place where the Phoenix-Tailed Birds stayed contained many precious resources, and cultivating here was easier than other places. This was why Phoenix Forest attracted so many experts.

Everyone flew toward the inner regions and soon found another phoenix nest. This phoenix nest contained two Phoenix-Tailed Birds that both had the strength of a Rank Two True God.

There was nothing to be said when the two sides met. They immediately clashed. This time, it was the female and the azure-robed elder that took action.


The azure-robed elder was extremely strong, and he instantly suppressed the opposing Phoenix-Tailed Bird.

“A cultivator of the Dao of Lightning very strong!” Yu Hen and the tall male gave a few more glances toward the azure-robed elder.

The two Phoenix-Tailed Birds escaped with injuries. Since the azure-robed elder had done more work, he received 60% of the resources.

“So many phoenix nests!” Zhao Feng looked forward.

The closer they got to the center, the more phoenix nests there were. Each phoenix nest contained at least two strong Phoenix-Tailed Birds.

“Sacred Lightning Dominating Body!” This time, Zhao Feng circulated his Sacred Lightning Body and charged out. Alongside him was the azure-robed elder and the female.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Countless slices of fire swept toward them from the front. Although the fire was extremely thin, the power contained within was not to be underestimated.

“God Destroying Finger!” Zhao Feng’s fingers quickly waved through the sky as he circulated the Metal of Wind Lightning. Countless golden lights shot out and cut through the lines of fire.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The penetrating golden lines were extremely strong, and they even left countless scorch marks behind on the tough trees.

“Let’s go, these humans are very strong!” Every time the Phoenix-Tailed Birds weren’t a match for their opponents, they would retreat.

“Brother Zhao, good strength!” Yu Hen said with a smile, and the tall male also gave a deep look toward Zhao Feng. Although Zhao Feng’s strength didn’t stand out too much, it was rather shocking that he was so strong while only being at the peak stages of the Mystic Light Realm.

“This is a Water Lines Sacred Spirit Flower!” The female’s eyes locked onto a certain herb, and she exclaimed when they arrived at the phoenix nest.

The Water Lines Sacred Spirit Flower was apparently a precious resource for those that cultivated the Dao of Water. The lines on it were a symbol of the laws. It could be directly merged into a Sacred Power Whirlpool, stabilizing it and creating a stronger foundation when breaking through to the Heavenly Divine Realm in the future. Apparently, it also helped Demigods break through to higher ranks, and it was very useful to cultivators that cultivated the Dao of Ice and Water in general.

Although this Water Lines Sacred Spirit Flower didn’t have many lines on it, it was a very rare treasure.

“I’ll give this herb to Brother Zhao and this senior!” Yu Hen said after the Golden-Armed Race trio talked with each another.

“Then I shall be taking it!” Zhao Feng had wanted this Water Lines Sacred Spirit Flower in the first place, which is why he directed them to this phoenix nest.

Zhao Feng cultivated all five elements, so the Water Lines Sacred Spirit Flower was useful to him. Furthermore, the Water Lines Sacred Spirit Flower could also get those people trailing behind them to come out.

“Wait up!”

As expected, exclamations sounded from behind.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Several figures appeared before their group. They were from the Blue Scaled Race.

The Golden-Armed Race trio had ugly expressions. They didn’t expect that the Blue Scaled Race group would follow them.

“Brother Zhao, the Blue Scaled Race wants to kill you! Find a chance and run away!” Wei Ke’s soul message suddenly sounded in Zhao Feng’s mind. Zhao Feng paused for a moment before immediately revealing a smile, and he didn’t take it to heart.

“What’s the meaning of you following us!?” Yu Hen questioned with a grim expression.

“We just coincidentally passed by!” a Rank Three True God from the Blue Scaled Race said.

There were no other forces nearby, and the Blue Scaled Race had eight people while the Golden-Armed Race’s group had five. Did they still need to be respectful to the Golden-Armed Race?

“The Water Lines Sacred Spirit Flower is most suitable for those that cultivate the Dao of Water. I hope that the Golden-Armed Race can give this precious resource to us!” a Rank Two True God said.

Yu Hen and the female had ugly expressions. If they fought head-on, they would be the ones at a disadvantage. Was it really worth it to fight over a single Water Lines Sacred Spirit Flower?

“This treasure is Brother Zhao’s. If Brother Zhao doesn’t mind, there’s nothing wrong with giving it to you, but if Brother Zhao doesn’t agree, then don’t force us!” Yu Hen wasn’t as forceful as when they were outside Phoenix Forest and left the decision to Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng, hand it over!” Hu Sang revealed a deadly smile.

“Hand over the Water Lines Sacred Spirit Flower. You don’t have any right to it!” Quasi-God Lan Ye walked out. He had a cold expression and spoke directly. Quasi-God Lan Ye was the strongest Demigod in the Blue Scaled Race, so one didn’t need to explain the value of the Water Lines Sacred Spirit Flower to him.

The Blue Scaled Race was originally planning to just ambush the Golden-Armed Race’s group. They weren’t aiming to kill the Golden-Armed Race; all they wanted to do was kill Zhao Feng and scare the Golden-Armed Race away. However, their first priority now was the Water Lines Sacred Spirit Flower and then killing Zhao Feng.

“Then what right doyouhave?” Zhao Feng had a calm expression and showed no signs of panic.

“Measly ant, you wouldn’t be able to block even one move against me!” Quasi-God Lan Ye said with a cocky attitude and looked at Zhao Feng in disdain. A peak Mystic Light Realm dared to talk about rights with him? Zhao Feng really didn’t know how tall Heaven or how deep the Earth were.

“If you’re so confident in yourself, then let’s make a bet. You can attack me three times. If I can’t block them all, then this Water Lines Sacred Spirit Flower is yours!” Zhao Feng smiled and said as a golden-blue flower with profound laws appeared in his hands.

Quasi-God Lan Ye just said that Zhao Feng couldn’t block even one move of his. Now, Zhao Feng was making a bet with Quasi-God Lan Ye, giving him three moves. Quasi-God Lan Ye couldn’t reject such an offer.

The Golden-Armed Race trio paused. They didn’t expect Zhao Feng to say such a thing, but they were confident in Zhao Feng.

No one from the Blue Scaled Race furrowed their eyebrows. They didn’t think that Zhao Feng would be able to take three blows from Quasi-God Lan Ye. Under normal situations, Quasi-God Lan Ye would be able to kill a bunch of peak Mystic Light Realms with just one casual move. However, Zhao Feng was not normal, and since he was the one to make this suggestion, it meant that he was confident in himself.

“The Water Lines Sacred Spirit Flower shall be mine after three moves!” Quasi-God Lan Ye’s eyebrows rose for a moment before he spoke in a confident tone. He had already witnessed Zhao Feng’s strength since they had been following him for some time. He was indeed strong and was probably on par with a normal Rank Two True God, but Quasi-God Lan Ye had killed a Rank Two True God before.

There was no reason for Quasi-God Lan Ye to not agree to Zhao Feng’s challenge. He was confident that he could heavily injure Zhao Feng in three moves. After obtaining the Water Lines Sacred Spirit Flower, he might even have the chance to directly kill Zhao Feng and use that to scare the Golden-Armed Race trio that was all cocky in front of him.

“If I can block three moves from you, shouldn’t you offer something as well? I believe that someone like Quasi-God Lan Ye has some good treasures!” Zhao Feng revealed a smile.

Quasi-God Lan Ye paused for a moment. Did Zhao Feng really think he could block three moves?

“Hmph, I’ll use this Metal God Crystal as the bet!” Quasi-God Lan Ye flipped his hand, and a sparking golden crystal pearl appeared in his hand. He had been following the Golden-Armed Race trio, so Quasi-God Lan Ye knew that Zhao Feng specialized in the laws of Metal. Now that he had taken out this Metal God Crystal, Zhao Feng shouldn’t have any more nonsense to say.

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