King Of Gods Chapter 970

Chapter 970: Stealing the Eye Translator: Thunder07 Editor: adeadaxe

Chapter 970 – Stealing the Eye

“His life and death belong to the Samsara of Death.”

A pair of hell-like dark yellow eyes slowly came into sight above the Emperor of Death’s weak soul, and a ripple of darkness started to spin slowly like the Samsara of Life and Death.

Everything within a thousand miles that had just escaped from the destruction of Zhao Feng’s God Eye and the Intent of Death suddenly fell into the abyss of Samsara once more. The entire world went dark, as if it was a prison.

When Zhao Feng looked at the pair of dark yellow eyes, he seemed to see his past and future. The ring of black in the eye was like the destiny of life, which he was unable to see.

“So, this is the Eye of Samsara?”

Zhao Feng was stunned. The Eye of Samsara had the ability to make a soul immortal by creating the Samsara Immortal Body. There were also other abilities that Zhao Feng didn’t even know of.

At this moment, the Eye of Samsara had descended into the Imperial Tombs. However, the Eye of Samsara’s target wasn’t Zhao Feng it was the Emperor of Death. A powerful Intent suddenly shot out from the Eye of Samsara that made even Zhao Feng’s powerful Soul Intent shake.

A pulling force appeared from the Eye of Samsara, and the Emperor of Death’s soul slowly moved away from Zhao Feng’s Gaze of the God Eye as it was dragged upward by an even-stronger force.

This suction force completely surpassed Zhao Feng’s Gaze of the God Eye. After all, Zhao Feng just used the God Eye Disintegration, which almost completely used up Zhao Feng’s Eye Intent. Zhao Feng was currently at his limits.


At the same instant, the Emperor of Death’s Samsara Immortal Body started to slowly recover and wrap around the Emperor of Death’s soul since Zhao Feng was no longer using his God Eye Disintegration.

Seeing this, the Emperor of Death let out a breath. He originally thought that the Samsara Immortal Body wouldn’t work anymore. From the looks of it, even though Zhao Feng’s God Eye had evolved, he was still unable to kill the Emperor of Death, who had fallen into the Samsara of Death.

“Zhao Feng, my pursuit will never end. After you leave the Imperial Tombs, I will acquire the Samsara Immortal Body of a Sacred Lord and wait for you.”

The Emperor of Death went with the flow of the Eye of Samsara and slowly entered the Samsara of Death, leaving the range of Zhao Feng’s Gaze of the God Eye.

Zhao Feng had an ugly expression, and anger seemed to burn through his eyes. The Emperor of Death’s soul had reached the beginning stages of the Mystic Light Realm. If he was able to obtain a Samsara Immortal Body at the beginning-stage Mystic Light Realm as well, then his battle-power would increase dramatically.

At that point in time, soul attacks wouldn’t be the Emperor of Death’s only forte; the power of Death from his physical attacks would also threaten Zhao Feng greatly. After all, Zhao Feng’s Sacred Lightning Body didn’t have the undying attribute yet. If it was destroyed, Zhao Feng would have to start re-cultivating again.

Seeing the Emperor of Death’s soul and Samsara Immortal Body slowly enter the Eye of Samsara, Zhao Feng’s expression changed. His eyes became decisive.


Zhao Feng stopped the Gaze of the God Eye and closed his eyes.

“Hehe.” The Emperor of Death laughed after seeing Zhao Feng stop the Gaze of the God Eye.

He belonged to the Samsara of Death. Even if Zhao Feng was at his peak state, his Gaze of the God Eye wouldn’t be able to surpass the Samsara of Death.

However, Zhao Feng’s left eye suddenly opened, and a faint golden beam of light shone onto the Emperor of Death’s head and went straight through it.

“What is this?” The Emperor of Death paused for a moment. This power didn’t seem to be made of physical or soul power, and it didn’t affect him at all. It was as if it didn’t belong in this dimension. But even if it did affect him, so what?

The Emperor of Death smiled when he saw that Zhao Feng’s technique was useless. The Emperor of Death’s soul had fallen into the Samsara of Death and he had the Samsara Immortal Body, meaning that he couldn’t die. What could Zhao Feng possibly do to him?

“Disperse,” Zhao Feng gently said as the faint golden light suddenly drew a circle around the Emperor of Death’s right eye.

“Hmm?” The Emperor of Death had a disdainful expression, but he suddenly felt a weird sensation in his soul.

“This is?” The Emperor of Death’s expression changed dramatically.

His left eye saw a terrifying scene his right eye slowly floated out.

His Eyes of Death were obtained through a soul inheritance, so he still had them even after being revived.

At this moment, there was a hole where the Emperor of Death’s right eye should’ve been. An Eye of Death floated in the air in front of his soul.

“Spatial Movement.”

A spatial disturbance started to appear around the right Eye of Death.

The Emperor of Death seemed to think of something, and his expression turned to fear and panic. Although his right Eye of Death had left his soul, it still contained his Soul Intent.

“Destruct! Self-destruct!” The Emperor of Death could still connect to the right Eye of Death. As long as he destroyed the right Eye of Death, it would appear again from the Samsara of Death.

However, in the next instant, the right Eye of Death completely disappeared, and so did the connection between the Emperor of Death and the right Eye of Death.

“Zhao Feng, my Eye of Death! Where did you hide my Eye of Death!?” The Emperor of Death failed to self-destruct his Eye of Death and roared. His expression became twisted, and he acted like was insane.

The whole reason he started chasing Zhao Feng in the first place was to steal his Ninth God’s Eye, but now his own right Eye of Death was stolen by that very same Zhao Feng. The Emperor of Death couldn’t handle it. He knew that Zhao Feng had hidden his right eye somewhere.

“How is this possible? You actually dug out my Eye of Death? This is impossible!”

The Emperor of Death almost became crazy, and he struggled in an attempt to escape the suction force of the Eye of Samsara. He wanted to charge at Zhao Feng and skin him alive.

He couldn’t understand what kind of power that mysterious light was or how it could separate his Eye of Death from his soul.

The Emperor of Death struggled and used his Intent of Death to fight back against the Eye of Samsara, but how could he possibly escape from the Eye of Samsara?

“Zhao Feng, give back my Eye of Death!” The Emperor of Death was completely sucked into the Eye of Samsara.

“Hehe, when you come next time, remember to give me your other Eye of Death,” Zhao Feng’s joyful voice sounded as he expressed his thanks to the Emperor of Death.

After losing one Eye of Death, the power of the Gaze of Death would reduce dramatically. Even if he had a beginning-stage Sacred Lord-level Samsara Immortal Body next time, Zhao Feng wouldn’t need to be scared of him.


The Eye of Samsara gave a glance at Zhao Feng after sucking away the Emperor of Death, then slowly closed and faded into the air.

“Eye of Samsara” Zhao Feng murmured as he descended from the sky and sat down on the ground.

Although his Eye Intent and the mysterious golden ball had already been depleted, Zhao Feng still used one more God Eye Disintegration at the end. A piercing pain and a sleepy sensation washed over Zhao Feng’s left eye. He immediately used some herbs and medicine.

Zhao Feng was extremely weak right now. After being eroded by the Intent of Death, both his soul and state of existence had been weakened, but luckily, Zhao Feng’s foundation was very strong; he would be able to recover pretty quickly.

Zhao Feng circulated the Wood of Wind Lightning to complement the medicine and heal his body and soul. His withered body soon started to recover. Zhao Feng’s recovery speed was extremely strong; as long as he had enough lifeforce, he could recover.

“I wonder what this Eye of Death can do for me.”

Zhao Feng’s consciousness entered the dimension of his left eye. An Eye of Death that existed in a soul-like state floated quietly above the mysterious golden ball. It contained the Emperor of Death’s Soul Intent, but it was completely suppressed.

“After I recover, I’ll use the God Tribulation Lightning to get rid of the Intent of Death, but this Eye of Death” Zhao Feng murmured.

Zhao Feng had obtained a technique known as the Forbidden Eye Stealing Technique from the Three Eyed Saint. It contained information and theories behind stealing and transplanting an eye, but no one had tried it yet.

Furthermore, this knowledge was only based on physical objects, and it was relatively low-level. The Eye of Death that Zhao Feng currently had existed in a soul state.

“If I fail, the Eye of Death might be destroyed, which would return it to the Emperor of Death.”

Zhao Feng heart became heavy. Even if Zhao Feng had a complete eye-stealing technique, he wouldn’t dare to use it.

Zhao Feng decided to leave the Eye of Death in the dimension of his God Eye for now. This would at least get rid of the trouble that the Emperor of Death posed. A one-eyed Emperor of Death wouldn’t be able to threaten Zhao Feng.

Within a sea of bamboo, a transparent Eye of Samsara appeared in front of an elder. A black-robed body suddenly descended from the Eye of Samsara.

“Your freedom ends here,” the elder said.

“No, don’t! Zhao Feng took away my Eye of Death! I need to get it back and steal his God Eye!”

The Emperor of Death knelt on the ground and begged in pain.

“You can’t succeed.” The elder had a calm expression as he looked into the distance with a pair of dark eyes.

“No, if you had given me the Samsara Immortal Body of a beginning-stage Mystic Light Realm from the start, I wouldn’t have lost!” the Emperor of Death roared with anger and hatred.

“Hmph.” The black circle in the elder’s eyes suddenly started to spin.

“Arghh! Don’t!” The black symbols and curses around the Emperor of Death started to blink, and an irresistible power of Samsara was released. The Emperor of Death’s soul and body started to twist and slowly rip apart.


The Emperor of Death’s body and soul were shattered into pieces under extreme pain.

The next instant, a black figure seemed to appear in the elder’s Eye of Samsara. The elder then slowly walked toward a bamboo room.

“Disciple, come tell me your dream from yesterday.”

“Okay!” A young girl clad in faint green with a pair of clear eyes within the bamboo room gave a faint smile. She gave others a calm and peaceful feeling.

“In the dream, my father was a City Lord, and just as the fight to become my fiance was about to come to an end, a one-eyed youth arrived, but I can’t remember his name.”

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