Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Chapter 331

329 Bear San Returns To The Royal Capital.

After the cleaning, I went back and thanked Balima-san. I also told him that I paid half of it. Balima-san was a little disappointed, but he reluctantly said, [I understand].

I also told him that I will return to the capital in two days.

Tomorrow would be good, but when I think about the Bear Gate, I need to adjust the time. There was also a possibility that the date may have been written in the letter or my guild card.

The date of my departure should not be known by the King so that I can deceive him.

I dont think the King and Balima-san would meet and talk about the date of my departure, so itll be okay.

The next day, I and Karina went to the place where we can get the eggs from the big bird.

I asked Rasa-san yesterday about where we can find the eggs. I said I wanted some, so I asked her to do me a favor. She said they would deliver the eggs to the mansion, but I wanted to see the birds, so I decided to go and get them myself.

It is said that the bird was being managed in the agricultural area on the other side of Balima-sans residence. We walk towards the agricultural area while gazing at the lake. There were still many stalls around the lake.

[Everyone seems to be having fun.] Yuna

[This is all thanks to Yuna-san.] Karina

I heard that there were a lot of residents who were worried about the matter of water supply.

Thats when Balima-sans announcement came and the city returned to life. Now, if the Krakens water magic stone ran out of water again, riots may occur.

But itll be alright, right?

Im a little worried, but Ill believe its okay. We did our best.

The Ojisan who owns the shop selling the spices, also came to the mansion to meet with Karina. It seems that he came to tell her that he will stay in the town. And he also seems to have made an apology.

But now I can confidently purchase the curry spices. Thats good.

After walking for some time while gazing at the scenery of the city, we can finally see the agricultural area.

[Yuna-san, over there.] Karina

There was a hut at the place where Karina was pointing, and there is a sight of a large bird swimming in the lake beside the hut. Maybe thats the big bird? (TC: probably not this one.)

I thought it was an ostrich at first, but it wasnt.

It looks like a common duck swimming in the lake in front of me.

But it wasnt the size of a duck I knew. Its about the size of an ostrich.

There are sizes that allowed children to ride on their backs. As expected, different worlds and birds are mystical.

But do they lay eggs so much?

In my former world, every year the ducks migrate to different places, so it doesnt seem like theyd be laying eggs that much Ive seen it on TV.

Well, its a different world, with a big difference in size, and it seems like theyre raising them.

[If its that big, Karina would be able to ride it.] Yuna

[Yes, Ive been on one before. If you ask, you can ride on their backs.] Karina

[Is that so?] Yuna

[Adults are not allowed, but children are fine. I used to ride one and play well.] Karina

Oh, as an adult, I cant ride it, but if its a child, like Fina, it should be okay. It might be nice to bring Fina next time.

[But you must be able to swim. You can fall into the lake, so the children who cant swim back to the shore are not allowed to ride on it.] Karina

Isnt that obvious?

If you fall, you will drown if you cant swim.

Then, Fina who has never swim before cannot ride it. But isnt it okay since were having a swimming practice at the sea?

Itll depend on Finas hard work.

Unfortunately, Im an adult woman, so I cant ride it.

A~, its too bad, Im an adult.

[Do you want to ride one now Yuna-san?] Karina

Etto, what does that mean? Im sure shes making a mistake.

[You can ride one Yuna-san.] Karina

[I knew it.] Yuna

When said that, it made my heart become sad. I may not be a big adult, but I am not a child either.

When we arrive at the hut, we saw several men working. When they noticed us, they were surprised at how I look.

[Bear? Karina-sama?] Man

Their first line of sight was definitely on me. Im a Bear, what about it?

Karina talked to the man who was wondering.

[I heard you have eggs to be delivered to our house, we came to get it. Do you have it?] Karina

Karina explained why we came here. Karina can talk better than I do, so Ill leave it to her.

[If only you had told us earlier, we would have delivered it.] Man

The man respectfully talked to Karina.

After all, shes the lords daughter so the citizens treat her politely.

The man took us inside the hut and guided us to where the eggs were.

[The eggs were laid yesterday.] Man

When I went into the back of the room, there were two eggs about the size of an ostrich egg. Just like what I had seen on TV.

How many normal eggs can fit in it?

What about the taste?

Im looking forward to it.

[Can I really get both eggs?] Yuna

[Yes, please take it. Yuna-san will return to the capital tomorrow. Dont worry, well get it as well after waiting for a bit.] Karina

[Thank you.] Yuna

I paid the price of the eggs to the man, so now, I have the eggs of the big duck.

Karina said, , but Im the one who paid.

If its a souvenir, you have to buy it with your own money.

But now I have a good souvenir for the children of the orphanage and Fina. Im looking forward to everyones surprised faces.

Shall I make a huge fried egg?

Or a lot of pudding?

What kind of food would be delicious?

We thanked the man and left the hut.

But that was one huge duck.

I want it, but its impossible since there was no place to raise it. Its more like an ostrich. Itll be impossible to make a place in which a duck, like that one, can live in Crimonia.

If I want eggs, Ill come and buy them here.

Once we got the eggs, we went back to the mansion.

We finished eating lunch. So Ill serve them a cake.

[Delicious!] Karina

[Its true,] Rasa

[Mother, its delicious!] Norris

[Fufu, it was really good.] Ristil

Everyone except Balima-san was eating cake inside Karinas room.

I decided to eat a cake in Karinas room, along with Ristil-san and Norris. Then Rasa-san prepared us some tea. In the end, I became friends with Norris.

However, he kept calling me [Bear-san].

This was because Ristil-san introduced me as a bear. Well, if he asked me what do I look like, I have no choice but to say [Bear]. I gave up on all the small children because they all call me [Bear-san].

By the way, Balima-san was busy working on the lake. I dont know why he got more work, but he seems quite busy.

Ill give Rasa-san some sacred tea for Balima-san. It cant magically cure injuries, but it can recover strength and energy by drinking this tea. The effect had been proven by Cliff.

I dont want him to overdo it, but it seems that the people of this world really love their jobs so much, so it cant be helped.

Its not something that I can think of since I am a Hikikomori at heart.

That night, I slept with Karina just like yesterday.

Of course, also I summoned Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear. Ill return to the Royal Capital tomorrow, so I wont be able to see Karina for a while.

If I just come and go as I please, theyll get suspicious of me. So if I come here, it would be after when the sea trip was over.

The next morning, after we finished breakfast, I said my goodbyes.

[Yuna-san, please come again.] Karina

[Sure, Ill come back.] Yuna

I pat Karinas head.

[Please give my regards to Swaying Bear-chan and Hugging Bear-chan as well.] Karina

[Okay, but Im sure you said goodbye last night and this morning as well.] Yuna

[Yes, but still, please tell them.] Karina

Karina was saying goodbye to Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear last night before sleeping and in the morning when she woke up.

[Yuna-chan, thank you so much. Yuna-chan saved the city. Thank you for saving the future of this hungry child.] Ristil

Ristil-san touches her stomach.

[Please give birth safely.] Yuna

[Hes the third child, so hell be fine.] Ristil

When the time hes born, Ill have to bring something to celebrate.

The picture book will be too early, so I wonder if its good to give stuffed animals instead?

[Bear-san, are you going home?] Norris

[Yeah, Im going now. Get along with your mom and sister.] Yuna

[Yup.] Norris

Norris looked lonely while holding Ristil-sans hand.

He seems to like his mother, Ristil-san so much, but after he gets a younger brother or sister, will he be all right?

I heard that the youngest child would hate it when a new youngest child was born because the mother will have to give all of her attention to the new youngest child. Well, its the way the sibling thing works.

Lets hope its okay.

[Thank you very much for your help this time. Thank you for the tea. Thanks to you, Im feeling a lot better now.] Balima

Balima-sans complexion was good. He must have been tired due to his mental fatigue. It seems that the sacred trees tea helped relieve his fatigue.

[Since youre going to have a new member soon, you should do a moderate amount of work.] Yuna

[Yes, I cannot fall down from overworking. Also, please say hello to Follout-sama.] Balima

I made my promise.

Finally, I look at Rasa-san.

[Yuna-san. Next time, please teach me a new recipe. I will also study cooking even more.] Rasa

[Yes, Ill bring you some good food when I come back.] Yuna

I was sent off by everyone and left the mansion.

Karina tried to see me off the city gate, but I politely refused. If she followed me, I wont be able to use the Bear Gate.

I apologized to Karina in my heart, then I went to the house I bought yesterday. Of course, I made sure to check the area around it before heading inside.

The Bear Gate was installed in the warehouse.

And so, I opened the door and returned to Royal Capital.

Authors Note:

5 volumes had been released.

I went to a bookstore. But I didnt found it.

Was the arrival got delayed?
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