Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Chapter 332

330 Bear San Goes To The Castle To Report.

I used the Bear Gate to instantly return to the Bear House in the royal capital.

Going to a faraway place was quite difficult, but the return trip was very easy, so the Bear Gate really helped me a lot. The instantaneous movement was also good, but this one was rather convenient. It can also be used to defeat the Scorpion just like the last time.

Well, its nice to be back after some time, but its also a good idea to go and meet with the King as soon as possible.

So Ill make time adjustments here as well.

I have many things to do. But first, I have to clean the Bear House in the royal capital that I dont use often.

Since it was only used as a base for moving, it has accumulated dust. I dont know when Im going to bring an acquaintance.

Fina might stay with me here.

Ill spend my time cleaning, washing, etc. Then, in the afternoon, Ill head to the castle when its time for a snack.

While I was heading to the castle in the shape of a bear, I heard the sound of someone running from behind.

Whats that about?

someone was shouting my name. When I looked back, a beautiful blonde girl hugged me.

[Tilia?] Yuna

It was Tilia in her uniform who hugged me.

[Yuna, what are you doing here? are you perhaps heading to the castle?] Tilia

[Yes, but did Tilia just came back from school?] Yuna

Well, shes wearing a school uniform, so its obvious.

[Yup. So while I was on my way back to the castle, I ran because I saw the back of someone familiar walking in front of me.] Tilia

Its embarrassing to be told with such a cute smile.

[Does Tilia walk from school?] Yuna

[Yeah, thats right.] Tilia

[Even though youre a princess? Dont you use a carriage or be guarded by an escort?] Yuna

[I go by carriage to school. But I go with my friends on the way back, so Im walking back home.] Tilia

I thought she was being protected by a strict bodyguard, but that doesnt seem to be the case. Well, there wasnt one at the school festival either.

However, its quite surprising that shes not using the carriage on her way home. Was it okay for the princess to be walking out here alone?

Though I remembered one time, Tilias father, the King himself, went to the Bear House alone.

I get it.

The members of the royal family were doing whatever they please. Its no use thinking about it.

[So is Yuna going to see Flora?] Tilia

[I am going to meet with His Majesty today.] Yuna

[With Father?] Tilia

[He asked me to do a job. Im going to report it because the job was done.] Yuna

[Speaking of which, Yuna is an adventurer.] Tilia

Thats right.

By no means, my occupation and my race was a bear.

Im a human adventurer.

[But its amazing that Father personally asked you to do a job.] Tilia

[Eh?] Yuna

[Hes the King, so he wont ask you if he didnt trust you.] Tilia

[It just kinda happened. Theres something I wanted to get there. If it wasnt for that, I wouldnt do it.] Yuna

[Is that right? Father seems to like Yuna very much.] Tilia

Um, that King?

I have to think about that.

I wonder if thats true?

[The food you bring were very rare.] Tilia

[I think thats what he likes very much.] Yuna

He just wanted to eat pudding.

After some time while I was having a casual talk with Tilia, I can see the castle gate.

[Tilia-sama, welcome home.] Guard

[Im home.] Tilia

[Also, it seems that Yuna-dono is with you?] Guard

[It just happened by chance.] Yuna

The soldiers were used to my responses. They were hardly surprised by it.

Though sometimes when they change shifts, there were others who were very surprised. But quite often, the soldiers who knew me were at the gate.

[When Yuna-dono comes, we were told to take her to His Majesty the King.] Guard

[Shall I go there alone? Or with someone else?] Yuna

[I shall take you] Guard

[Its okay. Ill take her.] Tilia

[Tilia-sama?] Guard

Tilia stopped the soldiers who were trying to take me and offered to take me instead.

[But] Guard

[Leave it to me. Father is in the Oval Office, isnt he? Im going with Yuna.] Tilia

Tilia grabbed my Bear Puppet and she donna-donna me into the castle. The gate guard saw us off without saying a word.

While were walking, I met someone I wouldnt want to see.

[Ara, Yuna-chan, and Tilia-sama.] Eleanora

[Eleanora-san. Are you skipping your work again?] Yuna

[Even Yuna-chan, is saying the same thing as His Majesty. Im just taking a break. So, why are Yuna-chan and Tilia-sama together?] Eleanora

[Yuna is going to meet with Father, so Im taking her to his office.] Tilia

Eleanora-san thinks a little.

[Well then, I will also go with you.] Eleanora

[Hey, are you really working?] I wanted to tsukkomi her, but I held back Well, shes always like that anyway.

[Im not going there to play. Im not giving you delicious food.] Yuna

Its a problem if she misunderstood why Im here, so Ill just say that just in case.

[Yuna-chan, just what do you take me for?] Eleanora

I was right, arent I?

I always go to Flora-samas room. Then youre coming in from out of nowhere and eat food every time, werent you?

[Come on, lets go.] Eleanora

I got sandwiched between Tilia and Eleanora, so Im being donna-donna by both of them.

And so, we arrived at the usual office.

[Father, Im coming in.] Tilia

She opened the door without waiting for a reply from inside and entered the room.

[Tilia? Im working right now Yuna? And Eleanora?] King

The King, who was going through the mountains of papers, looked at Tilia and noticed that I and Eleanora-san were standing next to her.

[Yuna, youre back.] King

[Just a moment ago.] Yuna

Thats a lie.

[So why are you together with Tilia and Eleanora?] King

[When I came back from school, I found Yuna swaying her pretty tail. She said she wanted to see Father, so I brought her here.] Tilia

Im not swaying my tail. I was just walking normally.

[When I was taking a walk, I found a cute bear, so I followed her.] Eleanora

Eleanora imitated how cute the way Tilia talks.

[You should be working!] King

[I am working.] Eleanora

Didnt you just say you were taking a walk? The King was as amazed as I am.

[Okay. Thank you for bringing Yuna. You can both step out now.] King

The King waved his hand and tried to drive Eleanora-san and Tilia out of the room like they were some annoyance.

[What? What are you going to do alone with her? Yuna-chan is still a child!] Eleanora

[Father!] Tilia [FBI-san!] Attattin

[Shigotonowanashida. (Its about work.) Eleanora, you should know about that.] King

[Im just joking. You dont have to be so mad about it.] Eleanora

[Its because you said something stupid. Dont make stupid remarks like that because its going to have a negative impact on my daughter.] King

I think its too late. Shes already under her influence, shes way too deep. She always said these things in front of Tilia, thats why Tilias remarks were like that.

Shes definitely more influenced by Eleanora-san, than the queen.

On the other hand, Shia was a good kid because she grew up properly.

Shia was more like Cliff in a rather serious way. Even though Noa lives far away, she resembles Eleanora-san. I wonder, was it because of the blood?

[Then I can stay and listen to the report, right?] Eleanora

[Thats not fair. I also want to hear it.] Tilia

[I just asked to do a delivery job.] King

[Then its okay if we stay and listen to the report, right?] Tilia

Tilia looked at the King. The King looked at me.

[What do you think?] King

[Why are you asking me?] Yuna

[If its just an ordinary report, there is no problem. Thats why Im asking you. Ill be in trouble if I get blamed for it later.] King

Did he know something about the pyramid?

[What makes you think?] Yuna

[It took too long. I thought, with your bears, you would come back a little sooner.] King

Certainly, we waited a few days for the adventurers, we explored the basement of the pyramid and dived into the labyrinth. Furthermore, due to the time adjustment, I remained for two days in the city.

If you think about it normally, I should be back much earlier.

[But I might be doing some sightseeing in the city.] Yuna

[In that case, there is no problem. You were late, I thought something might have happened, so I tried to get them out of the room.] King

The King was trying to get them out for me, I see.

Certainly, I cannot speak openly about the pyramid.

But its like admitting that something mustve happened to drive Tilia out of the room. But even if I dont say anything, theyll stay and listen.

Either way, it will be the same.

Also, itll be a problem if Tilia talked about it at her school

[Tilia, this is my job as an adventurer.] Yuna

[I knew it, something mustve happened] King

[Something happened.] Eleanora

The King had a look.

Eleanora-san looks like shes an aunt somewhere. Ah, Eleanora-san may look young, but is she an actual aunt?

[Yuna-chan, Did you think something strange just now?] Eleanora

[Youre just imagining things.] Yuna

Dont go and read peoples hearts.

[Okay. For now, Tilia should leave the room.] King

[Eh?~] Tilia

[Dont me.] King

[Then, why can Eleanora stay?] Tilia

[Obviously. What would I do when I hear an outrageous story by myself. Its necessary because shes in charge of Yuna. And Eleanora knows what I asked Yuna.] King

Eh? What? The person in charge of me? Now, where have I heard that phrase before?

[Then, I will also be in charge of Yuna.] Tilia

Thats not a good idea.

Im not a bear from a zoo and I dont need you to feed me.

Moreover, whats with the princess being in charge of me?

[I also want to hear the report. Its unfair that everyone is hiding it from me.] Tilia

[Thats not it. I made a promise to Yuna. I simply protect that promise.] King

His promise.

The words reminded me of the hush order for the 10,000 monsters incident and the Kraken. Apparently, the King wanted to keep what Ive been doing a secret to the public.

Its harder than I thought.

[Then, on behalf of Tilia-sama, I shall listen to what Yuna-chan has to say.] Eleanora

Eleanora-sans words had been approved by the King, so she sat on a chair.

[Thats cheating. I also want to hear it.] Tilia

Tilia grabbed my clothes. It doesnt stretch, but I want you to stop pulling on it. I looked at the King to ask for help.

[You decide.] King

[Yuna] Tilia

Tilia looked at me in the eyes.

[] Yuna

I sigh as if I gave up.

[Dont tell it to anyone.] Yuna

[Yuna, thank you very much. I wont tell anyone.] Tilia

Even if I decline her here, she will definitely inquire about it later. Then I should give up and make her keep a promise.

Tilia happily sat on a chair, and so I did the same.

[Please keep quiet about it as well, Eleanora-san.] Yuna

[Its alright. I have a tight mouth. Oh, but I have to tell about it to my dear Cliff.] Eleanora

[No, please dont.] Yuna

The King and I sigh at the same time. The King also seems to be having a hard time with Eleanora-san. Do men have a hard time with women in this world?

Cliff seems to have a hard time, too.

Authors Note:

Its kinda funny because it was supposed to end on her way back to Crimonia.

I was wondering whether to make Tilia or the crown prince, listen to Yunas story, but I decided on Tilia.

Also, the crown princes turn has come a long way.

In the activity report, I wrote the difference between the 5 volumes of the book version and the web version. In the future, the story will proceed based on the book version. It may be related to the orphanage, so it would be helpful if you read it before the sea arc.

I apologize for the inconvenience it caused to our dear readers, and thank you.

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