Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Chapter 333

331 Bear Sans Report Ends.

Everyone is sitting in a chair.

[What kind of work did Yuna do?] Tilia

[I just asked her to deliver a package to the city of Dezerto.] King

The King emphasizes that he just asked me to deliver a package.

Well, thats true.

[The city of Dezerto? Its a city where the lake water has a problem, right?] Tilia

[You know that?] King

[Yeah, but I only heard from a child of a merchant in the school that there was a bit of a problem in the water of the lake. So I dont know the details.] Tilia

It hadnt turned into a big problem, yet It seems some rumors had already spread.

[In order to solve the problem of the lake, I asked Yuna, who happened to be in Capital city, to take the water magic stone to the city of Dezerto. Yunas bears were fast after all.] King

The King explained why he asked me, but did not mention it as the Krakens magic stone. Tilia was convinced by his words and she didnt seem to doubt any of it.

[So, were you able to safely deliver the magic stone?] King

[I was able to deliver it safely. However, there was a problem.] Yuna

When I said the word , the Kings face suddenly change.

[Tell me, what happened?] King

[For the time being, I would like you to read the letter from Balima-san. If theres something you dont understand, Ill explain it.] Yuna

Itll be faster if he read Balima-sans letter than have me explain everything from the very beginning. I dont know whats written in it, but judging from Balima-sans tone, it should be all included.

And its a hassle to tell something that was not written in the letter.

I gave Balima-sans letter, bitten by the Bear Puppet, to the King. With a subtle face, the King received the letter from the Bear Puppets mouth and carefully read the letter. Then, the Kings expression gradually changes.

And, after reading it, he put his hand on his head like hes massaging it and released a big exhale.

Then, he looked at me.

[Thinking of about it, I did ask you to go, but I never expected that this was the case.] King

[What? What was written?] Eleanora

When the King handed over the letter in silence, Eleanora-san stood up and received the letter. Then, Tilia went and peeked into the letter, even close enough to touch Eleanora-sans shoulder.

As they read the letter, their expressions changes.

[Ara-ra] Eleanora

[Is this true?] Tilia

[I have to thank you.] King

[Its my job to deliver the magic stone. What I did over there was my on own discretion.] Yuna

[Maybe so, but Im the one who let you go as insurance.] King

As expected, it was something like that.

If its just to deliver, it didnt have to be me.

[If theres nothing, then theres no problem. But if something happened, it might be too late. I couldnt send knights and wizards of the country from here.] King

I also heard it from Balima-san, there was a reason for them to consider.

He cant send knights or wizards of this country because it will create a big issue for the neighboring country. So, he has to ask the adventurers, but depending on what hes asking to do, itll have to be a high-rank adventurer.

With that in mind, it was better to ask me to go.

[Yuna-chan, are what written on this all true?] Eleanora

[I dont know the contents of the letter. but there shouldnt be a lie mixed in it.] Yuna

I dont think Balima-san will write a lie. though if he did, itll be written to exaggerate things.

[To subdue hundreds of worms And a big worm as well.] Tilia

[And the subjugation of a large scorpion in the underground while searching something in the pyramid] Eleanora

[The worms were fought by multiple adventurers, so Im not alone.] Yuna

I just dug them up. The big (sand)worm was smaller than the big worm that appeared at 10,000 monsters incident, and I didnt feel evil from it. Unlike the worm which appeared at 10,000 which was already twice as large, I felt something evil from it.

The other big worm was just a normal big monster.

Besides, I have experienced subduing the black viper and the big worms in the past, so I could easily defeat it.

[But you killed the big Scorpion by yourself.] Eleanora

[Well, I thought I could handle it.] Yuna

The three people in front of me were amazed at my words.

But there must be someone in the kingdom who can defeat that Scorpion, right?

[But why did you decide to explore the underground? Its not written in here.] Eleanora

It doesnt seem he wrote about the crystal plate. Then I cant talk about it either.

[It was something necessary in order to replace the water magic stone.] Yuna

[Is that so?] Eleanora

[There were many things happened, and in order to replace the water magic stone, I had to defeat the big Scorpion.] Yuna

I wasnt lying. Im just not telling all of it.

[So you managed to defeat it, and successfully replaced the magic stone.] Eleonora

[Well, thanks to you, theres no problem if you safely replaced the magic stone. Give me your guild card.] King

I stood up from my chair and gave the King a guild card. The King placed it on the crystal board on the desk and operated it. And then, he returned it to me.

[I put all the rewards in your guild card.] King

[Thank you.] Tilia

[You did so much for us.] Eleanora

But even if I get the money, I have no use for it.

Should I ask for something else next time?

[And its a cheap price for making the city of Dezerto owe us a favor.] King

Hmm~, it felt like I was used as a bargaining chip between countries, but this time it cant be helped. The King asked me to deliver a package. Even though the King wrote about me in the letter, it was Balima-san who asked me to do it.

I couldnt refuse it, and Im glad I didnt. So Im not going to complain to the King about this.

If I went home not knowing about it and heard a tragic story later, I might have regretted it.

[Now then, for confirmation, can we see the Scorpion?] King

Of course, they want to see it.

[Balima has approved it, but he is not a lord of this country. So, I must confirm it myself.] King

[Youre saying that, but you really just want to see it.] Eleanora

[I want to see it too!] Tilia

Tilia raises her hand as she thrusts herself at Eleanora-san.

However, its impossible to show it easily even if they asked me. I cant pull out a big monster in such a conspicuous place in the castle.

[Besides, Ive already signed the confirmation of the subjugation of Scorpion in your guild card. You have no right to refuse.] King

What was that?

Did you take the initiative in case Ill be reluctant?

[I dont want other people to see and make a fuss about it.] Yuna

I will gently decline.

There were a lot of people working in the castle. If they saw it, it will spread quickly like wildfire. I wont let it become widespread.

[Then, I think itll be okay in the back courtyard. People wont usually come over there, and its reasonably wide.] Eleanora

[Surely in the courtyard, only the people involved will come in.] King

[There is such a place?] Yuna

[Well, to put it simply, its the place where we, the royal family live. Cleaning is finished at around noon and no one will be there at this time.] Tilia

[Its a courtyard near Flora-samas room. You must have seen it too, right Yuna-chan?] Eleanora

I always go to Flora-samas room without doing a detour, so I dont remember much.

Now then, even if they didnt get my approval, everyone stood up and donna-donna me.

I have no choice but to show the Scorpion.

We proceeded down the aisle. Certainly, this was the passage leading to Flora-samas room. Along the way, we passed through a passage different from Flora-samas room. Ive never been here before.

Proceeding as it is, we arrive at a place that looks like a courtyard.

[It would be fine here.] King

[Just a little. I dont want others to see it.] Yuna

[Thats fine. Im just going to confirm it.] King

I took out an extra large-sized Scorpion from the Bear Box.

[Once again, you killed something outrageous.] King

[Its amazing.] Eleanora

[Yuna killed such a monster alone.] Tilia

The three went around the Scorpion. They were saying things like , and .

[This part doesnt have a shell, why is it?] King

[I gave it to the adventurers I was with. They wanted to use it to make armor.] Yuna

Did Jade-san and the other guys arrived in the royal capital by now and already making them?

No, they may not arrive at the royal capital for a few more days. It may be better to return to Crimonia earlier without dallying in the royal capital.

[So what are you going to do with this Scorpion?] King

[I dont know. I might sell if I have trouble with money, I think?] Yuna

I dont need armor. Its only use for me was to sell it.

Does its meat delicious?

[I dont think youll have any trouble with money. But if youre thinking of selling, Ill buy it.] King

Speaking of which, the King bought the Kraken materials.

I heard that when Cliff took over Mereera, he sold the Kraken materials to the King when the King heard the rumors about Mereera, and he asked the King to allow him to make it as part of his territory.

So now the Kraken materials were sleeping somewhere in the castle. I heard from Cliff that it will be sold with some time gap.

He said that if the rumor of subjugation and the time of the release of the material were different, the rumor that I subjugated it would end up with .

Actually, Jade-san knew the rumors about the Kraken, but he didnt think it was true.

This time, selling the Scorpion will make me stand out.

It doesnt matter where I sell it. So its better not to stand out.

[Ill ask you later then. For now, were done here.] King

When the King told me so, I tried to put the Scorpion back in the Bear Box.

At that moment, a voice called to me.

[Bear-san!] Flora

Looking at the source of the voice, there were Flora-sama and Anju-san.

[F, Flora-sama, its dangerous.] Anju

Anju-san hurriedly grabbed Flora-sama and stopped her. I slammed the Scorpion into the Bear Box.

Anju-san, who saw it, had a on her head, looking around with . (sfx)

[What monster was there just now?] Anju

[Nothing! There is no danger. Dont worry about it.] King

The King explained it, for me.

[So why is Flora here?] King

[Well, when I saw Yuna-san, I told Flora-sama about it, then Flora-sama jumped out of the room. I am very sorry.] Anju

Anju-san apologized to the King.

Apparently, Flora-sama came to see me.

But how did she knew where I was?

[Bear-san] Flora

When Anju-san loosened the hand that held Flora-sama, I was suddenly hugged by Flora-sama.

Looking at Flora-samas face, she has a big smile. She doesnt look scared.

She wasnt scared to see a big Scorpion?

Or maybe I made it in time?

[Flora-sama, arent you scared of monsters?] Yuna

[Ma mo no?] Flora (TN: monster = mamono () in case you didnt know.)

Flora-sama tilts her neck, she looks cute.

[It looks like Flora didnt saw the monster.] Tilia

Tilia came to us and pat Flora-samas head.

[Onchan?] Flora

Flora-sama seems to have just noticed that Tilia was there.

Apparently, Flora-sama didnt even have Tilia in the frame of her eyesight. Tilia, who understood that, looked sad.

[It looks like the Bear was better than her own sister.] King

The King approached Flora-sama while laughing.

[O t sha ma?] Flora

Moreover, it seems like she did not notice the King either, not until he called out.

[It looks like she didnt saw her own Father either.] Tilia

Tilia rebutted.

The King, on the other hand, had a very sad face.

Apparently, the only one whom Flora-sama could see was me. Thanks to that, she didnt saw the Scorpion either.

I dont know if I should be happy about it, but this was also due to having the appearance of a Bear.

After that, I went to Flora-samas room.

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