Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 1 Chapter 31

Volume 1 Chapter 31 31: Ethan

"Mr Li..."

Ethan entered the room to see a lethargic woman, sprawled on the carpeted floor with steaming red face.

"I need help..." She muttered and pointed at her....unbuttoned shirt. Ethan's pupils dilated and gulped.

He can 'clearly' see Lillie's voluptuous cleavage.

"Y-you...why are you making this so hard for me?"

Lillie tilted her head in confusion, you can see some imaginary question marks appearing behind her.

S-so damn cute!

Ethan hesitantly kneeled down. With shaking hands, he pinched Lillie's shirt without touching her skin.

Lillie was attentively observed him button her shirt.

"You're really good at buttoning shirts." Lillie blurted out.

"Because I always wear a shirt." He answered, trying to distract himself.

"Elliot had lots of shirts too."

Ethan's hands stopped moving. "Really....how many?"

Because of the fever, Lillie's personally shifted 180 degree.

"A lot! I always buy him shirts on his birthday, Christmas and New Year."

"Hoh..." Ethan's face turned extremely cold, his hands were forced to continue working on her shirt despite the seething anger he's feeling.

Lillie innocently look at his chilly face and couldn't help but giggle. Ethan raised his head in surprise.

"You're really handsome, Mr Li~" She purred. Ethan stumbled down and stare at her is disbelief.

Is this woman really sick or drunk?!

"Mr Li...I feel very hot...would you mind....removing this shirt~?" Her body swayed and crawled like a fox, who was ready to pounce on her prey.

In this case, Ethan was the mouse while Lillie was the naughty vixen.

"Or...do you want me to remove yours instead?" Her body was now on top of his. Her b.r.e.a.s.t pressed against his chest.

Ethan was feeling suffocated, his mind suddenly stopped functioning properly.

"Don't worry...I'll buy you lots of shirts." She leaned herself closer to his redden ear and whispered, huskily.

"Won't you serve this Emperor tonight, beloved Empress?" Drawing her lips closer to his, Ethan suddenly felt a surge of energy coming out.

"Owie~" Lillie m.o.a.ned in pain and pouted when Ethan pushed her off.

"Why the big idea? Woah!" Ethan suddenly carried her like a sack on his shoulder and threw her on the bed.

Ethan quickly grabbed the quilt and wrapped her around it before tying it together with a rope, which magically appeared out of nowhere.

Tadaa~ We have a Lillie burrito made by the wonderful chef, Ethan Li.

Lillie struggled like a mad woman and yelled in frustration.

Thank goodness the walls were sound proof.

"Let go! Let go of me! How dare you tie Zhen [1] up?!"

Ethan tiredly slumped on the ground and leaned himself on the bed.

It was really fun to see Lillie act extremely different but, he cannot just take advantage of her like that. She's not on her right mind.

Noticing the bed stopped moving, Ethan turned to check her.

She was panting heavily and covered in sweat. Her face was still steaming red.

Climbing on the bed, he gently placed his cool hand on her forehead and flinched at the heat.

"I'll get some medicine for you so behave." He strictly said before standing up.


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