Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 1 Chapter 43

Volume 1 Chapter 43 43: Her Decree

"Whom I am marrying is non of your concern." Everyone hurriedly stood from their seatsexcept Elliot because he's already standingas the familiar cold and indifferent sound of their Boss' voice was heard.

Their personalities shifted once again into their serious and professional modesans Song Mo Kun and An Xiu Ling, because they are already serious from the start.

"Greetings to the Boss!" They said, simultaneously. Lillie went to her throne-like chair and sat, the other followed as Elliot stood by her side.

He is actually the second in command of the White Bird Organization, the person whom held the highest position that's only second to the boss herself. Known as the ruthless White Crow by the Underworld, Elliot is the leader of the White Bird Organization's Elders.

The Underworld had not seen much of White Crow, his presence is rare but not as rare as White Bird. No one knew who she is, not even her own subordinates, except for the elders.

Being the leader of WBO's Elders, it means Lan Wu Cheng, An Xiu Ling, Feng Chunhua and the twins, Cyrus and Cyra, needs to be respectful, polite and professional in front of him.

Well, that's how it was suppose to be but, they do respect and see him as their eldest brother and they treat him as one. However, they are no way near 'polite'.

"Report." Lillie curtly demands.

"Yes." An Xiu Ling stood up and went in front of her.

"Blue Tortoise's side has been awfully quiet so, we send our Reapers on their headquarters and installed a mole. The mole reported their passed activities and found nothing strange. Nonetheless, we're still on high alert and let the mole stay for a couple more months." Lillie nodded and gestured for the other report.

An Xiu Ling get back to her seat while Song Mo Kun went next.

"The assassins who were stationed near Red Dragon's lair caught up an unexpected information." Song Mo Kun's face darkens.

Lillie listened to him attentively. Normal people may not notice his expression changing but, people like the Elders and Lillie, they have very sharp eyes.

"They've contacted their allies, especially the Italian and Japanese Mafia, to attack Black Tiger." Everyone's breath hitched. Lillie's heart jumped but not from fear nor panic but, anger.

Hah? Who is she? Who is Red Dragon?

They wanted to attack White Bird's closest ally? Well, they need to face her first!


Elliot nodded, understanding her just from the tone of her voice, before leaving the room to contact the people from Black Tiger's.

"Wait for further instructions. Xiu Ling, have your people keep a closer watch on Blue Tortoise's movements. Mo Kun, send the Elite Assassins to Red Dragon. Cyrus and Cyra, go with them and infiltrate their headquarters and search for the contract between the Italian and Japanese Mafia."

"Oh, oh! What about me?" Lan Wu Cheng raised his hand, impatiently.

An Xiu Ling harshly smacked his hand down.

"Be mindful of your actions!" She whispered-yelled in his ear. Lan Wu Cheng childishly pouted, caressing his stinging red hand.

Lillie raised her hand slightly, causing the two to stop bickering.

"Everything was already in placed, the only think you could do now is sit on your chair and do what you're good at." Lillie bluntly replied.

What Lillie meant to say is that the roles have been distributed, you're no longer needed.

Lan Wu Cheng gasped, as if he was shot by a metaphorical arrow.

Lan Wu Cheng: B-boss...I can't be that useless right? Why couldn't you give me some cool missions like that Iceman, Song Mo Kun?!

Is what Lan Wu Cheng wanted to shout but, he wouldn't dare.

Lillie saw Lan Wu Cheng's devastated expression, like he was being bullied.

She was just playing with him. Also, it was a punishment for playing too much with the enemies.

"Hack Red Dragon and Blue Tortoise's system and see if they had been in contact, do it without being detected." Lan Wu Cheng's eyes sparkled in delight upon hearing her commands.

"Yes, Boss!"

"Also, see what Red Dragon and his allies are planning."


Lillie cannot resist him, after all, every members of White Bird Organization is important.

"Meeting adjourned."

Their Boss has made her decree, everyone saluted and abide their missions.

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