Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 1 Chapter 59

Volume 1 Chapter 59 59: Silver Dragon

Inside White Bird Organization's headquarters. All eyes could not help but land on the familiar domineering figure in all white. Beside her was another equally domineering figure in white and red suit with the WBO's insignia. Everyone were informed that their boss, White Bird, would visit the HQ once again but did not expect a new presence.

Some assumed that he's a strong and powerful master that their boss happened to invite to their organization.

"As you all may have noticed that we have a new face in the organization." White Crow loudly announced. His hand gestured at the man in white and red beside White Bird.

"Meet Silver Dragon, the new addition to the Elders, as well as White Bird's left-hand man."

His voice rang through their ears clearly. They might not show it but they were extremely flabbergasted.

A new Elder? White Bird's left-hand man? Who was he kidding? How could a newbie be so lucky? The Elders are White Bird Organization's first members. Meaning, they've been with White Bird since the beginning and not because you're really strong. Power and strength will not make you an Elder so how on Earth did this guy manage to have that prestigious position unless...

He was a former member? Or maybe White Bird's lover?

They all consoled themselves as they chose the former. Yeah, maybe he was an old member who decided to go back. As if there's someone that'll fit their boss' standards. Though they aren't aware what was her ideal man but just by being one of the Underworld's leader, her lover should be of equal power or else they will curse him to death.

Only someone who's equal to their boss will be deserving to call himself her lover.

"If there's no further questions, meeting adjourned." That's it. White Crow's public announcement only took them 3 minutes. It was very brief and straight to the point.

If it's White Bird's decision to add a new Elder, who were they to complain?

White Bird and the Elders went to the HQ's parlor. The parlor had a huge flatscreen TV, a mini bar at the side, a billiard table and two dart boards. This room is exclusively only for the Boss and her Elders. No one had ever entered, not even the HQ's maintenance or cleaners.

The Elders themselves have maintained the room's cleanliness.

"Boss! Wuwuwu...how could you hide something like this to us?!" Red Raven/Lan Wu Cheng dramatically cried, his terrifying mask is not befitting to his childishness.

"Boss does not need to explain herself to you." Even though Enyo/An Xiu Ling was equally curious of Silver Dragon's identity, but as a diligent and loyal subordinate, she does not question her Boss' decisions.

Red Raven refuted Enyo's words and began to whine and cry like a child who's being bullied by his sibling.

Silver Dragon's identity was a secret that non of his Co-Elders knew who he really was. Even White Crow/Elliot had no idea of who's this mysterious character. After Lillie went to HL Corp to visit Ethan, she suddenly informed that there will be a new member to their growing legion as an Elder and her left-hand man.

Shock was an understatement, he was bewildered. How come he do not know this 'Silver Dragon'? How was he connected to the Organization or White Bird's past?

What Elliot didn't know that Silver Dragon is non other than his boss' future husband and also the real Red Dragon. Lillie did not enlightened them about his identity as she see it was too confidential.

The only person Lillie trust is herself. Elliot may be her trusted confidant throughout the whole ordeal of being one of the Underworld's demons but, she still cannot tell him something crucial like Ethan's identity.

As for Ethan's knowledge about his Co-Elders, he was on the same boat. He does not know their real identity except for Elliot, Lillie's 'right-hand man'. He felt like he was somewhat deceived by Lillie into accepting the position of being her left-hand. No matter how you look at it, the left-hand man seems to be inferior to the right-hand man.

Nonetheless, he'll just show that 'Idiot' who's the boss between the two of them.

"Sooooo....mind telling us who he is?" Feng Chunhua/Thousand Face Succubi shamelessly ogle Ethan's 's.e.xy' body. His suit fitted him perfectly, showcasing his lean figure.

"Denied." The Empress has spoken her decree. Silver Dragon's identity must be kept a secret...even to them.

"Oh..." Thousand Face Succubi pouted and crossed her arms.

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