Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 160

Volume 2 Chapter 160: A Genuine Smile

The future married couple should be the one who will take the mantle of preparing their wedding.

But since Mother Bai was a fashion designer, she insisted to have Lillie fit on a wedding gown first.

At the moment, the ladies entered Dazzling Castle's main boutique. The place was bustling with extremely rich ladies browsing the store's contents.

And some rich aunties were being accompanied by their doting husbands.

"Hubby, look at this dress! Isn't it beautiful?"

"Since my wife likes it, I'll buy it."

"Really? Aww, I love you so much!"

"Honey, which color do you prefer?"

"Which one do you like the most?"

"Hmm...I love both of them."

"Then we'll buy both."

"I love you, honey!"

Lillie unintentionally heard the aunties talking.

She had a curious look on her face and a thought occupying her head.

Given her profession, Lillie did not lack money.

Not only was she the CEO of White Phoenix Empire and its heiress, she had her own company, Escaping Reality. Besides, her earnings as White Bird could probably exceed what she earns in the Human Realm [1].

Since she was a child, she was indulged with things she did not even needed.

Her parents and grandparents always doted on her as she was the first child. They didn't even mind if she was born a female, she will be their precious heiress.

As she grew up to be an independent woman, Lillie never asked Ethan nor anyone to buy her things.

Well, there was that time when he bought her a box of chocolate from her favorite store.

Though she didn't asked for it, so it doesn't count.

"Come here, quickly!" Mother Bai motioned everyone at the side to avoid being swarmed by her customers/fans.

Lillie and her future in-laws followed Mother Bai from the side door. The door lead them into a private dressing room, where Lillie usually had her clothes fitted and styled by her mother.

Upon entering the room, Lillie's eyes immediately landed on the lone beautiful white gown on mannequin.

As a daughter of a well-known fashion designer, Lillie had seen many of Mother Bai's works all her life. But this particular dress had caught her eyes the most.

Mother Bai noticed her daughter's trance. A smile appeared on her lips and pulled her daughter towards the dress. "Would you like to try it on?"

"Hm." As she was lost for words, Lillie could only hum in reply.

Giggling by her response, Mother Bai called for her assistants to help Lillie with the gown.

Three women lead Lillie inside the fitting room before carefully removing the gown from the mannequin.

Mother Bai, Mrs. Li and Yi Fei sat on the couch as they all waited patiently for the future bride to come out.

Minutes later, the curtain from the fitting room opened.

Gasps resounded as the most beautiful bride ascended.

Mother Bai was stupefied when she saw Lillie walked out of the dressing room wearing the beautiful white wedding gown she had carefully and passionately created. A sob escaped her lips at the lovely sight.

The dress illuminated Lillie's figure as if she was a goddess walking down from the heaven.

In all honestly, Lillie didn't know what to feel.

The beautiful bride in the mirror was her, and yet she cannot believe it. She felt something in her stomach that doesn't make sense to her.

At the same time, there was also this feeling she was quite familiar of; gladness.

She was glad to be alive, to survive the many horrific things she experienced, to enjoy something as simple yet so meaningful as to be married.

What is it like to be married?

What does it feel like to be married to the man you love, to the man who would do anything for you?

What is it like to start a family?

To start a family with him?

Unbeknownst to Lillie, tears started to stream down from her face.

For years, these eyes had never shed a single drop of tears. She vowed to herself that she'll become strong, stronger that anyone, so that they will never be able to hurt her ever again.

Before, tears symbolizes weakness. The tears she shed in her weakest and most traumatizing situation.

Now, it symbolizes relief.

Finally relieved from her traumatic past.

Lillie realized...that the person who helped mend her broken soul...is the man she will be marrying.

When she stared at herself on the mirror, she recognized an emotion that she thought she would never fully express again.

An emotion that she had almost forgotten.

"Little flower..." Mother Bai's heart ached when she saw the tears staining her daughter's flushed cheeks.

Realizing the wetness on her face, Lillie looked stunned at her sobbing mess in the mirror. She quickly wiped her eyes when Mother Bai gently pulled her hands away and wiped it for her with a handkerchief.

Like a mirror image, her mother also had tears staining her cheeks. Her nose was red like a tomato; a tease Lillie always pointed out when she was a child.

Those carefree times when Lillie was still a child, she would always tease her mother for her red nose every time she cries at the drama she was watching on the TV.

Now the same red nose can be seen on hers, it may be a bit light but it's still there.

"Are you happy, ma chri?" Mother Bai softly asked her daughter.

With a genuine smile, she respond "Yes."

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