Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 177

Volume 2 Chapter 177 177: Let The Bidding Begin

Proud Wolf being here means that he has set his eyes on the Black Egg too, right? The curious Reaper thought to himself.

Is Vermillion Dragon aware of Proud Wolf's presence? If he did, would he still act arrogant and haughty?

The Reaper shook his head. He stared at the two domineering figures in front of him.

Who's this guy? The Reaper realized that Proud Wolf was not alone. He fixated his sight on Ethan's back.

The Association never mentioned that there was someone affiliated with Proud Wolf. Strange...I don't think I've seen this guy before.

Lillie and Ethan took the stairs as the Reaper guided them to their private room. Which was beside She Gu's.

This time, it's really a coincidence.

The Reaper opened the door for them. "Is there any specific beverage or snacks you would like to have?" He asked.

"No, we're fine." Lillie dismissed him.

"If you need anything else, just press the intercom." He said, giving them a final bow before leaving.

Lillie and Ethan were finally alone. They came near the edge of the balcony that was covered slightly by large dr.a.p.es, shadowing their figures, and sat down on a loveseat.

"We're here. Our loge is beside yours." She quietly spoke to She Lei through his earpiece. Lillie was not expecting him to reply because he was within She Gu's range, she just wanted to let him know.

A small microphone was hidden inside She Lei's suit to let Lillie hear She Gu talking, while an earpiece that was the size of a grain was on his external ear.

She Gu glanced at the balcony beside theirs. Neither of them can see each other, that's good.

The auction was on break, letting the bidders prepare another set of money to spend. Some of the guests called for their subordinates to bring them more money while the others called their banks.

Some even sold half of their properties just to buy the next item they find interesting or useful.

And as for the star of the night, the Black Egg, they must have it.

That peculiar drug had been a mystery of its own. None of the scientists in the Underworld could study its contents.

It's as if it has a mind of its own and knew when people were studying it, as it explodes until not a single fragment remains.

But, they would still try. If they managed to copy this drug's ingredients, they would be the richest person in the Underworld.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Once again, I welcome you for today's auction!" The emcee said to his microphone.

"I apologize if it took us long to resume the auction. You see, we have great news to share." Everyone listened attentively, curious as to what the emcee will announce.

"As you know, today's star of the night is the Black Egg." He started. "Just now, the faction behind the Black Egg came back with another one!"

"What?! Two Black Eggs?!"

"Damn it! I did not bring enough money!"

"Quickly! Call the bank!"

"Change of plans! Tell them to sell everything! I need the money right this instance!"

The emcee looked at the frantic guests with a funny look on his face. Rubbing his neck awkwardly, maybe he should give them more time?

But then, his eyes landed on the two occupied loge above him.

Hmm...the guests above should not lack money. As long as the price increases, those people above could easily wipe everyone off until the two of them were left fighting for the prize.

"Alright everyone, let the bidding begin!"

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