Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 180

Volume 2 Chapter 180 180: The Mask

After the jade was bought by one of the guests below them, the emcee's assistant suddenly went to his side and whispered something.

The crowd quiet down as they noticed the tense and serious air around them.

"Is that so...hmm.." The emcee's voice was a bit hesitant. "If it's brought here, the seller must be confident that it's real then." He paused before saying, "Is it real?"

The assistant nodded with a grim expression. Even he was stunned when he saw that item being brought in their black market.

That item was quite a sensitive one. If ever the original owner would find out, would she react harshly on them?

"Uhm...ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement to make," The guests' murmurs stopped.

"An item was suddenly brought here in hopes of earning big cash. However, this item was quite difficult, and I'm not sure if you guys are brave enough to have it." Quiet conversations among themselves erupted.

Someone loudly said, "What is the item?"

The emcee scratched his cheek in hesitation. "Err..." He didn't answered immediately. Instead, he leaned to his assistant's ear and whispered,

"Have you asked the head Reaper about this?"

The assistant shook his head no. "The head wasn't in his office, and the second in command was also hesitant to answer if we can sell it."

"Wait. I remember that there's a rule that whoever finds an item belonging to another Demon, the Demon who found it will be theirs. But, I'm not sure it it applies to them too." The assistant added.

The emcee was in deep thoughts. What his assistant was true. The rule didn't say anything about exemptions, right?

"If that's the case, then we shall stick to the rules!" The emcee bravely said.

Hopefully, it wouldn't reach the owner's ears quickly.

"For the next item to be auctioned!" He started. His assistant went back stage and came back with a trolley.

Curiosity were in every guests' faces as they eyed the object being hidden by a white linen.

Lillie and Ethan peered closer, intrigued by the item that made the emcee stagger.

"I present to you..." Dramatic drumrolls erupted from the speaker.

He removed the linen.

"White Bird's first mask!"

Everyone's eyes widen and gaped. She Gu stood abruptly and strode closely to the loge's edge.

His eyes scrutinized the object in disbelief. She Lei frowned and unconsciously stared at the loge beside them, listening for any reaction through his earpiece.

However, it seems White Bird and Silver Dragon turned off his connection to them.

This is definitely not good.

"Is it real?" He loudly asked, asking both She Gu and Lillie. Even if his connection through them was off, they can still hear what was going on to his side.

"I'm not sure." She Gu replied. "I never heard of the First Phoenix mask being stolen or lost."

She Gu was hesitant. He wanted to buy it but cannot.

It's not because he was afraid receiving White Bird's retaliation, but because his priority is the Black Egg.

And if he buys the mask, his money wouldn't be enough for it.

He could only reluctantly sit this one out.

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