Legend Of Legends Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Fishing 3


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


Once he jumped down from the cliff, Junhyuk concentrated. Everyone had their hands on him, and he had the important role of getting all of them to the ground safely.

As he was about to land, Junhyuk teleported. After reappearing, the heroes dashed forward. They knew that whether they did kill the dragon or not would decide the outcome of the next fight.

The heroes took off first, and Junhyuk ran after them, making sure to analyze the situation. He would help out at the right moment by creating a force field.

Among the enemies, Jean Clo and Bater had used their ultimates. Therefore, they had become less dangerous than the others. However, the enemies who hadnt used their ultimates were still extremely dangerous.

Junhyuk scoped out the enemy camp. They were focused on killing the dragon. Even when the enemy heroes found the allied heroes by the entrance, they continued attacking the dragon. The group hadnt arrived yet, and no one knew who would actually kill it, but the dragon was in a dire situation. It could be killed at any moment.

The group was running fast, but they hadnt reached the dragon yet. In that situation, if they lost the dragons buff, they would be at an extremely disadvantageous place. The enemies werent all badly hurt.

Junhyuk looked at Sarang and offered, Maybe you can heal the dragon?

Wait a minute.

Sarang extended her arms. Her hands shone with green light, and the green powder sprinkled down on the dragon. The dying dragon regained some health and got up.

Sarang couldnt heal the dragon for a lot, but she had bought them some time, and they got closer to it. The distance was short enough for them to use their powers.

Artlan jumped, and Halo lightning-flash attacked the dragon, slashing its ankle. Its scales splintered open, and blood started spurting out. Meanwhile, Artlan got to the dragons neck and slashed it twice with his sabers.

Slash, slash.

The gigantic dragons head was lopped off. It all looked surreal.

[Youve killed the dragon Kaloyan. For the next two hours, you get a 30 percent increase to health regeneration rate, a 30 percent increase to movement speed, a 30 percent increase to attack speed, a 30 percent increase to defense, and when you attack, you will inflict an additional one hundred damage on top of your normal damage. If you die within two hours, you will lose yours buff. If an enemy kills you, they will steal your buff.]

Junhyuk knew the allies had killed the dragon. They got the buff, and they werent wounded at all. In fact, Jean Clo and Killa were hurt, and some of them had already used their ultimates, so the allies had the upper hand.

The enemy heroes looked surly. They were angry at losing the dragon kill and they wanted to fight. They thought all they had to do was take the buff from the allies.

The dragon disappeared, and Artlan dashed toward the enemy. He had the most health among the allied heroes. However, if they concentrated their attacks on him, Artlan could die, and his attack now seemed meaningless.

Junhyuk wanted to stop him, but someone else dashed faster than Artlan. Nudra ran forward  and front kicked Bater, who hit one of the walls around the valley and grabbed his head in pain while he stumbled around.

So far, Junhyuk had only seen Nudra pushing the opponents back, and Bater was still dizzy from the impact against the wall. Nudra had only used his front kick to help the allies, and never before had an enemy bounced away and hit a wall.

Jean Clo ran against Artlan. He was using his rush, and Artlan hunched over and ran faster. At once, Artlan closed the distance, and his saber generated a spark. Artlans saber passed by Jean Clos thighs. Both of them were slashed through and started bleeding, but Jean Clo took a hold of Artlan.

Whenever Jean Clo grabbed someone, he could use one of his powers on that person, so he jumped with Artlan in tow.

Junhyuk thought about helping Artlan, but it wasnt the right time. Jean Clos attack was high, but Artlans health was also very high, so he couldnt kill Artlan with one attack.

Junhyuk looked back, and Vera had her staff in front of her, preparing to cast her magic. She wanted to use her ultimate, the meteors, and protecting her would be his task.

Diane was shooting at the enemies.

Junhyuk and Sarang had to be in the back, and he decided against putting the force field around Artlan.


Artlan was slammed against the ground. Meanwhile, Halo and Nudra were dashing toward their enemies when Adolphe stabbed his mechanical sword on the ground and threw his boomerang at them.

Both were instantly restrained, and Doctor Tula and Regina headed their way. Focusing their attacks on Halo rather than Nudra, Doctor Tula used his flamethrower, and Regina shot her pistol.

Junhyuk decided to wait some more. No one was dying yet, and they were too far away for him to make a force field.

Killa jumped and got closer to Halo. Their goal was to kills him. When Halo was released from Adolphes power and could move again, Doctor Tula shot out the spider web. Halo was tied up again, and they kept attacking him.

Junhyuk couldnt wait any longer. He couldnt let Halo die.

Adolphe lifted his mechanical sword. A blue energy surrounded it.

Hold on!

Sarang held Junhyuks hand, and Junhyuk grabbed Diane and Vera and teleported. They all found themselves behind Halo, and Junhyuk launched the force field around Sarang. She had to survive at all costs.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

From the center, the ivory light that covered Sarang extended all the way to Halo, and all the attacks against them were nullified. Halo found himself inside the force field, and he wanted to retaliate.

He launched his sword into the air, preparing to use his ultimate. Doctor Tula, Regina and Killa frowned and were about to retreat when a meteor shower fell from the sky. The sky was filled with falling meteors, and they didnt have time to escape.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

It took a while to cast the meteor shower, so Vera didnt use it often. However, the enemies were all in one place, attacking Halo, so she could concentrate the attack in one spot.

Diane shot at the enemies while they were under the meteor shower. There was no need to focus the attacks on just one enemy. They are all wounded, and it was important to attack all of them.

The moonlit arrows hit the heroes and Adolphe as well. They staggered, and Halo, using his ultimate, threw his sword at Regina, penetrating her stomach. Regina hadnt used her ultimate yet, so it was even better that she was getting hurt.

They were all hit by the meteors, and she was hit by Halos ultimate. Two ultimates had struck Regina, and it looked like she would die soon.

Bater rushed.


He hit the force field and pushed it back. It wasnt a rocket punch, so the force field was only pushed back a short distance, but Bater was covering the enemy heroes escape. Still, the allies had no intention of letting them get away.

Killa started retreating, but a fire orb appeared in her path, and she hit it.


She had been hit by the dragons headbutt, the meteors, the arrows and the fire orb, so she started disappearing and died.

Killa was gone, and Doctor Tula and Regina were next. Regina was hit by the meteors and Halos sword, but Bater was shielding her, so Nudra stepped out of the force field and jumped, crashing down like lightning bolt.


Nudra had used his ultimate to dropped on Reginas head. Junhyuk hadnt experienced it first hand, but he had seen it before and knew how powerful it was.

Regina disappeared, and Bater shouted nervously, Retreat!

The meteor attack had been too much for them to bear. The enemy tried to retreat, but the allies moved faster. Halo grabbed his sword and ran out of the force field, using his flash attack on the doctor.

Doctor Tula tried to block the attack with his legs, but Halo was faster, and his sword slashed through Doctor Tulas chest. While he was bleeding, Diane shot multiple arrows at him.

Thuck, thuck, thuck, thuck, thuck!

Doctor Tula was turning to face Halo when he was hit in the head by five arrows and started disappearing.

Three heroes had died, and Bater looked worried. This was a valley. It was almost impossible to run away, and he wanted to kill at least one of them. He lifted his fists, looking for a target outside of the force field. Bater took a drag of his cigar and aimed at Halo.


Halo blocked the first attack with his sword, but Bater threw a one-two combo, and Halo was pushed back. Halo had blocked Baters power, but that had left him seriously hurt.

Halo staggered, and Vera and Diane stepped forward. Veras fire spear and Dianes explosive arrows hit Bater on the back.

Boom, boom!

Bater staggered, and Halo struck with his sword. Bater lifted his mechanical arm to block, but Nudra also attacked him. Even though Bater had a lot of health, with four heroes attacking him, he would die soon enough.

Nudra attacked him, and Bater was about to fall when Junhyuk saw someone running over to Halo. Adolphe rushed and slashed Halo, and Halo was paralyzed. Even though Halo had some health left, if someone attacked him while he was paralyzed, he could die.

Bater started raising his fist, which meant that he would use his shockwave attack, and the force field disappeared. Everyone was in danger. Junhyuk and Sarang were also in danger, and

Sarang shot her electric blast. Her blast split in two, and one half hit Bater while the other hit Adolphe.

Bater lost the rest of his health and disappeared with his fist raised in the air.

The rest of the heroes attacked Adolphe. He was a champion, and taking all of the heroes attacks was too much. He too disappeared.

Junhyuk turned to look at Artlan. He was fighting Jean CLo one-on-one. The rest of the heroes had been fighting very hard and hadnt noticed. Junhyuk watched Artlan pushing his saber into Jean Clos chest, and Jean Clo baring his teeth while looking back at Artlan.

He-he-he! You got me real good.

Artlan didnt reply and instead pulled the saber out. Jean Clo bled out and disappeared, leaving Junhyuk astonished. Jean Clo had used his ultimate and lost some health fighting the dragon, but Artlan had killed him in a two-man fight. The 10th upgrade was working out well.

Artlan looked at the group and smiled.


They stole the dragons buff and killed the enemy heroes. The allies hadnt lost anyone. It was a complete success.

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