Legend Of Legends Chapter 106

Chapter 106: See You Again 1


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


At first, the enemy heroes couldnt come out of the castle. Even if the allies withdrew, the allies had three heroes, one expert and one novice. If they came out one by one, they would all be killed. So, after reviving, they stayed inside.

However, once they had all revived, the allies would lose the advantage. Nudra knew that, and he left the half-destroyed golem behind and decided to withdraw.

Junhyuk agreed with that decision. They couldnt waste time there. When all of their enemies revived, the allies might not be able to get out, so they retreated at full speed.

Killa revived first. She brandished her pistols and shot at the minions attacking the golem. Her attack was so high, the minions couldnt block the bullets with their shields. The bullets went through the shields and killed the minions.

If the allies tried to kill her, they could get stuck fighting and get swarmed, so they moved quickly toward the entrance.

The allies had left the minions and run away, but they hadnt simply escaped. They were headed to a buff monster that lived near the enemy camp. Their enemies couldnt chase after them because the allies put a lot of distance between them, choosing the buff monster to gain the advantage.

The monster was the Gale Queen Harpy. When Junhyuk saw what monster it was, he smacked his lips. If they killed the harpy queen, they would earn a useful buff.

Nudra looked at it and said, We dont have time. We have to kill it as soon as possible.

Buy us some time, Vera said.

Nudra was wearing the Dragon Gloves and dashed. He closed in quickly and jumped at the harpy, stepping through a tree and kicking it.

He hadnt used a power, but his kick was destructive. The Gale Queen Harpy twisted its body and dodged his kick, taking off from the ground. However, a moonlit arrow flew toward it, hitting its wing. The wing broke at the bone, and the harpy queen dropped a bit, and a fire orb appeared on its head.

Then, a fire spear hit it, and it was pushed back, hitting the fire orb. The explosions continued as the harpy queen staggered, and Nudra jumped on its head and released a strong wind.

The gust pushed the harpy queen to the ground, where it beat its wings attempting to move. The harpy queen flew low to the ground toward Vera. Vera quickly cast a firewall, but the harpy queen went through the black flames, persisting in its path.

Junhyuk teleported and stabbed the harpy queen on its ribs with the Frozen Rune Sword. He displayed strength incomparable to before and opened a gaping hole on the harpy.

The Gale Queen Harpy reflexively flinched away and beat its wings toward Junhyuk. He couldnt dodge the gale, so instead he held his sword up.


The shock travelled through the swords and pushed him back. The harpy queen dashed over and used her talon to attack. He blocked the talons attacks, but she continued to use her gale attack. He was wounded and stepped back.

In the past, he might have been fatally wounded, but he had only lost one third of his health. The two hundred extra health made him feel different.

The Gale Queen Harpy saw that Junhyuk had withstood its attack and came at him more ferociously. However, Dianes arrow hit it in the middle of the forehead. Diane had masterful skill and had been able to accurately hit a moving target.

The Gale Queen Harpy was pushed to the side by the arrow while Nudra dropped on it from the sky, and Veras fire spear zoomed through the air toward it. The allies attacks dealt more damage than ever before, and they easily killed the harpy.

[Youve killed the Gale Queen Harpy. For the next two hours, your attack power will increase by 33 percent. If you die within those two hours, you will lose the buff to your opponent.]

The voice told them they had gotten the buff, and white magic rings surrounded their bodies. Junhyuk turned around, and Sarang used her healing power on him. The green powder sprinkled over him, and he felt his health coming back.


Dont mention it.

Vera came over and put her arms around him.

I got scared when she attacked you.

Im OK because of Baters item.

He showed her the chain bracelet, the Steel King Jaxs Chain, and said, Im wearing two bracelets in one arm.

He had the Pure Golden Knight Elders bracelets on both wrists, and now he was also wearing the Steel King Jaxs Chain on one of them.

He hadnt thought he could wear two bracelets on one wrist, and Vera explained, You can wear ten rings and four bracelets total, two bracelets on each wrist.

I could wear ten rings?

Vera continued, You could, but youd have to protect them.

Junhyuk nodded. Heroes didnt have absolute superiority. Fighting meant to kill or be killed and dropping items that the enemies could pick up, and the heroes frequently got a bad deal. One had to sell the items picked up if they didnt work on him or her, but they usually only got half the price.

It was important not to get killed, and Vera was right in saying he had to protect what was important.

Nudra walked over.

Regina is dead. Now, Halo is coming over, so we should rejoin him.

What about Artlan?

He will join us as soon as he revives.

The next battle will be the last one.

Nudra nodded.

Yes. They are coming quickly, and we have the buff for the last team battle.

They had a chance because they had killed the buff monster near the enemy camp. The heroes who had reincarnated would be heading their way quickly.

Where is the battlefield?

Where the giant golem is.

The enemies upper hand would end if the golem died, so they would try to the protect it.

What happens when the castle is attacked by Regina again?

Nudra said, We have the advantage. If she attacks, some of us will use Return.

Junhyuk looked at Sarang.

Be careful. We only have one fight left, he said.


He hadnt died once and he would protect Sarang in the next fight. Junhyuk caressed her hair. He would protect her with his life.

Lets go, Nudra said.


It had been a long time since everyone had gathered, and Junhyuk looked at Artlan and frowned.

I lost because of her ultimate, he said.

Honestly, I was surprised. I thought you would win.

Artlan was still frowning.

I couldve won. Next time, I will.

Is that possible? Artlan should have used his ultimate first. His ultimate takes some time to prepare, but when he uses it, its deadly.

Artlans ultimate dealt a lot of damage, but it also had its weak points. On a one-on-one battle, it was one of the more disadvantageous ultimates.

Artlan shook his head.

Lets go.

They walked past the destroyed gate and went inside the castle. The enemies were already there, surrounding the giant golem. Adolphe and Regina were missing.

She took a champion with her?

Artlan looked back and said, Hit the golem from a distance, and we will deal with the rest of them.

We dont have enough manpower!

Three allied heroes would deal with the four enemy heroes, while the others attacked the golem.

Dont worry, Artlan replied. He stared coldly at the enemy camp and said, We will deal with them.

He had brought two hundred minions with him, so Artlan pulled out a marble and shouted, Attack!

The two hundred minions rushed toward the golem, and Junhyuk watched the enemy heroes stepping up. Three heroes approached, and Artlan dashed toward them.

Jean Clo gave up on protecting the golem and ran toward Artlan. When close, Artlan swung his sabers at him. Jean Clo started bleeding all over, but he ignored his injuries and rushed. His target wasnt Artlan. Artlan had a lot of health, and Jean Clo didnt want to attack him. He rushed toward the allied camp instead.

Junhyuk looked carefully at Jean Clo, and noticed that he wanted to attack Sarang. He remembered her and decided that she was his ultimate target.

While Jean Clo rushed, Artlan was dealing with Bater, who delivered a one-two combo. Nudra stepped toward Jean Clo to contain him, kicking him. Jean Clo was thrown back, and a gun went off.


Killa shot her rifle at Nudras shoulder, and he started bleeding, but he ignored it. Killa had the highest attack among the enemies. The allies had to kill her first. With the enemies targeting Vera and Diane, the allies had to go for Killa.

Junhyuk saw Doctor Tula moving slowly. The doctor had the ability to use his spider web to tie people up and paralyze them, so he frowned. He grabbed Sarangs hand and moved to the side of the battle.

Doctor Tula was trying to place the allied heroes on a straight line from him. When the allied heroes were in a line with him, he would launched the web at all of them.

Junhyuk moved with Sarang, following Doctor Tulas movements.

The doctor shot his spider web, and Artlan jumped. Artlan tried to go after Killa, but Nudra was tied up by the spider web.

Jean Clo took the chance to grab Nudra and jump with him. Nudra couldnt move, and getting damaged was inevitable.

Junhyuk was looking at Nudra when the doctor shot a small missile. Despite its size, they already knew how damaging it was.


Halo was protecting the allied frontline and blocked the missile, but he was wounded in the process. However, he still had a lot of health, so he did the right thing.

Bater rushed toward Halo and hit him, and Jean Clo slammed Nudra against the ground and moved toward Halo, who was rolling from the impact.

The enemy heroes were behind the allied line. Even if if they killed Killa, the allies would be in danger.

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