Legend Of Legends Chapter 107

Chapter 107: See You Again 2


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


Jean Clo and Bater started running, and Doctor Tula used his eight legs to go across the battlefield. Junhyuk saw the enemies running and, still holding on to Sarangs hand, got between Vera and Diane. They started attacking the enemy heroes, and both of them placed their hands on Junhyuk. Vera touched his shoulder, and Diane grabbed his butt, and he teleported.

They did not move back. Instead, they teleported to where Artlan was, passing the running enemies and appearing right behind the doctors back.

Diane shot an arrow at Killa, who was exchanging blows with Artlan. Vera cast a fire orb in front of Doctor Tula before he turned around, and she launched a fire spear at him.

Boom, boom!

A series of explosions hit the doctor, and he was pushed back by the shock. Meanwhile, Junhyuk dashed forward still holding Sarang by the hand. Jean Clo and Bater changed directions and rushed back, and Doctor Tula turned around and fired the flamethrower.

The strong flames covered Junhyuks vision, and he hugged Sarang and rolled on the ground. Heroes could survive the flamethrowers attack, but Sarang would be roasted in a second. His tactic worked, and he escaped the flames.

Meanwhile, Artlan threw his saber, and it sank into Killas chest. Killa had been fleeing from Dianes arrow and wasnt able to dodge the saber. She started bleeding heavily, and Artlan jumped and swung his remaining saber at her throat. Finding herself in danger, she pulled out both of her pistols and fired, releasing the shockwave.


The shockwave pushed Artlan back, getting rid of him for Killa, but Dianes arrows struck her chest. The shockwave had a short range, and only those within it were affected by it. Killa couldnt dodge Dianes attacks. Artlan had diminished her health, and Dianes attacks finished her off.

Killa was dying, and Jean Clo and Bater turned and rushed toward Vera, but she couldnt fight those two alone and at the same time. Doctor Tula also joined them, firing the flamethrower. When he saw Vera retreating, he fired the missiles.

Vera blocked them with her staff, but she was still heavily injured. She couldnt withstand the shock from the explosion and was pushed back. Jean Clo and Bater were running toward her when Halo and Nudra rushed toward them.

They had the wind on their backs, and Halo used his lightning flash attack against Jean Clos back. Nudra front-kicked Bater, launching him so hard that he passed by Vera. Bater got up, turned around and rushed. His rushs cooldown had ended, and he was close to Vera.


Vera blocked him with her staff, but the shock threw her off, and she bounced back. Junhyuk grabbed her in midair and looked at Bater.

He was already raising his fist up high, intending to slam it against the ground to create shockwaves. Nudra quickly ran at him, but Bater was faster.

Boom, boom, boom!

The shockwaves headed for Junhyuk, and he took Vera and Sarang and escaped. Diane had run forward to kill Killa, so she was hit by them. Nudra, who had run to Bater, was also hit.

Junhyuk had increased health, but he wanted to avoid the heroes attacks. He stepped back after Halo walked over and stood in front of him. Bater ran at Halo and threw a one-two combo at him. Baters huge fists closed in on Halo.


Halo blocked it with his sword, but he still got damaged by the shock.

Junhyuk knew they only had to wait a little longer. After killing Killa, Artlan and Diane would join them, giving them the advantage.

Artlan pulled his saber out of Killas dead body and ran to rejoin the group.

Bater pushed Halo back, and then, Jean Clo rushed toward him, grabbing him and choke slamming him.


Halo hit his back against the ground and tried to counterattack, but Jean Clo had already passed him and was running toward Vera.

Artlan was a little late in rejoining the group, but he jumped on Baters back while Diane shot at Doctor Tula. Nudra was pushed back by the shockwave, but now, he focused his attacks on Bater.

Jean Clo was still dangerous, and Junhyuk had already teleported twice, but he still stood in front of Sarang.

Step back, Vera said.


Jean Clo blocked Veras fire spear with his arms and extended his hands. Vera knew what it meant to be grabbed by him, so she tried to escape as fast as possible, but she wasnt fast enough. Jean Clo took a hold of her legs, swinging her around and throwing her.

Halo got up and started running when Vera came flying against him. Jean Clo had taken the heroes out, and now, he started running toward Junhyuk and Sarang.

His mind had a singular focus: attacking Junhyuk and Sarang. And Junhyuk knew who Jean Clo was after.

This battles victory seemed far away. Junhyuk could only die once. As an expert, he could reincarnate, but Sarang couldnt. She would be a proper expert once the next battle started, so Jean Clo was after her.

Junhyuk stood in Jean Clos path, but he scoffed at that and extended his hands. His hands were so large, Junhyuk wouldnt be able to escape if Jean Clo grabbed him, so Junhyuk twisted his body and swung the Frozen Rune Sword.

Because of the Gale Queen Harpys buff, he attacked twice at the same time, and the debuff stacked. Then, Junhyuk kneeled and slashed Jean Clos shin with the Blood Rune Sword. Junhyuk moved around like a rat to try to escape Jean Clos attacks, and Jean Clo was furious.

He stared at Junhyuk, and Junhyuk knew he wouldnt escape the next attack, but he wanted to buy some more time.

Halo and Vera were on the way to join the fight against Jean Clo, so Junhyuk swung the Frozen Rune Sword and cut Jean Clos palm. However, Jean Clo managed to grab him. He held on to Junhyuks legs and spun him around.

The world spun around Junhyuk, and he felt himself be thrown somewhere. He was flying toward Vera and Halo, crashing against Vera and losing half of his health.

Without the item, he wouldve been killed by that attack. He realized again how dangerous Jean Clo was. Junhyuk and Vera fell over while Halo continued to dash.

However, Halo was too far away, and Jean Clo was getting closer to Sarang. She couldnt afford to be grabbed. Junhyuk was dizzy, getting up, and Jean Clo extended his hand toward her. Then, Sarang shot him with her electric blast. Jean Clo was paralyzed, and Sarang rolled on the ground to escape his grab.

Halo passed by her and swung his sword at Jean Clos elbow. Blood rushed out of his arm, but as soon as he started moving again, he attacked Halo, and Halo was not in situation where he could choose to escape. If he did, Sarang would be captured.

Halo stood his ground, slashing at Jean Clo, but Jean Clo ignored his injuries and grabbed Halo. Finally, Junhyuk understood something: Jean Clo had to be holding someone to use his powers, and, with the exception of his rush, his powers had quick cooldowns.

Jean Clo was about to use the Spinning Piledriver on Halo, and Junhyuk knew he had to make a decision, so he cast the force field on Vera.

She ran forward, covered by the field, and the force field got to Halo, pushing Jean Clo off of him. Halo got up from the ground and readied Rain from Above.

Vera prepared a fire orb and a fire spear, but Jean Clo had gotten used to her attacks and just stood there. Her attacks pushed him back a little, and he saw Halos Rain from Above and smiled. Then, Jean Clo started healing quickly, and the three blue energy rings appeared around him.


Jean Clo knew about Sarangs healing suppression power, but he was still healing quickly, and one of the three rings blocked Halos Rain from Above. He could block an opponents ultimate and just eat up his enemies blows.

Jean Clo extended a hand toward Sarang, and she said, Suppression.

Sarangs Red Core Armor released a wave of bloody light that wrapped around Jean Clos body,  and the blue energy rings were unable to stop it. Once the bloody light wrapped around Jean Clo, thorns came out of it that pierced his body, but Jean Clo had already used his ultimate and looked satisfied.

Diane jumped into the force field and shot an arrow at him. It was an ordinary arrow, but it took out the last two blue energy rings protecting Jean Clos body.

Artlan and Nudra also went into the force field. Both could use the rest to regain some health.

Who needs healing? Sarang asked them.

Artlan stepped forward.

Heal me first.

Artlan had the biggest health pool, but he had lost a lot of it fighting Killa. He had been hit by Killas ultimate and had lost even more health against Bater.

Sarang extended her hands toward him, and the light green powder sprinkled over his head, healing a chunk of Artlans health.

The enemy wants to kill Sarang. We should protect her.

Nudra nodded.

Hurry! They are already attacking our castles gate.

Artlan nodded. They had killed the first golem. If they killed the remaining three heroes, they would destroy the castle. They could do it before Regina and Adolphe did it, but they had to kill the heroes first.

Artlan squatted and whispered, Junhyuk, when I tell you, teleport me behind Doctor Tula.

Junhyuk nodded. Artlans ultimate took a long time to get ready, but it dealt an insane amount of damage. However, that also meant that Artlan couldnt deal with the heroes outside of the force field at that moment.

From within the force field, they launched their long-ranged attacks, but soon, the force field disappeared.

Artlans eyes beamed, and he shouted, Now!

Junhyuk grabbed his shoulder and teleported. They appeared above Doctor Tulas mechanical spider body, and Artlan quickly unsheathed his sabers, slashing the doctor from behind.

The blow was fatal, and Doctor Tula had already lost a lot of health. He couldnt withstand the attack.

Bater and Jean Clo rushed toward Sarang at the same time.

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