Legend Of Legends Chapter 108

Chapter 108: See You Again 3


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


There were only two enemy heroes remaining, and there was a limit to what they could do. If they did well, they might be able to kill two allied heroes. However, even if the allies lost two heroes, it wouldnt change anything.

So, they wanted to get things ready for the next battle, and for that they had to kill Sarang. Both of them rushed at her, and Halo and Nudra stood in their way.

Vera and Diane were attacking them, but Bater ignored the attacks and rushed at Halo, pushing him away. Halo blocked the strike, but wasnt able to keep his footing.

While Bater rushed Halo, Jean Clo attacked Nudra, but Nudra kicked him. Jean Clo was pushed back, but Bater was standing next to him and struck Nudra with a one-two combo. After taking care of Halo and Nudra, Bater pointed his fists forward.

Can Diane and Vera block that attack? Junhyuk wasnt sure.

Vera and Diane couldnt withstand Baters ultimate, but Junhyuk couldnt rely on Halo either. He had been pushed too far back.

Junhyuk teleported to stand right in front of Baters fists. Bater laughed and fired. The mechanical fists rocketed out, and Junhyuk swung his swords at Bater. Baters fists hit him, but he still managed to cut Baters elbow.

Junhyuk was willing to die, but he wanted to debuff Bater first. Also, he thought there was a small chance he might survive since he had full health.


The shock blew Junhyuk backward, and he knew he had no health left. Baters attack had been fatal. One blow had drained Junhyuks health completely, and he realized, again, how dangerous Bater was.

Junhyuk was rolling on the ground, and Sarang stopped him and hugged him.

Big brother! Big brother!

She wanted to heal him, but she couldnt. She had already used her power on Artlan and, even if she could use her healing power, she couldnt save him now.

Junhyuk lifted his hand, held on to Sarang and whispered, Dont die. No matter what.

He had stopped Baters ultimate, and the others were there to protect Sarang now.

Big brother! Stay awake!

He was already disappearing, and the heroes made a wall around Sarang.

Junhyuk shouted at their backs, Look after Sarang!

Dont worry.

Junhyuk looked at her.

See you again.

We will see each other again, Sarang answered him, and Junhyuk slowly closed his eyes.

The whole world turned black.


It had no beginning and no end. He travelled through the darkness, opened his eyes and sighed, Whew!

Junhyuk looked at the amount of gold he had accrued: 32,340G. He thought he had earned a lot and shook his head.

Holy shit! Sarang cant die.

Jean Clo and Bater were risking their lives to kill her. The allies had twice the number of heroes present, but that didnt guarantee her safety.

[Youve died once. You have 0 revivals left on this battlefield.]

Junhyuk summoned Bebes Black Armor and just walked by the two swords in front of him. He didnt need them now.

There was nothing he could do now. The battle would be decided before he could get back. He only wished for Sarangs survival.

Junhyuk looked around the room and murmured, Was it OK to die?

The enemys fighting skill was truly astounding. The allies had spent every dime equipping themselves and gotten stronger, but the enemies were still hard to deal with.

He trusted Artlan, but he too had been killed and lost. Their enemies were truly strong, and to fight them, he wanted to be better prepared.

[You may exit using the main entrance.]

Junhyuk walked through the door.

[Expert 01 deployed.]

The castle was empty. Last time he died, he saw minions standing around, but now they were all on the battlefield.

Junhyuk walked through the empty halls and heard a soft whisper.

[The castles gate has been destroyed. The enemy has advanced into the castle.]

Danger flashed in Junhyuks mind. He thought the allies would win, but the enemy was already inside. Only the giant golems were left to fight the enemy.

Junhyuk dashed quickly to the entrance and saw Regina with fifty riflemen. He frowned when he didnt see Adolphe.

I didnt see him at the castle either.

He watched Regina. She was giving out orders to the riflemen to spread out and form a line. Once set, she ordered them to attack one of the golems, and they did.

They had an interesting attack strategy. They attacked from one side, and when the golem moved to that side, the other side started attacking. They kept attacking unhindered, and Regina crossed her arms and looked at Junhyuk.

Look carefully. Youll see why I came alone.

After she spoke, Regina dashed at the other giant golem. She swung her cutlass and slashed the golem. When the golem moved toward her, her roller blades rocketed out, and she moved fast enough to escape it.

She attacked as she moved, hitting and running, and the golem couldnt chase her down. Killa wouldve shot at it from a distance, but Regina was attacking it while dodging its attacks.

She could do the job all by herself.

But the giant golems werent stupid. Both of them attacked at the same time, and she was left with little space to move around. Even Regina had a limit.

Regina was in danger, but she spun around, firing her pistol and pushing the golems back. She could kill both of them if she had enough time.

Junhyuk inhaled deeply. Regina was able to deal with the golems because she had amazing speed. He couldnt allow the golems to be crushed, so he teleported behind Regina and swung the Frozen Rune Sword at her. Regina was slashed on the back, and her movement speed decreased.

Regina scoffed and turned around swinging her cutlass at him.

Junhyuk blocked her attack and slashed her again. His attacks didnt do much damage, but he was going for the debuffs.

Regina was slowing down, but Junhyuk was sweating cold. She attacked with the cutlass and fired her pistol between swings. It wasnt easy to fight her. However, he was lucky enough to slash her three times, Then, he teleported next to the castles force field and moved inside it.

Regina gritted her teeth, but now her speed was not fast enough for her to deal with the golems.

You dont think I can destroy this castle?!

Regina continued to attack the golems, but they werent made for a single hero to take on, so she used her skills and powers. At short range, she fired at them, and once the golems gathered, she spun around shooting.

It looked like she had dealt with golems many times before, but her since her speed was low, the golems got through. She also had to wait for the powers cooldowns to end.

Junhyuk carefully watched the fight. Without him, Regina might have killed both golems, and with the riflemen shooting at the golems, they would crumble sooner or later. He couldnt let them be.

He had to wait to teleport, but he could still use his force field. Junhyuk waited for an opportune moment and ran out of the castles force field. Regina smiled.

Do you want to die?

She was already debuffed, and him being there meant that he had already died once. Experts could only revive one time, and Regina wanted to take care of him.

Junhyuk ran toward her, getting ever closer. He had her attention, and the golems prepared to attack her from both sides.

Regina wanted to kill him because he had no revives left. She smiled and ran toward him. Junhyuk knew one thing as he got closer to her, that she had killed Artlan with her ultimate. He had to avoid it.

He watched her carefully as they got closer, and Regina lifted her pistol. Junhyuk knew what she was up to, and he released the force field.


Regina fired, and the bullets bounced off the force field. Junhyuk got closer to her, decreasing the fields radius, and was able to attack her. He slashed at her, and Regian scoffed while she retreated. However, a giant golem swung his fist at ther.


The ground shook, but Regina managed to escape the fist. Junhyuk slashed her leg. Her leather pant was cut, and the wound was small, but it was good enough. Junhyuk wasnt trying to kill Regina. If possible, he would, but he was really trying to buy more time or get her to retreat.

He wanted the victory.

Regina tried to escape, but she was having a hard time dealing with golems because of her lack of speed.

Junhyuk strained himself by exerting himself even more. Regina was angry with his tactics. She couldnt do anything because of the force field, and the two golems were attacking her. She was only in danger because of his debuffs, otherwise she wouldnt be.

Junhyuk thought he could get her again, but when the force field disappeared, he retreated. He didnt want to die a second time.

Regina spun around and fired her pistol at him. Both golems and Regina stepped back, and she ordered the riflemen to shoot at the golems. Regina moved toward the castles entrance, and the riflemen attacked the golems.

Junhyuk kept his attention focused on Regina. It would take a very long time for the riflemen to kill the golems alone, so the allies could destroy the enemy castle first.

Then, Regina smiled at Junhyuk and dashed toward the golems again. The golems had already been injured by her, so whatever she did could kill them at any moment.

Junhyuk knew the teleportations cooldown was over and ran toward her. Regina sped up as the golems got closer and fired at them. The giant golems staggered, and Junhyuk dashed toward her. He could always escape by teleporting away.

However, Regina lifted her eyepatch and used petrification on him. Junhyuk turned to stone and lost half of his health. He wasnt expecting her ultimate, and Regina approached him. Junhyuk gritted his teeth. He was paralyzed and he couldnt do anything. Death was coming his way.

Then, a giant golem swung its fist down at Regina.


She had to escape, but the other golem ran at her and kicked her back, pushing her forward, closer to Junhyuk.

Regina was hurt badly, but she wouldnt let the chance to kill him be wasted. Right when she swung her cutlass, Junhyuk was able to move again and teleported away.


She had swung her cutlass at the empty air, but he appeared behind her and swung the Blood Rune Sword at her neck. He sliced her, and she started bleeding.

It was a critical blow.

Regina fired her pistol at him in response, and his armor was pierced, injuring his ribs. She hadnt used her power, so even though he was hurt, he didnt die.

Then, Junhyuk stabbed her neck with the Blood Rune Sword.


As the sword punctured her neck, he could feel his wound recovering. Regina was in terrible shape, and she turned around swinging her cutlass, but he teleported.

He knew he could kill her, so he didnt go far. The Blood Rune Sword was still piercing her body, and he teleported back to the same spot where she had slashed her cutlass and stabbed her with the Frozen Rune Sword. The Frozen Rune Sword met the Blood Rune Sword hanging from her neck.

Regina vomited blood, but she wasnt dead yet and fired at him. She thought he had used all of his powers and smiled.


Junhyuk was already in the air. He had jumped as high as he could, but he could still see Regina bleeding out.

She started disappearing, and Junhyuk landed on her chest and smiled at her.

See you again.

He was only able to kill her because of the golems, but he was still glad. She disappeared, and he saw an item where her body had been.

He picked up the leather belt, and the world started changing. Junhyuk lifted his head and looked toward the enemy castle. It had been destroyed.

We won.

The world crumbled away.

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