Legend Of Legends Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Dispatch Work 2


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He parked his car at least two subway stations away from the meeting place, leaving his cell phone but taking both burner phones. He always had to be careful on his way to meet Sarang. Once he left the parking lot, he teleported across some buildings.

He moved quickly because there were people on the streets and avoided areas with CCTV cameras, going from the top of one building to another.

When the distance between buildings was short, he just jumped across them, and when the distance was long, he teleported. He got to the meeting place in five minutes.

This time, Sarang wanted to meet him at a famous meat franchise restaurant. She was standing at the entrance and waved at him.

Big brother!

Lets go in.

Junhyuk didnt speak much and walked inside the meat specialty restaurant and took a seat. Sarang had a bright smile across her face and ordered her food.

Loins for five people, please.

Is anyone else coming?

No, just the two of us.

Junhyuk laughed and nodded.

Thats all. Well have Sprites for drinks.


The waitress went away, and Junhyuk handed her the burner phone.

What is this?

A burner phone. There is a number in it.

Sarang looked at it and smiled.

Is it your number?

Right. Dont use it for anything other than to call me, and use that phone when you call.

This is like a couples phone.

He shook his head and changed the topic, Did you hear about the survivors?

Its all over the news. Yes, I heard about it.

They are getting assassinated, he continued.


I met one of them, but he was killed.


Yes. The others will probably be or have already been killed as well. Soon, it will be on the news.

Sarang put her burner phone in her bag and whispered, Is it the same people as before?

Im sure.

The waitress brought out the meals side dishes and set the table. Junhyuk stopped talking for a moment but continued when she left.

And I saw a novice today.

A novice? You met one before. Is it the same person?

No. This person has a different power. He controls minds.

A mental subjugation power?

Junhyuk nodded and elaborated, He put nine researchers to sleep and used one to get what he wanted. He made him pick up a syringe and inject it, and then he also put that person to sleep.

He sounds dangerous.

Junhyuk nodded.

Right, very dangerous.

Even Junhyuk found him dangerous. What if he ordered him to commit suicide?

Dont look him in the eyes. He lifted the visor of his motorcycle helmet, so he must control others with his eyes.

But we dont know his face.

Junhyuk agreed.

Just be extra careful.

Sarang nodded.


One more thing. Junhyuk expounded on his encounter with Jisuk Dong.

Sarang heard everything and asked, Then, minions can recognize us?


The difference between minions and novices wasnt just power. The size of their souls were different. Maybe the survivors could see the size of an individuals soul.

Sarang had a lot to think about, and the waitress came back and started roasting the meat. It was a classy restaurant, so the waitress roasted the loins for them.

They couldnt keep talking, so they just focused on eating. Junhyuk was astonished by Sarangs appetite. She was eating quite a bit.

Did you skip any meals?

I get hungry, she said and then whispered, I use up my energy quite often.

She mustve been training to increase her powers, and she had been practicing and exercising her body. She had to be hungry.

Junhyuk laughed and rolled up his sleeves.

Wed like to order five more portions.

He was quite muscular now, and he ate a lot more. Ordinarily, he ate a high-calorie diet. He was eating meat now, so he wanted more.

Sarang smiled, and the waitress was surprised by their appetites. They finished their meal, and Junhyuk looked at the receipt and clicked his tongue. They ate fifteen portions, which were normally for fifteen people, and it came out to $600.

He laughed and looked at her. She was drinking coffee for dessert, and Junhyuk said, If something happens, Ill call you.

Dont worry.

He caressed her head.

Practice hard.

Junhyuk left, and Sarang touched her head and smiled.

Practice hard.

She walked out energetically pumping her fists.


In the morning, Junhyuk reported to work at the W.A.N.C.S. lab. He thought he would never go back there, but he was back just as Iltae had expected. He went to Iltaes office, and Iltae gave him an ID card.

While you work here, use this.

Thank you.

Junhyuk put it on, and Iltae said, We found out who the intruders were.

You found Jisuks murder suspect?

Iltae shook his head.

We dont know who he is, but weve identified those two people you captured.

Where did they come from?

There is a mercenary group in Germany, the Schterron Mercenary Company. They are from there.

How did you find out?

Curious? Iltae asked secretively, and Junhyuk shook his head. Iltae seemed to be joking, but he didnt want to nod.

Junhyuk wanted to be inside the enemy territory, but he didnt want to fall for any traps.

We should put pressure on Schterron to find out what these two were looking for, Iltae said calmly.

Is that possible?

They were a mercenary company and they would protect their clients, but Iltae laughed at his question.

You must not know it yet, but we have power beyond your imagination.

W.A.N.C.S. was a global cooperative, so it had to have some influence.

We will investigate Schterron about what they were up to and find out if those two will take responsibility for Jisuk Dongs murder, Iltae said smiling.

Junhyuk thought for a moment and asked, So, does the W.A.N.C.S. lab oversees every abnormal narcolepsy patient who has woken up?

Thats our job.

What about the ones in other countries?

Iltae nodded, and Junhyuk asked, Then, are the other survivors also dead?

Iltae leaned back on the sofa and asked, How did you know?

The patients who woke up must know something important. If not, there would be no reason to kill them.

Hm! Iltae nodded and spoke as if spitting out the words, The other survivors are also dead. Whoever it is doesnt understand what danger the human race is facing.

Junhyuk saw another side of Iltae. Maybe he became a researcher to save the human race.

Iltae shook his head.

I must give you your assignments.

I could do anything.

Just continue what you did yesterday.

Junhyuk tilted his head. What did he do yesterday?

Oversee the capsules.

Is that all?

You dont have enough on your resume to do anything here. I cant use you as a guard, and you are a model.

He didnt particularly enjoy overseeing the capsules, but he didnt speak out, nodding instead.

I understand. Shall I go to the second floor?

Yes, they will explain more once you get there.

OK, Ill go now.

Junhyuk got up, and Iltae smiled and said, If I get something from Schterron, Ill inform you.

Junhyuk left the office for his first day of work at the W.A.N.C.S. lab. He went to the second floor to meet the researchers. There were two of them, and they had already met Junhyuk the day before. One of them got up and walked over to him.

I heard youll be coming here.

Well be working together. Nice to meet you. Im Junhyuk.

Nice to meet you. Im Daejoon Gil.

Daejoon offered him a seat and a cup of coffee.

Youll oversee a hundred capsules. Finish your coffee, and well get out there, and Ill explain some more of the process.

He already knew some, but Daejoon would go more in-depth. Junhyuk wouldnt refuse the help, so he drank his coffee and conversed some more. Afterward, he left to see the capsules he would oversee.

Daejoon explained that he had to make reports when there were any changes to the capsules and other things to pay attention to. In any event, Junhyuk would use the central computer to oversee the capsules, and he wouldnt be in the capsules rooms. He only had to do what the central computer couldnt. It seemed like an easy job, and Daejoon agreed with that assessment.

Before noon, you should check the capsules, and then do it again after lunch. You will have lots of time, so just do what you want in between.

Junhyuk pointed to his ID card.

Can I get into the second floor?

Yes. Starting with the third floor, youll need different clearance.

Junhyuk didnt think Iltae just wanted him to work on the capsules. He didnt know Iltaes true intentions, so he would simply watch some more. He would be mindful of things and stay alive in that place, but he needed cash just in case something happened.

Nothing happened on the first day. When he got home, he trained some and went to bed.

Something serious happened in the morning of the second day. Junhyuk noticed strange activity in the W.A.N.C.S. lab and went to the second floor. Daejoon was waiting for him there.

Iltae is looking for you.


Daejoon nodded, but he didnt know why. Junhyuk went to Iltaes office. He was looking at the computer. He offered Junhyuk a seat and sat down of the sofa.

There is a problem, Iltae said, frowning. Both of our suspects were killed yesterday.

They were tied up underground! How did they die? That place is well guarded.

Who killed them?

One of our guards.


Iltae was still frowning.

But the guard doesnt remember anything.

Suddenly, Junhyuk thought of something.

Mind Control.

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