Legend Of Legends Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Dispatch Work 3


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Iltae nodded at the words that came out of Junhyuks mouth.

You think so too? We were thinking the same thing.

But did he come in here in person to do the mind control?

No. The guard went home and came back to work and used his own ID card to get inside. Then, he went underground and killed them both.

How long did it all take?

He didnt hesitate, so less than five minutes.

Is there anything else strange about it?

Iltae looked surprised and stared at him.

Something else... His cars back bumper was dented. He probably had a small accident.

Do you know where the accident took place?

No, not yet.

Did you check the cars black box?

Iltae shook his head.

The black box disappeared.

With the black box, they could find out who had hit the car, but it being gone meant that whoever had done it was meticulous and deliberate.

Junhyuk sighed.

What are you going to do?

Iltae sighed and said, We should announce Jisuks death. This will be done simultaneously across all W.A.N.C.S. labs. People will make an issue out of it, and a conspiracy theory will surface.

People might criticize the lack of security.

Nothing we can do about it now.

How are you going to announce it?

We cant reveal anything about the hypnosis, so the person who actually killed him will be a simple murderer. Well use someone to pin it on.

Junhyuk frowned, and Iltae continued, Theres nothing we can do. When people lose interest in the case, we will pull the person out of jail.

Is that possible?

Iltae nodded.

Of course! We only have to reveal Jisuks death.

Junhyuk nodded. There was no need to announce the deaths of the Schterrons mercenaries. Iltae got up from his seat.

Now you know.

If we knew where the accident took place, could we check CCTVs cameras around the area and deduce what happened? Junhyuk asked out of curiosity.

Iltae smiled.

Mr. Jang is already on it. Did you want to go with him?

Im here to oversee the capsules.

You should go. Well pay you extra for the work.

I could help, but I cant catch the hypnotist.

Junhyuk was trying to get out of it when Iltae tapped his forehead lightly.

This is what I want from you. You think fast and you have foresight. You should go with Mr. Jang.

He thought about it for a moment and answered, OK. Ill assist him.

Mr. Jang is waiting for you. Go.

At the first floors guardhouse?

Correct. Starting today, youll be busy.

Junhyuk got up, bowed and went out. W.A.N.C.S. was enemy territory, and it was now being attacked, but he wasnt sure about who was doing it and why.

Junhyuk decided to go along with the guards. He went to the first floor, and found Mr. Jang looking at him.

The chief told us. Lets go.


He was surprised by Mr. Jangs car. It was a 2014 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, and Jaeyoung Jang looked proud as he said, I enjoy speed, so I have a nice car.

He wanted to ask if it had been very expensive. It cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and Junhyuk was curious about how he was able to afford one.

Get in.

Where are we going? Junhyuk asked.

We contacted the Department of Transportation. We dont know the exact spot of the accident, but we know the area.

Is it covered by CCTV cameras?

They thought of it, so there arent many, but the surrounding area might have one.

The engine started with a roar. The accident took place just five minutes away from the W.A.N.C.S. laboratory. There were no regular cameras around, but Junhyuk checked the area and found two private CCTV cameras.

Jaeyoung saw them too.

Should we go over there?

They headed to a stew specialty restaurant. They wanted to check the recordings, so when they were inside, they asked to meet the owner. Then, Jaeyoung pulled out an ID and did something Junhyuk didnt expect.

We are from the CIA, he said, and the owner quickly made copies of the recordings.

Once they walked out of the restaurant, Junhyuk asked him, How did you get a CIA ID?

I dont just have a CIA ID.

Junhyuk realized that Jaeyoung wasnt an ordinary security officer. They got a copy of the other CCTV cameras recording, and Jaeyoung watched the two of them on his laptop.

The car had stopped at a light, and another car hit it from behind. It was a small accident. The guard walked out of his car and approached the second car. The second cars window opened, and they talked, and the guard went back to his car right after. He went back to the second car for the second time and handed something over.

Its the black box.

Jaeyoung nodded. The guard had given the black box to the second car himself.

He got in his car and drove off, and the second car made a U-turn and disappeared.

Jaeyoung got on his cell phone and called somebody.

Mr. Park, its Jeayoung Jang. Run a search on a plate for me, 02LU4231. The car is BMW X5.

Junhyuk looked at the screen and ran the videos again. Neither recording had the face of the driver in the second car. The face didnt appear, but he was wearing a hat and he wasnt very big.

He didnt have much time, so he left these recordings behind.

He felt it was impossible for us to track him.

Jaeyoung started the car.

Well catch him.

Junhyuk didnt tell him the truth. If they caught the culprit, it would only create more problems. Whoever it was had the ability to control minds and might kill the people who were tracking him.


Jaeyoung and Junhyuk were back at the lab. Iltae called them in, and they went to his office.

Schterron insists that those two resigned their posts a while ago.

Jaeyoung smiled bitterly.

They know the two men are dead.

Right. If not, they wouldnt have been so insistent.

Iltae looked at Jaeyoung.

What happened with your investigation?

We are running a search on the plate, and well follow up on it.


Iltae was pondering everything when Jaeyoungs cell phone rang. Jaeyong had a short conversation on it and sighed.

Someone reported that car stolen this morning.

Junhyuk nodded.

They are extremely careful. They wouldnt have used their own vehicle, and since he can mind control, he can get any car.

It hadnt been stolen. The person had given up his own key.

Maybe the cars owner might remember who took his car? Iltae suggest to Jaeyoung.

Ill check.

Junhyuk got up with Jaeyoung, and Iltae said, There will be an official announcement today.

They couldnt keep it a secret. Junhyuk nodded and went out with Jaeyoung. As they got to the Lamborghini, Junhyuk said, The announcement will create an uproar.


Jaeyoung frowned and started the car irritably. He was in charge of the security team. His pride had been hurt.

Inside the city, Jaeyoung drove at 63 kilometers per hour. While in the car, Junhyuk focused on training his eyesight. The car was moving fast, and Junhyuk saw Jaeyoung calling someone. They talked, and Jaeyoung turned the car, going to the Seocho District. Once there, he parked in front of a building.

Where are we?

At the BMWs owners place. Lets go.

Jaeyoung went inside and showed his CIA ID at the front desk.

We are here to see Sukjoon Hong.

What about? the front desk worker asked him.

A stolen car was used in a crime. We need to talk to him right now for our investigation.


The front desk worker called someone up, and a man showed up in five minutes. He looked at Jaeyoung and Junhyuk. Jaeyoung looked like a CIA agent, but Junhyuk didnt. He looked familiar to the man, and the man shook his head.

Jaeyoung walked toward Sukjoon.

Mr. Hong?

Yes, thats me.

The owner of the BMW X5 with the plate 02LU4231? You reported it stolen this morning.


It was stolen last night. Why did you wait until this morning?

Sukjoon didnt understand the question.

I didnt see my car at the parking lot this morning. Thats why I reported it stolen. What do you mean it was stolen last night?

Come over this way.

Jaeyoung took him outside of the building and showed him a film of the accident.

Do you see the intentional accident?

Thats last night.

There was a timer on the recording, and Sukjoon frowned.

Where were you at about ten oclock last night?

Sukjoon became irritated, but Jaeyoung continued, Thats not all. The stolen vehicle is linked to a murder case. Where were you around ten last night?

I went to a club with a friend.

Did you take your car?


How did you get home?

Sukjoon was getting worried.

I took a cab. I was intoxicated.

Why didnt you call for a designated driver and take a taxi instead?

Sukjoon frowned and nodded.

What? Why did I call a cab?

Junhyuk thought of something and asked, Did you meet anyone? You might have given him your car key.

I gave him my car key? Are you saying Im a culprit?

Junhyuk turned to look at Jaeyoung, and Jaeyoung said, Give me your friends phone number.

Sukjoon nodded and gave him the number. Jaeyoung called it up and walked away with Junhyuk.

We might see him giving up his car key, he told Junhyuk.


Sukjoon didnt remember anything. He could have been hypnotized, but there was a third person who saw everything.

They drove to the Bangbae District and stopped in front of a coffee shop and walked inside. They headed toward a man sitting there.

Mr. Dongho Lee?

Yes. Are you the one who called me?

Jaeyoung showed him his CIA ID and sat down. Junhyuk also took a seat, and Dongho asked, What is going on?

Last night you went to a club with Sukjoon. Is that correct?


Dongho didnt understand what was happening.

Sukjoon left his car behind and took a cab?

Im not sure. He was drinking heavily and then he just left.

Jaeyoung leaned forward and asked, Did he meet anyone at the club?


Dongho thought for a moment and said, He was pestering a woman.

A woman?

Yes, he was pestering her and got drunk and went outside by himself. I was alone for the rest of the night.

Junhyuk and Jaeyoung looked at each other. He had only met a woman.

Do you remember what she looked like?

She was a Caucasian with blue eyes. She had long blonde hair and attracted everyone.

A blond, blue-eyed woman. Now they knew what she looked like, and they were sure she was behind the mind control.

What is the name of the club?

Hongdaes Cocoa Club.

Thanks for your cooperation. If you remember anything else, call me.

Jaeyoung gave him a business card, and both of them left the coffee shop and got in the Lamborghini.

Lets go.

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