Legend Of Legends Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Back to the Battlefield 2


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


Filming was scheduled for the following week. After that, Junhyuk went to the marketing department from time to time for meetings about the movie.

This was a cooperation between the company and TV stations, and the marketing department held meetings every day. They also brought the five men with metal prosthetics to the office. The five of them had busy schedules, but they decided to appear on the broadcast. The metal models were given to them by the company, and they wanted to help out.

Once they gathered in one place, they didnt have anything special to do. The marketing department and the programs director planned everything, and they listened and made suggestions.

After one of the meetings ended on Thursday afternoon, Doyeols executive secretary appeared in front of Junhyuk and greeted him.

The president wants to meet you.

Right now?


Junhyuk bowed and followed the secretary to the presidents office. The secretary knocked on the door and let him know that Junhyuk was there. The door opened, and they heard Doyeols voice.

Come in.

Junhyuk went in, saw a man sitting next to Doyeol and frowned. The pale, blond man had introduced himself previously as Jeffrey, a novice, which meant that Doyeol had sent Jeffrey to his house.

Junhyuk decided to pretend that he didnt know him, and Doyeol offered him a seat.

Have a seat.

Jeffrey smiled and extended his hand.

Nice to meet you. Im Jeffrey.

Nice to meet you. Im Junhyuk Lee.

Junhyuk spoke perfect English, and Jeffrey said, You speak English well.

I speak ten languages fluently.

Is that right?

Jeffrey spoke to him in a strange language, which Doyeol didnt understand, but Junhyuk did.

First time seeing me?

Junhyuk frowned.

This time Jeffrey asked in yet another language, You really dont know me?

Junhyuk shook his head.

Are you playing a joke on me? Junhyuk asked.

Jeffrey shrugged and leaned back on his seat.

He likes to joke around, Doyeol told him.

Junhyuk remained silent, and Doyeol looked at him and smiled.

You got your filming schedule. Next week, right?


This broadcast is very important.

Eunseo told me about it.

Do it well. Just do what youve been doing.

Junhyuk nodded, and Doyeol smiled.

My friend here will work at the secretarys office from now on. He will work as an interpreter, and youll meet him from time to time. Hell accompany me when I meet with foreign buyers.


Junhyuk looked at him, and Jeffrey still had a smile on his face. Jeffreys eyes seemed to say that he knew who Junhyuk was. The stare felt burdensome to Junhyuk.

Doyeol looked at Junhyuk and smiled.

You should cheer him on. Do look after him.

Ill do my best.

You may leave.

Junhyuk got up, said goodbye and left, and Jeffrey asked, Is it OK for me to work here?

I dont care.

What about the Rockefeller family?

They could guess about you, but even if they knew about this, they couldnt touch me. We are on equal grounds, Doyeol said and smiled deviously. At least for now.

Doyeol looked at Jeffrey and asked, So, what do you think? Was he the guy in the black armor?

Jeffrey shrugged.

Ordinarily, a person who speaks ten languages is highly educated, but his resume doesnt indicate that.


Im about 70 percent sure that he is the guy.


Doyeol wanted to see Junhyuks reaction. If Junhyuk had returned from the Dimensional Battlefield, Doyeol had to make him join his side. Jeffrey couldnt deal with him because he was on another level, so Junhyuk could bring him back a lot more.


Junhyuk returned to his office and turned on his computer, but he could only think about Jeffrey. Jeffrey had come after him. Why did I have to meet him now? Because they were curious about me?

He had dealt with the people sent by the Rockefeller family, and Jeffrey came after that. Jeffrey had already told him that the Rockefellers hadnt sent him. He hadnt believed him then, but after seeing him with Doyeol, he was sure the Rockefellers hadnt done it.

What kind of person is Doyeol? He funded W.A.N.C.S., so he had to be close to the Rockefellers, but Junhyuk wasnt sure. Jeffrey called himself a novice, but he wasnt sure about that either.

Junhyuk thought hard about everything and stared at the computer screen. He was deep in thought when a shadow appeared above his head.

What are you thinking about?

It was Mr. Woogun Jang, so Junhyuk bowed and smiled at him.

I was thinking about what concept I should go with for this broadcast.


Mr. Jang patted his shoulder and said, Youll do well.

Junhyuk looked around and frowned.

Where is everybody?

He had been so lost in his thoughts that he hadnt noticed anything. Mr. Jang smiled at him.

They went home. You were buried in your thoughts.

Is it already time to go home?

Junhyuk got up, but Mr. Jang had a few more words for him.

How about a drink?


Junhyuk was feeling strained, so he decided to have a drink with Mr. Jang.


They drank a few shots of soju, and he called for a designated driver, who drove him to his house. When he arrived, he saw a man standing in front of his house with his arms crossed. It was Jeffrey, and Junhyuk walked over to him.

Jeffrey, what are you doing here?

Jeffrey looked at him and smiled.

This is your house?


We are neighborhood cousins. Is that the expression in Korea?

Junhyuk didnt understand and just stared until Jeffrey pointed to the house next door.

I moved here today.

Junhyuk was surprised. What was this guy thinking?

Jeffrey smiled and said, We should have coffee. Come over to my house.

Ill change into something more comfortable and go.

Ill be waiting.

Junhyuk went into his house, changed into his training gear and walked outside. Jeffrey took him to his house. Jeffrey hadnt unpacked all of his belongings yet, and suddenly someone ran to him. She was blonde and very beautiful, and she walked over to Junhyuk.

Hello, Im Joanna.

Nice to meet you. Im Junhyuk Lee.

Junhyuk turned to look at Jeffrey. He took him to the dining table and looked at Joanna.

Some coffee, please.


Joanna had already been heating water to make coffee, and Jeffrey smiled.

She is my younger sister. Isnt she pretty?

Junhyuk calmly looked at Jeffrey. Jeffrey had moved next door, and he thought Jeffrey was going to try to drive him crazy. He even thought about killing Jeffrey, but he just introduced his sister to him. Was he not thinking about fighting?

She is pretty, Junhyuk relaxed and answered him.

She brought them the coffee and stepped back. Have a pleasant time. I have to unpack, she said and left.

Junhyuk stared at Jeffrey.

Is this a coincidence?

Jeffrey shook his head.

No, it isnt.

Can you tell me what happened?

Jeffrey pulled out an envelope. Junhyuk took a look inside and found a bunch of $50 bills. There were $100,000 total, and he stared at Jeffrey.

Its for your house repair.

Jeffrey was sure now, and Junhyuk knew it too, but he tried to deny it once more.

What do you mean?

You didnt hear me? I went to your house when you werent there and met an armored man. He told me he would get the money from me for the house repair.

You damaged my house?


Junhyuk laughed a little and knew he couldnt deny it anymore. His eyes turned cold.

You knew, and you moved next door?

Jeffrey nodded.

We didnt get along well the first time we met, but it doesnt have to stay that way.

What do you mean?

I heard the Rockefeller family is after you.

Junhyuks eyes beamed, and Jeffrey smiled.

The Rockefellers are after me too. Without Doyeols help, my sister and I wouldve been killed.

The Rockefellers were after Jeffrey, and Junhyuk was slightly moved by that information. Jeffrey continued, Doyeol is protecting us.


Jeffrey continued calmly, But I cant just rely on one person.

What do you mean?

I joined up with him, but it doesnt guarantee my safety. I have to make myself safe.


Jeffrey smiled.

I want to be your friend.

Jeffrey fought against me, and he wants to be my friend. What is he thinking?

My sisters safety is my top priority. If something happens to me, please, protect my sister.

Me? Why?

Ill sacrifice myself and more for you.

What kind of sacrifice?

Jeffrey laughed.

I moved here to find out whether or not you are a novice.

Doyeols wish?

Of course.

Why does he want to know?

Jeffrey pulled out a small, blue gem from his pocket and showed it to him.

Have you seen it before?

Junhyuk picked it up and looked at Jeffrey.

Ive seen it at the Dimensional Battlefield.

They need it to build the metal models.

Junhyuk placed the gem on the table.

Things from the Dimensional Battlefield are extremely expensive in Korea!

You learn fast. Doyeol is collecting people who can go to the Dimensional Battlefield. If you are a novice, he will pay you an astronomical amount to join his team.

Junhyuk thought it over.

OK. I understand the situation. What can you do for me?

Jeffrey smiled.

If you dont want to be revealed, Ill hide your identity.

Until I decide to show myself, youll hide that information. Is that right?


Junhyuk smiled and whispered, If I kill you, everything will be resolved.

They will get even more suspicious, Jeffrey answered him coolly, and Junhyuk smiled bitterly.

Your offer is hard to refuse.

Jeffrey shrugged.

More importantly, we have powers and we must work together. We might have a better chance to survive in the Dimensional Battlefield that way.

Junhyuk wasnt speaking. He finished his coffee and got up.

Ill think about it.

He turned, and Jeffrey asked, By the way, are you an expert?

He left without answering, and Jeffrey stared at him leaving and whispered, He is an expert.

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