Legend Of Legends Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Back to the Battlefield 3


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


Junhyuk went home and called Sarang on the burner phone. She picked it up, and a cheery voice greeted him on the other side.

Big brother, you dont usually call me first?!

I have something to discuss.

Hm I thought so.

She was disappointed, and Junhyuk laughed and said, The novice with the summoning power moved next door.


Sarang is surprised, and Junhyuk explained everything calmly.

He wants to be my friend.

He made a mess at your house the last time and now he wants to gain your trust?

His conditions arent bad, and I think Ill gain a lot by having him next door.

So, are you friends now?

I think so.


But Im hiding you from him. When I decide that I can trust him, Ill introduce you two.

I understand. Ill trust you.

Right, get some rest.

Go to sleep and dream about me.

Junhyuk laughed, hung up and lay on his bed. Was Doyeol an enemy of the Rockefeller family? He didnt know whether to trust Jeffrey, but he felt good about their agreement. He didnt know how to get information on Doyeol without him, and he could gain more information from Jeffrey.

Junhyuk closed his eyes. He thought of what Sarang had said about dreaming about her, which made him laugh.

In his dreams, he did meet her.


She was lying in bed with bandages around her eyes and around her right arm. Suddenly, Stephen got a phone call, and she listened in. He was on the phone for a while, and then he walked over, caressed her hair and said, I have to go out for a moment. If you need anything, talk to the nurse.

OK. Be careful.

Stephen went out, and she touched the bandages on her eyes. He had made her this way, the novice with the ability to teleport, and she frowned.

Next time, I will teach him a lesson.

Her hypnosis hadnt worked, so she wouldnt use it on him. She would make more puppets and attack him with them. Therefore, she had to know who he was, but she didnt know anything about him. Still, she could take a guess.

His name is Junhyuk!

He had been avoiding eye contact with her, and she had looked into it. Jaeyoungs accident didnt have any casualties, which meant that Junhyuk wasnt an ordinary person. If he had the ability to teleport, he would have done so during that car accident. Jaeyoung was surely hypnotized, so she wasnt suspicious of him, but Junhyuk was different.

With a knock on the door, two people walked in. Anna turned her head, and a person closed the door and leaned against it. Another person walked to her and stood in front of her bed.

How are your wounds?

Anna recognized the voice and frowned. The person saw her reaction and asked, You know who I am?

CIA Agent Jaeyoung Jang?

Youve got a good memory.

Anna didnt say anything else and shut her mouth. Jaeyoung continued, Im really sorry about your accident.

Thank you.

The doctor told me you wont recover.

He told me the same.

Jaeyoung tilted his head and said, Then you wont be able to hypnotize people.

Anna turned her head toward his voice.

What do you mean?

You are lucky to lose just your eyes, Jaeyoung blurted out.

A smile creeped across her lips, and he continued, Its a small price to pay for my car. Oh! And this comes from the top, but you will be deported.


Your father just lost his status as a diplomat, and he will return to Germany.

Anna was silent, Jaeyoung turned away slowly and said, I hope I wont see you again.

Anna listened to him walking away and smiled.

This is fun now.

Without being able to get her revenge, she would be deported. She knew about their power, but she felt angry about her father losing his status as a diplomat.

They are acting deliberately.


The Antique Library had a mismatched hologram in it. The hologram had four faces on it.

Among them, was Doyeol, and he asked, Shes a novice. Why dont you want her?

The Antique Librarys owner, Charles, the Rockellers patriarch, opened his mouth.

Her power is a double-edged sword. If we could control her, we could do anything, but if she works for other people, we wont be able to deal with her.

An old man with a long moustache said, So youve made up your mind?

Yes. The things from the Dimensional Battlefield are valuable, but she worked against us and she is dangerous.

Annas hypnosis didnt leave any evidence behind. She was the best assassin, and the Pentagram had the power to arrange to have her meet anyone, which meant that she could kill anyone without a trace. However, that also meant that they had to be able to handle her. If she followed after people who had similar influence to the Pentagram, they would be in danger.

We will vote on what Charles has said. If you agree with him, raise your hand up, said the old man with the moustache.

Charles raised his hand and the others followed him. One by one, the five of them all raised their hands, and Charles smiled.

Doyeol, take care of it this time.

It would take place in South Korea, so he would do the job.

I will, he said, bowing.

Charles leaned back on his chair.

Then, till next time.

The screen turned off, and Charles stroked his chin.

Have you found Jeffrey?


His secretary was already in the library, and Charles smiled coldly.


South Korea.


Charles pulled a cigar from one of the desks drawer, and his secretary lit it up.

He grew up, he said, smiling.

ST Capsules Doyeol had just joined the Pentagram. He was getting more powerful fast, but the others thought he was still weak. Doyeol didnt know his own place.

He got a novice. What difference does it make?

Novices were valuable, but a novice alone couldnt change anything about the Pentagram. The Pentagram had power the to shake the world, and Doyeol was trying his best. He looked cute to Charles, like a kid trying to play with the adults.

Charles exhaled deeply.

Just watch them for now. He hasnt betrayed the Pentagram, so theres nothing we can do at this moment.

Ill get on it.

The secretary went out, and Charles took another drag and murmured, Something very entertaining happened.


It was already Friday night, and Junhyuk prepared for the Dimensional Battlefield. He was lying on his bed, wearing the Barbarian Bel, when he picked up the burner phone.

She had been thinking the same thing. His phone rang, and Junhyuk looked at the number and laughed.

Big brother!

Are you ready and on your bed?

Yes. Im on my bed thinking of you.

Why are you thinking about me?

Hm. Are you embarrassed?

Junhyuk didnt reply, and Sarang roared with laughter.

Big bro, did you see me in your dreams?


Whoa! I saw you in my dreams. You are too much.

Junhyuk smiled.

Time to leave. Get ready.

OK. See you soon.

Junhyuk hung up and closed his eyes. It was time to go. He would deal with strong enemies and fight fierce battles, and his heart started pounding.

The white light covered his vision, and Junhyuk covered his eyes with his hands. The light disappeared, and he looked around, checking the amount of money he had: 34,240G.

Junhyuk was satisfied. With that amount, he could get another upgrade. He wouldnt be able to get the seventh upgrade, but the sixth was affordable.

Junhyuk took off the standard gear. Unlike last time, he was wearing the cloak and the belt. However, he still felt naked and summoned the black armor. The standard swords wouldnt help, so he left them behind.

[Welcome. Youve been summoned to the Valley of Death.]

Junhyuk smiled bitterly and inspected his equipment. He summoned everything he owned and sighed deeply.

[You may exit using the main entrance.]

Junhyuk walked and heard further instructions.

[Youve activated two powers and became an expert. You may revive one time as an expert.]

Sarang has also become an expert this time.

The enemy was very dangerous. It felt like a miracle that Sarang hadnt died even once.

He had almost gotten himself killed twice.

Ill stay alive.

Junhyuk heard a soft whisper.

[Expert 01 deployed.]

He walked out and heard the minions talking among themselves. Soon, a head popped up in the middle of them. It was Sarang.

She was wearing the Red Core Armor and she crossed the sea of people by exuding an aura that the minions couldnt ignore. So, they made way for her. Her armor made an impression on them. The minions would be surprised to know that her armor had the same cost as the lives of one hundred and ten thousand of them.

Big brother!

Junhyuk saw the rest of her equipment.

Is that the standard expert equipment?

Yes, I got these instead, she was holding an orb and a small crystal ball. Expert magicians carry two items.

Junhyuk inspected her new weapons.

If you want to hurt your enemies, youll need new equipment.

So far, they had focused on her survival, but now they could focus on her attack as well. The enemy tanks would be hard to defeat with her strength, but she could use her magic to some effect on the others. She had to increase her magic stat further and she would be able to deliver a deathblow.

Good idea.

They had relied on the heroes until now, but the enemy team had a champion, Adolphe, so they should do more to help out.

Right. If you pick up one of the tanks items, dont sell it and keep it for yourself.

Tank items?

Yes. We have more space for more items. Get items thatll increase your health, and youll survive.


Sarang knew how important it was to survive and agreed with him. They talked until the castles door opened, and Artlan, Halo and Vera walked in.

Artlan saw Sarang and Junhyuk, and walked over to them.

You are here.

Junhyuk nodded, and Artlan turned around.

Hurry up! We arent taking any minions with us today.

That meant that they had to move faster, and Junhyuk made fists with his hands.

Lets go!

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