Legend Of Legends Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Variable 2


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


Halo laughed about having escaped from Adolphes attack.

Thanks, he said and used his lighting flash attack against Adolphe. Adolphe quickly raised his sword to block, but Halo slashed his ribs, and he started bleeding profusely.


Halo got behind Adolphe, who had staggered, and used Rising Dragon, a spinning jump attack that slashed Adolphes back.

Adolphes back was bleeding in such a way that it looked like he had grown bloody wings. Halo was coming down from the air, and Adolphe blocked Halos sword with his own.


Adolphe had been attacked twice and couldnt keep his footing. Junhyuk decided to join the fray. When Adolphe saw Junhyuk running toward them, he gritted his teeth. Because of him, Adolphe had lost the chance to kill a hero. He scowled, thinking he could even have gotten one of Halos items.

Halo and Adolphe were facing each other, and Junhyuk swung his sword at Adolphes back.


Adolphe turned around, but it was already too late for him. His back was sliced through, and he was debuffed. Halo looked at him and smiled.

Its over, he said and aimed for Adolphes neck. Adolphe turned and dodged, but he was focused on Halo, and his back was exposed to Junhyuk, who attack continuously and without hesitation. The debuffs piled up nonstop, stacking three times, and Halo beheaded Adolphe.

His head rolled on the ground, and Junhyuk looked away. Reginas health was also gone, and she started disappearing, killed by Artlans and Veras attacks.

They had succeeded in taking the salamanders buff and they would head to the enemy tower and fight against whoever was there. Their target was Bater. They would kill him and destroy the second tower as well.

Sarang cast healing on Halo. While he was being healed, Junhyuk looked around. So far, they had focused on the enemies and the monsters. He had been fighting and didnt have chance to look around. The gems that Jeffrey had shown him popped into his mind, so he was looking for something to take with him.

Vera walked over and asked, What are you looking for?

Junhyuk saw a lot of gems strewn around the salamanders territory. Inside each of them, there was a small flame. He picked up one.

Things from the Dimensional Battlefield are highly valued in South Korea. I want to take some back with me.

Vera laughed happily at Junhyuk. She inspected the gem he picked up and dropped it on the ground.

These are spirit stones. They are the lowest level gems, but not all lowest level gems are the same.

She looked around, picked up a couple of small gems and gave him one.

If something like this will help you, you should take some back. What are you looking for?

Blue gems. Maybe they are called mana stones?

Mana stones? Vera smiled.

The right mana stones can be found only at one place in the Dimensional Battlefield. Well get one later.

Where are they?

The Dragons Valley.

Junhyuk smiled bitterly.

We have to kill a dragon first to take some mana stones...

Thats right. Mana stones from the Dragons Valley are of high quality.

Junhyuk looked at the spirit stone and asked, Where do you use these stones?

It depends. The lowest level spirit stones give you fire, and you wont run out of it, but you have to make a pact with the spirit inside. It has no attack value.

Is that by your standards?

Of course.

Maybe they would be of value on Earth.

Junhyuk stared at the spirit stone.

How do you make a pact?

Its the lowest level spirit stone. Dont think too hard.

Vera gave the other spirit stone to Sarang and said, Hold it out with your hand and feel its energy. Then, summon it.

Sarang and Junhyuk held the spirit stones in their hands and focused. They felt a warm energy permeate their hands and summoned the lowest level spirit stones fire. The bird-shaped flames were small enough to hold in their hands.

Is this the lowest fire spirit?

Yes, its name is Kasha. Just summon it.

How do you summon it?

Vera shook her head.

You guys have sizable souls, and your souls have power, so just will it to make it your own and speak your command.

Sarang responded quickly, Kasha, you are mine now!

Kasha fluttered its wings and rubbed its beak against her hand. Junhyuk looked at his own fire-based Kasha.

Kasha. You are mine now, he said slowly.

Kasha fluttered its wing and picked at Junhyuks hand with its beak. It felt very warm, and Junhyuk smiled.

Among the lowest level fire spirits, I picked these two because they have the power to communicate.


No matter what distance, you two can communicate through these two Kashas.


They had the burner phones, but the Kashas couldnt be disrupted by anything. It was a new method of communication, and he wouldnt refuse it.

Are these Kashas all connected?

No. The rest of them have spirit power. Only these two have the ability to communicate. The rest has the power to burn.

The power to burn? Does that mean we can make fires with these?

Thats right, and the fires cant be easily put out. Fire spirits just burns everything.

Junhyuk thought the Earth could use these stones and picked up two more. Vera smiled at him.

But that is its only power. The battlefield has no use for them, so they are left here all over the place.

I dont care. I wont use them here.

Junhyuk thought of using them on Earth, which is why he took a few more. Sarang wasnt paying attention to what he was doing. She was playing with the Kasha on her hand.

Are you really going to help me communicate with big brother?

The Kasha nodded, and Sarang whispered into its ear.

Big brother, she said and blew her tongue at him.

Junhyuk could hear everything because he was standing next to her. Then, his Kasha repeated what Sarang had said. It sounded just like her, and Junhyuk was left speechless.

You dont have to use your voice. Just focus on the Kasha and will it to do what you want, Vera said.

Junhyuk focused on his Kasha.

Quit playing around.

Sarang was surprised and looked at him. She smirked, focused on her Kasha, and her will was delivered to Junhyuk.

Big brother, you are cute when you are angry.

Junhyuk shook his head.

This is amazing.

Vera laughed and said, Now, lets move. Weve lost a lot of time.


They started running. Bater could already be trying to escaped after he heard the news of the other heroes deaths. Before that happened, they had to catch him. They were three heroes and two experts, so they could easily do it.

The group moved toward Baters tower, but he wasnt there. There were no minions either, so they destroyed the empty tower. However, they gained nothing out of that.

We lost our own tower.

Bater had destroyed one of the allied towers and taken his minions and retreated. The allies also destroyed a tower, but they felt empty.

What are we going to do?

We destroyed each others tower, so we move to the next tower and help Nudra out.

The group changed its course. They didnt know where Bater was, so they had to change their plan, running without rest to where Nudra was.

Nudra was already in serious danger, and Bater had already arrived. Nudra was fighting Jean Clo when Bater intruded, putting him in complete disadvantage. Jean Clo and Bater could both handle the towers attacks while they attacked Nudra, so he had a hard time dealing with the both of them.

Nudra was all bloodied, and Artlan shouted, Junhyuk!

Sarang and the heroes touched him, and Junhyuk teleported. He took them closer to Nudra, and Artlan and Halo dashed toward him at the same time. Artlan jumped, and Halo used his lighting flash attack.

They attacked Bater and Jean Clo. Meanwhile, Sarang extended her hands, and the light green powder fell on Nudras head, healing him. Then, Nudra released a strong gust of wind.


Bater was pushed back, and Artlan and Halo got closer. Vera was preparing to cast her magic. She touched her earring, and Junhyuk analyzed the battlefield. Jean Clo was very hard to kill, but Sarang could suppress his healing power and possibly do it. If they were to kill one of them, it had to be Bater.

Junhyuk stood in front of Vera and asked, Do we kill Bater first?


Baters attacks inflicted more damage than Jean Clos. Everyone was thinking same thing, so they would all attacked him.

Artlan was dealing with Jean Clo. Halo and Nudra rushed after Bater while Vera also targeted him. Bater didnt have enough health to deal with three heroes.

We have to retreat! he shouted.

Jean Clo rushed toward Artlan, but was slashed on the ribs by Artlans saber. However, he grabbed Artlan and threw him with a giant swing. Jean Clo had a lot of health, but his wild rush had enabled him to get a hold of Artlan.

While Jean Clo launched Artlan, Bater slammed the ground.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The three shockwaves traveled toward Halo and Nudra and pushed them back. They tried to escape, but they couldnt let the enemy flee.


She didnt hesitate and cast her electric blast on the enemies. Two lights flew out. One hit Jean Clo while the other hit Bater, and Vera cast a firewall where they stood.  Her firewall inflicted continuous damage.

Halo, Artlan and Nudra attacked Bater. He was only paralyzed for a moment, but the three heroes took advantage of that to really hurt him. They were in the process of damaging Bater when Jean Clo grabbed Nudra. Nudras health was very low, and Jean Clo was about to choke slam him when something unexpected happened.


Jean Clo lifted him up, and Nudra was shot in the middle of his forehead. He lost whatever health remained and started disappearing.

Jean Clo slammed his body against the ground and smiled.

Now, we are evenly matched.

Junhyuk saw Killa at the top of the tower. They didnt know what had happened to Diane, but now the heroes were indeed evenly matched.

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