Legend Of Legends Chapter 123

Chapter 123: Variables 3


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


Jean Clo and Bater retread, but they came back, and Junhyuk breathed in deeply. Since they knew the allies had used all of their powers, they wanted to fight.

Sarang had used her electric blast and her healing power and had to wait on the cooldowns, so Jean Clo and Bater approached. Junhyuk analyzed the situation. Bater was hurt the most among the enemy heroes, but Bater had a lot of health overall and very strong attacks. Baters ultimate was especially strong. They had to kill him first. If possible before he used his ultimate.

Vera also looked at their situation.

Kill Bater first, she said, scowling and holding a fire spear in her hand. We have to kill him within ten seconds.


Artlan and Halo ignored Jean Clo and ran toward Bater, but he scoffed at them. They were after him because he had low health, but this wasnt the first time he found himself in a situation like that. Because he had seen Killa running, Bater decided against withdrawing. Jean Clo ran toward Artlan, and Bater went after Halo.

Jean Clo and Bater both had rushing abilities, but their rushes had different characteristics. Jean Clo wanted to grapple, while Bater pushed his enemies away.

They both rushed at the same time, and something unexpected happened. Jean Clo grabbed Artlan, and Bater pushed Halo away. Only Artlan was left in the enemy territory. He had the highest amount of health among the allies, but he was in a dangerous position. Jean Clo chokeslammed him, and Killa fired some shots.

It was the same pattern they had used when Nudra was killed, and they had three heroes in one spot. Even Artlan could die in the blink of an eye. Killas bullet flew toward Artlan, and an ivory-colored light covered him.


The bullet bounced off, and Jean Clo had to let go of him. Artlan squatted. He was preparing his ultimate while Junhyuk ran toward him. Vera and Sarang were just behind Junhyuk.

Junhyuk got to Halo, grabbed his shoulder and teleported. In a moment, everyone was within the force field. The force field covered Artlan and spread, dividing the enemy in two groups. Jean Clo and Killa were by the tower, and Bater was on the opposite side.

Halo used his lightning flash attack on Bater. He slashed Baters ribs, and a rising dragon appeared on his back. Baters back was bleeding uncontrollably, and Veras magic zoomed in. She cast a fire orb, and fire spears flew toward him. He blocked the spears with his fist, but the incessant attacks pushed him back.

Boom, boom, boom!

Three heroes had attacked him before Veras attacks. Bater could feel his health going down and saw Halo, who was outside of the force field, and hit him with a one-two combo.


Halo blocked the attacks, but was still pushed back. Bater was going after him when Artlan swung his saber.


Baters back was left with a gaping hole, and his movement speed slowed down. Then, Halo slashed Baters neck with his sword. Bater disappeared, and Junhyuk moved. He was holding Sarangs hand and going the opposite way of Jean Clo and Killa. The force field was blocking their path, and Junhyuk had to get as far away as possible.

Killa jumped, and Junhyuk hugged Sarang and teleported.


She aimed for them but missed. Junhyuk and Sarang got up and saw Killa crashing down.

That was dangerous.

The force field disappeared. Junhyuk had used all of his powers. They had managed to kill one hero, but they still had to fight Jean Clo and Killa, the enemies best tank and marksman. It would be easier to deal with them now, but they would put up a fight.

How long?

Twenty seconds, Sarang answered.

Junhyuks force field had two minutes left in cooldown, while the teleportation had forty seconds.

Lets retreat.

Junhyuk and Sarang got out of Killas range, and the heroes clashed again. Jean Clo blocked the heroes path by spreading his arms wide open, and Killa shot from behind him. They had to go through Jean Clo to get to Killa. If they let Killa be, she would deal a lot of damage.

Junhyuk watched what was happening and murmured, We could have used Diane.

Diane had a shorter range than Killa, but she still made a huge difference. Veras magic had a short cooldown, but she couldnt attack continuously like Diane. Her magic also had a shorter range than Dianes attacks, so she couldnt reach Killa.

They had to kill Jean Clo first, but it was not an easy thing to do. Jean Clo had an enormous amount of health and defense. He didnt fall easily.

Jean Clo was bleeding while fighting Artlan and Halo, and he grabbed Artlan. He was about to chokeslam him when Killa fired at Artlan.


The saber blocked the bullet, but Artlan was chokeslammed.


Artlan crashed against the ground, and Jean Clo grabbed him again, this time by his legs, and swung him around, throwing him at Halo. The two got tangled up and bounced away. Veras magic flew toward Jean Clo. Fire spears and a fire orb caused a series of explosions that kept Jean Clo from rushing.

Killas range wasnt long enough to reach Vera, so she decided to kill Halo and Artlan. Vera was completely focused on Jean Clo. The first one to fall would lose the battle.

Junhyuk could see the situation was going well for them. Jean Clo couldnt fight Halo and Artlan alone, and Veras magic could suppress him. The allies would win that exchange.

Big brother, Im ready, Sarang said.

OK. Lets help Artlan.

The allies wanted Jean Clo dead, and the enemies wanted Artlan dead. Artlan was also seriously wounded, so Jean Clo and Killa were aiming for Artlan.

Junhyuk ran in with Sarang. She stood behind Vera and extended her hands. The light green powder rained down on Artlans head. His injuries form Killas shots started closing up, and Artlan used his seven-slash attack on Jean Clo.

Killa approached and pulled out two pistols. She saw Artlan healing, but her pistols were lethal at close range, so she got further in and fired them. However, Halo stepped in front of Artlan. His sword flashed at unbelievable speed, and he stopped all of the bullets.

Tink, tink, tink, tink!

The bullets bounced off Halos sword, and Artlan attacked Jean Clo. Artlan launched his saber at close range and hit Jean Clo on the shoulder.

Now, you are missing a saber! Jean Clo said and grabbed Artlan by the neck.

Then, Sarang stepped forward and cast her electric blast. Jean Clo was paralyzed, and Artlan smiled.

This is your weakness.

Artlans sabers were short range weapons, but Jean Clo had to get closer. He was paralyzed and still holding Artlan when Artlan slashed him, cutting his artery.

Artlan wanted to lop Jean Clos head off, but Jean Clos arms were too long, and he was only able to slice the artery. With his artery sliced, Jean Clo started receiving damage. Artlans sabers had been upgraded ten times, and they were as sharp as possible.

Artlan cut off Jean Clos arms, and they dropped to the ground. Then, Artlan raised his sabers, intending to put an end to Jean Clo, but Jean Clo could move again, and three blue energy rings appeared around him to block Artlans attack.


One blue energy ring was crushed, and Sarang stepped forward. Jean Clo was regaining momentum.


Sarangs Red Core Armor gave off a bloody energy that covered Jean Clo. Thorns came out of the energy and went into Jean Clos body.


Jean Clo had used his ultimate, and Sarang was suppressing it. His neck that had stopped bleeding for a moment started back up again, very intensely.

Artlan was very close to him, so he swung his sabers and destroyed the two remaining blue energies rings. Jean Clo grabbed him by the shoulder and smashed him against the ground. It was an invisible powerslam, and as Artlan rolled on the ground, Jean Clo kicked him like a soccer ball.

Artlans body went up in the air, and Killa fired at him. Halo wasnt there to protect him this time, so Artlan raised his sabers, blocking the bullets.

Artlan crashed down, and Jean Clo retreated. Sarangs suppression was working against him, and he could die at any moment. He had already lost most of his health.

As he was retreating, a firewall appeared in his path. Jean Clos body burned, but he still managed to run away. Then, something flew toward him. It was a saber that pierced through the firewall and hit his chest.

Jean Clos eyes widened, and Artlan ran at him and jumped, hitting Jean Clos chin with his knee. Even without using weapons, heroes could kill. Jean Clo had used the last of his strength in the slam and the kick.

Suddenly, Jean Clo stopped healing, and Artlan finished him off. He disappeared, leaving only one hero left.

Killa fired her twin pistols to help her escape. Jean Clo died, and she jumped and ran toward her tower, but the allies couldnt leave her be.

Junhyuk went after her and saw some minions by the tower. There were about a hundred riflemen standing there. Ordinarily, they could be ignored, but the towers archers were dangerous to heroes if they fought alone.

Junhyuk was curious about whether they would engage the riflemen when Artlan shouted, Attack!

Nudras remaining minions would attack the riflemen and the archers, and Killa fired at them. Artlan picked up his sabers and dashed. He wanted to seize that opportunity, so the heroes ran after Killa. Junhyuk and Sarang followed.

The riflemen stood up, and one of their rifles was shining. This wasnt an ordinary attack, so Junhyuk hugged Sarang and rolled to the side. The rifle sparked.

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