Legend Of Legends Chapter 125

Chapter 125: Scuffle 1


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


They started getting close to the enemies, and Junhyuk quickly scoped out the battlefield. It would be a good idea to kill one of the enemy heroes before things started.

Lets kill one first by using our ultimates.

Artlan nodded and got in position. He stopped moving toward the enemies and prepared his Punishing Draw while Halo readied Rain from Above.

Vera started casting Meteor Shower, but Jean Clo and Bater rushed at the same time. When Junhyuk saw them, he shouted.


Nudra was wearing the Dragon Gloves and was covered by the dragon aura. He kicked Jean Clo, but Bater passed by him. However, Dianes explosive arrow zoomed in.


Bater was hit by it, but he continued rushing, and Junhyuk cast a force field. Sarang was at the center, and the force field covered everyone. Bater hit it, but was bounced back. They could try to kill him first, but they decided to take out Killa. However, Killa was set far away, firing at them with her rifle, and the allies ultimates wouldnt reach her.

After Killa, Doctor Tula and Regina were the priorities. They both had the ability to ensnare their opponents, so the allies had to take one of them out first.

Meteors crashed from the sky right in the middle of the enemies territory, which was a great idea. Both tanks, Jean Clo and Bater, had already stepped forward, so they were out of the meteors range.

The enemies dispersed to escape the meteors. Regina picked up Adolphe and escaped by using her absurd movement speed, and Doctor Tula went the opposite way.

Kill the doctor, Artlan said.

Halos sword was hovering in the air. His ultimate took a while to prepare, but when it landed, it was unstoppable. It traveled faster than an arrow and couldnt be dodged. Nobody could escape it.

Doctor Tula twisted his body, but his shoulder was cut off. Artlan looked at Junhyuk, and he touched Artlans shoulder and teleported. They appeared in front of Doctor Tula, and Artlan drew his saber.


Doctor Tula couldnt do anything. He was beheaded. The doctor didnt have a lot of health, and he had been hit by three ultimates, so he died.

Artlan grabbed Junhyuk and jumped.


A bullet hit the ground on the same spot where Junhyuk had been standing. Artlan returned to the force field and dropped him.

Regina! he shouted.

Reginas power could kill anyone at any moment. Artlan had shouted as a warning, and Diane attacked her. Diane had been holding her shot until that moment, and suddenly, she let go of the bowstring. The arrow flew off, aimed at the middle of her opponents forehead. Regina had a lot of speed, but the arrow was faster.

Then, a shadow appeared in front of Regina. Jean Clo had run over, and Dianes arrow hit him instead. It stuck deeply into his shoulder. Nevertheless, Jean Clo stood in front of Regina and smiled expectantly.

Three more seconds.

Theyd killed Doctor Tula, but if the enemies focused on one of them, the allies could quickly lose a hero. Artlan looked at Halo, who was holding on to his own sword. They looked at each other and stepped out of the force field at the same time.

Regina was hiding behind Jean Clo. If the allies tried to kill her now, they would fall under attack, so it would be a better idea to kill Bater first.

Artlan stepped forward and used his seven-slash attack. Bater was blocking with his arms when Halo used his lightning flash attack. The attack casually passed through other enemies in search of Baters weaknesses. It was not possible to stop it.

Halo slashed Baters ribs, moving behind him and following it up with Rising Dragon. Blood started pouring out of Baters back, but the force field disappeared, and the enemies counterattacked.

Halo was still in the air when Killa shot at him.


He blocked the bullet with his sword, but he was surprised. When Halo landed, Jean Clo was already there to meet him and grapple him. Jean Clo jumped holding Halos head between his knees. It was the spinning piledriver.

No one was there to help Halo. The enemies were focusing their attacks on him while the allies focused on Bater.

Artlan stepped aside while swinging his saber, and five arrows passed by where Artlan had been standing. Bater went after Artlan, attempting a one-two combo, and was hit by the arrows. He staggered, and suddenly, Veras fire spear hit his head. A fire orb behind him also exploded. The explosion was fatal. Bater had lost all of his health, or so the allies thought. Nevertheless, Bater fired his fists toward Vera.

Junhyuk grabbed her and Sarang.


Baters fists were quick, but Junhyuk was faster. He hugged Vera and teleported, looking over the rest of the battlefield.

Halo was on the ground, and Regina was shooting at him. He could die at any moment, so Sarang extended her hands toward him and sprinkled the light green powder over his head. Halo had regained some health, but with the enemies attacks focused on him, he wouldnt last long.

He tried to get up, but Killa shot him from far away. Regina was still shooting at him, and Halo quickly spun his sword. Halo made a shield in front of himself, and all of the bullets bounced off, but Jean Clo walked around the shield and grabbed him by the legs. Jean Clo threw him behind Regina, and the allies couldnt do anything.

Killa approached Halo while firing her pistols. Halo tried to lift his sword to protect himself, but Adolphe attacked with his ten-meter energy slash.


Halo was covered in blood, but Artlan finally beheaded Bater, who bled out and disappeared. Bater had used his ultimate at the last second, while Nudra and Artlan attacked him and made him take his last breath. They had killed two enemy heroes, but Halo was also disappearing.

This was a brawl, a scuffle.

Artlan held fast to his saber and looked at the enemies. Jean Clo had his arms extended and shouted, Kill one by one!

Adolphe stabbed the ground with his saw blade, and a blue energy boomerang flew off, ensnaring Artlan and Nudra. With their feet tied, Jean Clo rushed, and Regina used her speed to follow him. However, Vera cast a firewall.

The wall appeared in front of the two enemy heroes, but both went through it without hesitation. They werent scared of the damage. They had to attack.

Regina went through the firewall, and Artlan swung his saber at her, but she raised her cutlass to block.


She stopped moving forward, and an arrow headed toward her. She blocked it with her sword, but the arrow exploded.


Regina staggered, and Nudra blasted her with a strong gust of wind. They had decided that Regina was the most dangerous opponent.

She was pushed back, but Jean Clo was already on Artlan, grabbing him and jumping. Artlan had attacked him, but Jean Clo had simply ignored it.

Jean Clo had Artlan. Vera wanted to finish Regina off, so she stepped forward to engage her,  but Killa had jumped and was crashing down on them, firing her pistols at Nudra.

Nudra tried to block the bullets with his arms, and Regina was hit by Veras magic and staggered. Regina took her eyepatch off, and Nudra turned to stone.


Jean Clo slammed Artlan against the ground and went after Nudra, grabbing him by the neck and lifting him up. Artlan tried to get up quickly, and Adolphe stepped into battle. He rushed toward Artlan and used his boomerang again, and Artlan couldnt move, so Junhyuk ran toward Artlan. So far, he had been protecting Vera, but he also wanted to help Nudra and Artlan. 

Artlan and Nudra protected the frontline. If they died, the others would be massacred, so Junhyuk slashed his palm as he ran forward. He slashed it three times, using his increased movement speed to strike at Adolphe.


Junhyuk blocked Adolphes attack aimed at Artlans neck and frowned. Maybe it was the difference in equipment, but the exchange cause his arm to formicate. Adolphe scoffed and stabbed at him with his saw blade.

Junhyuk swang both of his swords in response.

Clang, clang!

Junhyuk had increased attack speed and, when Adolphe stabbed at him, Junhyuk blocked the attack and parried. His job was to buy as much time as possible until Artlan could move again.

Adolphes blade moved to the side, and Junhyuk slashed him on the ribs with the Frozen Rune Sword. Adolphes speed decreased, and Junhyuk had an easier time blocking him. Adolphe frowned and attacked fiercely. His attack speed was lowered, but he was very strong. Every time he attacked, Junhyuk felt his arm on pins and needles.

Adolphes sword was about to slash him when a saber popped up and blocked it. Adolphe had used all of his strength, but Artlan simply stopped his attack. Artlan was easily mightier than him, and he stepped in front of Junhyuk.

Kill him fast, Junhyuk said.


Adolphes powers were bothersome. They wanted to kill him quickly because of that and because the enemies were concentrating their attacks on Nudra. So, he swung his saber at Adolphe.

Adolphe fought against him with the saw blade, but there was a clear difference in swing strength, and Artlan found an opening.

Junhyuk also found some openings and stabbed Adolphes armpit. The Blood Rune Sword went in deep, and Adolphe winced in pain.

Artlan slashed his neck. The sword in Adolphes armpit slowed him down and restrained him, and Artlan beheaded him easily.

Junhyuk was relieved that he had saved Artlan. Nudra had died, but Regina was left half dead. Artlan jumped over Jean Clo and dropped on Regina, cutting through her.

Suddenly, Junhyuk saw a shadow looming above his head.


Jean Clo had walked over and grabbed his neck, lifting him up. The teleportations cooldown hadnt finished yet.

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